20g High Protein Vegan Tofu Smoothie- Really Powerful

20g High protein - Vegan Mango Tofu Smoothie


Tofu smoothie?  You gotta be kidding me!..

If that’s what you’re thinking…

Don’t worry, that’s what exactly my thought was until I was brave enough to experiment with it…

If you’re not a vegan, and you’ll hate this smoothie, then you can buy yourself a big bloody steak right after this. Deal? 

But, if you want to get a healthy smoothie recipe, that fills you up? 

And if you don’t have much time, but need an energising healthy breakfast?

Then stay with me… 

Here is how I ended up with this smoothie creation:

WOW! I have never eaten tofu before in my life, but I was brave enough to try this tofu smoothie. This is what happened…  

I was AMAZED! 

You couldn’t taste the tofu. You just needed up with a super creamy, milkshake-like texture.  

One thing is for sure, I will share more recipes, like this in future! I’ll think I try chocolate and tofu next! 

I will answer all your questions, from:

  • Do you need to cook tofu first?
  • What tofu to use?
  • Is tofu raw safe?
  • How to make a tofu smoothie?
  • and more.

Why you'll love this recipe


Did you know?

Vegan Mango Recipe video.

How much time do you need to make this high-protein vegan mango recipe?

Health benefits

Is a high-protein tofu smoothie good for you?

Hell yeah!  

This smoothie screams the healthiest smoothie! Doesn’t it?   

I mean, tofu in smoothies? And then add a touch of turmeric, and ginger and throw in some fruits?!  

Awesome or scary?   

You wouldn’t believe we are talking about a (delicious) smoothie recipe. Would you? 

But you HAVE to trust me on this. It’s so yummy and creamy. Like a banana-mango milkshake-smoothie.  

This is the first-ever tofu recipe, I experimented with, and that I fell in love with.  


What are the health benefits of this tofu smoothie?

Where do I even start…

this mango vegan smoothie recipe is full of good shit!

I better show you a visual breakdown, that might be easier to digest. It contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

Health factor.

Health score.

That health factor is a criterion decided by whisk.com, where you can upload recipes.

The website shows you then, what recipes are well balanced, and how healthy they are.

If you like healthy mango fruit smoothies, check out this one with


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The health score and nutritional breakdown are based on a 2.000-calorie diet.













This recipe contains only around 328 calories per serving! 

The amount of calories includes also the optional ingredients.

Also to highlight, that the health factor in this recipe reaches 

STUNNING 9.3 out of 10!! 

What could you do to make this recipe (even) healthier?

If you like to optimise this smoothie, even more, there are a few tips, I could give you.
Reduce your sugars.

The sugar level reaches 32% of the recommended daily intake.

This means you can choose either pre-ripe bananas. 


Because the riper bananas are, the more sugars they contain.


Or, skip the banana completely.


Instead, you can choose low-calorie, fruit or veggies.


Frozen cauliflowers are great.

Or if you prefer something sweet, then you can add

  • honeydew melon
  • peaches or
  • strawberries

They will change the smoothie into a different type of smoothie.


But they will taste also great, add sweetness without raising your sugar level drastically.

How to add tofu to smoothies?

I wrote an extensive guide, that covers ALL questions about tofu smoothies.
You should read it if you like to add tofu in smoothies more often.
Otherwise, there is a quick step-by-step.

How to make this high protein vegan smoothie meal replacement smoothie

(step by step)

That's the smoothie after it's been frozen overnight. It's always best to eat it immediately, but you can freeze the smoothie for several months.
step by step guide visually how to make a tofu mango turmeric high protein smoothie- you can see all stages of how a smoothie is created: there are 3x3 rows of phones displayed with showed the ingredients and steps and overlay text of the smoothie creation. the background is half white half pink

STEP 1: Get all ingredients:


My recommendation is to buy silken tofu. 

You might have used it already for other high-protein vegan meals.

Like vegan mayonnaise (5 min recipe), or scrambled eggs (delicious).

Maybe you have even used it for other smoothie recipes, then you’ll know how great it! Right?


Soft tofu comes in different textures from extra firm to soft. 

For meals like this high protein vegan smoothie, you should know, that soft is always better.

As it’s very delicate and creates a good base for a creamy, thick smoothie.

But if you can only find the other types of silken tofu (medium, firm etc), then that’s okay too. As they are just made from denser soy milk. 

I’ll explain more in my guide. 


This is to ensure you are creating the CREAMIEST and thickest smoothie!

What to do.


I always have frozen fruits in my freezer, or buy already frozen fruits.
Although watch out when you buy already pre-packed frozen fruits. Some might have added sugars or sweeteners and stuff.

STEP 2: Rinse out, water excess

Gather all ingredients for the smoothie, and get your blender and measurement cup (or scale) out.
I often measure in cups, as it’s super easy and convenient and faster than a scale. But certain things, go better on a scale.


I suggest, getting rid of the water that is inside the package.
You can slice open the package, and hold the package upside down. Squeezing the tofu inside it. To make sure the water drains out.
That’s all.
I don’t think there is a need and press out the water on soft tofu, especially, as we are blending it.
It is anyway on most recipes NOT recommended to press soft tofu, as it is just ending up in mash.
Because it is still very wet, I don’t use milk or water in this recipe anymore, only ice and yoghurt.
It’s already watered down enough, by using the silken tofu.
If you have a less powerful blender, you need to check, if you like to add a splash of liquid additional.

STEP 3: Add Greek yogurt.

First, start by adding Greek yogurt to the blender.

That’s because it’s the most “liquid” of all the ingredients. And to not damage the blades.

Plus it blends easier when you add the softer ingredients closer to the blades. 

You can see further on my post, that you can make it a dairy-free yogurt substitute. Also if you like to make this smoothie a vegan alternative, there are plenty of vegan greek yogurt alternatives that you can use.

STEP 4: Add the protein (tofu).

Tadaaa, now it’s time to be brave!
Drain, the excess liquid from the packaging.
Be careful when you have a package, not to cut into the tofu, as the water might splash on your face 😀
My recipe asks for 350 grams. That’s often one pack.
Sometimes one pack is only 200-250 grams. You can also use a little less tofu, then you don’t need to use 1.5 packages, as it’s a little messy to split the tofu.
We only add it for the protein and the creaminess. Instead, drop a few more mango pieces in.

STEP 5: Spice alert. (OPTIONAL)

Right after you have added the tofu, I’d suggest adding powdery ingredients, like ginger and turmeric.

The reason is to add them after the more liquid ingredients, so they are blended very smoothly.

If you have a recipe, where you add protein powder, then this is also a good moment to drop it in now.

Unless you aren’t sure about the taste, then add it in the end, after tasting the smoothie first.

STEP 6: Blend away.

You might want to blend it in between.
Just to make sure, that the tofu and dry ingredients are super smooth.
If you would blend them later on in one go, you can’t create a super thick smoothie bowl.

Because the longer you’ll blend, the thinner the smoothie becomes.

Because you’ll break down the ingredients and ice more and more

You can use vegan Greek yogurt.

Step 7: Ice, ice baby.

In the end, it’s time to add ice into the blender, if you prefer it to be even thicker and to cool it down.
In winter or on cold days, I skip this part. Especially, as we use already frozen fruits.
You can also use fresh mango, but then ice is a must, and the smoothie won’t turn out as thick.

STEP 8: Blend me baby one more time.

Finally, start the blender on a low setting, and work your way up to higher.

For a thicker smoothie bowl, use your tamper often.

The pulse button will help, too. (If your blender has one, on a Vitamix for example)
Picture split into 3: the ingredients of how to make a smoopthie on the left hand side. the middle picture shows tofu being added into the blender. the last picture shows the orange yellow smoothie mix being mixed, that is super thick and creamy.


This is how to make this smoothie your own or find any dietary adjustments:

Is this smoothie vegan?

Yes, baby! This smoothie is vegan. Simply choose a vegan Greek yogurt, as there are plenty to choose from.
You can also change the Greek yogurt to soy milk or other plant-based milk of your choice. (¾ cup).

Is this smoothie dairy-free?

If you want to make this smoothie dairy-free, you just pick a dairy-free yogurt, instead of regular greek yogurt.
That’s because Greek yogurt contains dairy.

Is this smoothie gluten-free?

Yes, this smoothie is gluten-free.
Tofu is generally gluten-free, although…



To make 100% sure, check the packages when buying tofu though.

Because it’s possible tofu is cross-contaminated.


Also, some flavoured versions might contain gluten.

But you shouldn’t buy flavoured tofu for this recipe.

Can I drink this smoothie as a meal replacement smoothie?

This smoothie Is a perfect meal replacement smoothie.
How come?
It contains fresh, clean ingredients, without protein powder.
(Not, that protein powder is bad by the way.)
You could even add it on top, but there is no need here.
Plus, it’s not going overboard on calories either, like many other smoothies.
Have you seen the packaging of many smoothies you can buy?
 They can easily contain 400 + calories and added sugars.
This once contains 330 calories. Which is a good amount. And only natural sugars.
And that’s why you can drink this high protein smoothie as your meal replacement smoothie.
20 grams of protein, are fueling your body for a while.
 It’s perfect for breakfast or lunch, and energy as a workout drink.

How to increase the calories and make it more filling?

A hand and arm reaching into the picture holding the smoothie bowl, infront of a white background, where the sun is shining through the window nicely and displaying a warm shadow and light play with sharp edges. a green plant is slightly to see from the top of the picture
If you want to make it more filling, then try adding some of these toppings.
Here are 3 ideas, to give you even more energy, that you can ad in or on top of your smoothie:
  • Mixed seeds
  • Nut butter
  • Almond flakes

Powdered Peanut butter

Cashew nut butter

Peanut butter- Natural

How to reduce calories in this high protein vegan meal?

You can reduce the calories, by only adding a few toppings or no toppings at all to this healthy fruit smoothie.
Like making it a drinkable smoothie for example.
As this smoothie only contains around 330 calories, which is not much, you don’t need to worry about it.
Another option is to skip or reduce the banana and exchange it with frozen cauliflower. You might want to add a little bit of sweetener to the smoothie though.

Can I add more protein?

Sure, you can always add more protein. There are tons of ways.

Chia seed or flax seed are always good options.


Flaxseed: Each serving = 5.2 grams of protein. 


Here is an in-depth ULTRA guide:


Organic Chia Seeds

Protein Powder

Of course, there is nothing wrong with protein powder. At least in my opinion. Some prefer to leave it out or don’t like the taste.

You can either add protein powder, vanilla or even strawberry would be great in this smoothie. 

These are vegan protein powders so far. I also love the good old Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder. I have tried quite a few flavours, and they don’t disappoint. But they aren’t vegan.

It depends on availability, and which ones I get.  

US-Amazon- UK


Smoothie ingredients laid on a black surface with a white stone wall, all in mini bowls in 2 rows. with small writing: tumeric, ginger, tofu, yogurt, mango, banana, ice



Can I skip the ice, turmeric or ginger?

Can I skip a banana?


Can I swap Greek yogurt?

Unsweetened Soy milk or unsweetened coconut milk would be a good choice if you prefer plant-based milk.
If you like to read more about, what milk alternatives to choose, then hang on.
I have compared all the calories, carbs, fat, protein content and more in this big milk guide:

Can I replace frozen mangos with fresh mangos?


Can I freeze this Vegan Tofu Smoothie?


It’s okay to either refrigerate your smoothie for 4-5 days.

Or you can freeze this Mango-Tofu smoothie as well. You can freeze it for about 3-4 months.

I like to pour them into silicone bags or other freezable containers. Especially if I’ve made too much. 

I also use these freezer bags to store frozen veggies and fruits.

Much better for the environment, than using plastic bags, that can’t be reused many times.

Will the smoothie change after freezing?

Yes! The colour of the smoothie changes.

Even if you place the smoothie only in the fridge overnight. The longer you store it, the darker it gets kind of. 

It might put you off, but you don’t need to be worried, it still tastes the same, besides that the frozen temperature changes the taste too.

I prefer smoothies enjoyed immediately. How about you?

Also once you freeze it, it changed the texture of smoothies in general, depending on how cold your freezer is. Mine is a little broken, and over-freezes it slightly!

How to freeze fruits properly without them getting stuck:

1. Cut them into small cubes, place them on parchment paper, and ensure the cubes don’t touch. That ensures they don’t freeze together.

2. The next, once frozen you can move them into freezer bags.

To be honest though, often I don’t have that freezer space, to pre-freeze them. SO I SIMPLY throw them into the bags, and they don’t get stuck too badly.

Otherwise, I smash them against the wall 1-2 times :D.

How to thaw a smoothie?

You can thaw your smoothie overnight.

If you want to thaw your smoothie quicker, place the smoothie on the kitchen counter. 

Once it melts slightly, you can also cut it with a sharp knife into 2-4 pieces and throw it back into the blender. It worked great for my smoothies.

If you have stored them in silicon gabs or a container, you can also pour slightly warm water over them first, and then proceed with chopping them into half the size.


Silicone freezer bags

Glass freezer container

I’ve made so much, that I tried to freeze the smoothie (including the bowl) overnight. I did work!! But it was a wonder, I think. It’s always better to transfer your smoothie into a freezer bag or freezer container! 


Silicone freezer bags

Glass freezer container

Someone holding a smoothie bowl, you can see only her big smile, black shirt and sun shining through a window, the smoothie bowl contains a bright yellow texture with frozen ingredients and toppings, such figs, coconut shreds and nuts.
I've made so much, that I tried to freeze the smoothie (including bowl) overnight. I did work!! But it was a wonder, i think. It's always better to transfer your smoothie into a freezer bag or freezer container! 😀

High Protein Mango Vegan Smoothie tips and tricks

Calories per portion

Curious what products or toppings I have used?

Have a look at my favourites. ♡ 

A yellow green "Vegan High Protein Mango Banana Tofu Turmeric Smoothie" Coconut bowl on a dark bright pink background with 2 wooden spoons and fruits on the side. The sun is shining and reflections are on the pink surface

High Protein Vegan Mango Smoothie

Jula from Rainbow Recipes
You only need 2 minutes, and 4 main ingredients to create this energising beautiful silky High Protein Vegan Mango Smoothie Recipe.
It is creamy and thick.
But should you prefer it thinner, just blend it for a little longer, or skip the ice.
A splash of unsweetened plant-based milk is also okay if your blender is getting stuck. Or if you simply prefer a drinkable, thinner smoothie.
This recipe is made for 2 quite big portions, I'd say.
Total Time 2 mins
Course Breakfast, lunch, Main Course, meal replacement, smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people
Calories 328 kcal


  • 1 Blender (ideally high-speed blender, but a budget-blender / travel-blender works too)


  • ½ cup greek yogurt
  • 350 gramm (soft) silken tofu
  • 0.5-1 tsp turmeric (optional) or fresh turmeric
  • 0.5-1 tsp ginger powder (optional or fresh ginger
  • 1 banana frozen, ripe (small-medium)
  • 2 cups mango frozen
  • ½ cup ice (optional) = 4 medium size ice cubes


  • First add the liquid ingredients, such as Greek yogurt (which can be vegan) and tofu (which contains a lot of water). Drain the water of the tofu package out first.
  • Optional: Now add your spices: Turmeric and ginger if you like.
  • Start to blend the ingredients until smooth. To make sure the tofu and powders are fully blended.
  • Now it's time to drop the frozen fruits: Bananas and mango into the blender.
  • Finish by adding some ice cubes, if you want your smoothie thick and ice cold.

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Topping ideas (protein boosters).

How to "fix" any smoothie

Sos guide

  1. Smoothies, especially “Green Ones” can be bitter. 
  2. The more green veggies you have added the bitter they can taste. Ensure to start out with smaller portions. 
  3. Besides, I add the greens at the bottom, so they can be crushed into teeny-tiny pieces. Then I add other ingredients.
  4. But, always try the smoothie first before adding sweeteners or other stuff on top.
  5. Bananas (neutralize) the riper, the sweeter.
  6. Strawberries (sweet).
  7. Pineapple (sweet).
  8. Peaches (sweet).
  9. Oranges (fruity flavour)
  10. Reduce green veggies (like kale, spinach, zucchini, broccoli etc)
  11. Add green veggies first & blend them long until super smooth
  12. Cacao / unsweetened cocoa powder (thanks to Vitamix for this tip)
  13. Hone
  14. Maple syrup
  15. Agave
  16. Dates
  17. Vanilla beans / Extract
  18. Milk or Greek Yogurt
  1. Does your smoothie taste of nothing? Do you want to add more oomph!

    Here are my best tips to add more taste and flavour to your smoothy!

    1. Make it sweeter (dates, marble syrup, honey, apple sauce)
    2. Add a splash of lime, lemon or orange juice
    3. Ginger
    4. Cinnamon
    5. Vanilla
    6. Turmeric
    7. Maca
    8. Cacao
    9. Mint
    10. Basil
    11. Mint
    12. Tarragon
    13. Nuts
    14. Fruits with sweetness (ripe banana, mango, pineapple)

    Thank’s salon.com the tips about the apple juice! Awesome Page!

Add any of several of the below ingredients to your smoothie.

And I swear it will be the creamiest in town!

  1. Avocados!
  2. Oat milk
  3. Coconut milk (Canned one is extreme creamy, but super high in calories)
  4. Greek yoghurt (Plus, it’s a Superfood)
  5. Any nut butter
    (like Peanut butter UK,
    Almond butter UK,
    Cashew butter UK)
  6. Tahini 
  7. Frozen cauliflowers
  8. Silken tofu
  9. Sweet potato (blend the hard ingredients first)
  10. Butternut squash
  11. frozen veggies or fruits (avocado can be fresh)
  12. Cooked oatmeal (Thanks Serious Eats for this tip! Never realised this before)

It always depends on the smoothie. But here are some general tips.

  1. Don’t use juice or high-calorie/ sugary liquids.
  2. Use water if you need liquid.
  3. Low calorie and low carb milk are (Cashew milk, Hazelnut milk, Almond milk, Macadamia milk)
  4. Reduce the number of bananas (most people use 2 per smoothie, that is a lot)
  5. Use pre-ripe bananas (less sugary, and support weight loss)
  6. Exchange some fruits with frozen cauliflower
  7. Add strawberries (low calories)
  8. Add celery (“minus” calorie) and other greens into your smoothie 

Does your smoothie taste too much of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower or cucumber?

Well, well. You are not the first, who tried the make THE healthiest smoothie, but completely FAILED!

It also should taste good, you know!

Let’s try to save your smoothie!

  1. Divide it into 2 portions and freeze 1 half for another day. As it’s easier to rescue it like that. (Pour it into ice cube molds or mini ice cube molds)
  2. Add Greek yoghurt
  3. Add milk
  4. add frozen banana
  5. Add frozen strawberry
  6. Add frozen peach
  7. Add honey


In future, always start with a small portion of veggies. Use mild-tasting greens, like baby spinach.

Other options to be added into smoothies are 

  • Baked sweet potato
  • Carrots
  • Pumpkin (puree)
  • Cucumber 
  1. Add more liquid (milk, water, juice, coconut water, coffee)
  2. Blend the smoother for longer.
  3. Use fresh fruits and veggies (or a mix)
  4. Skip any ice, which makes smoothies thicker.
  5. Skip chia seeds or flax seeds.
  6. Get a high-speed blender, such as a Vitamix. It can blend it finer and smoother.

You can add ice to your smoothies, but it’s not a must.

Here are the pros, and cons.

Personally, I don’t most smoothies that aren’t chilled, because of the taste. I need them ice-cold. But, that’s a personal preference.


(Moderate/ small amount)

  1. Adds thickness
  2. Makes it super refreshing
  3. (Changes in taste.)
  4. Keep the smoothie cold for longer, compared to just frozen fruits.
  1. The smoothie dilutes
  2. Dilutes, especially when adding other watery fruits and veggies (cucumber, watermelon, strawberries etc.)
  3. (Changes the taste)
  1. Don’t use liquid or just a splash.
  2. Reduce the blend time. (By increasing the speed)
  3. Add ice. (not too much, it might become too watery when it melts)
  4. Add cauliflowers, avocado, 
  5. Add chia seeds.
  6. Add flax seeds.
  7. Add frozen fruits.
  8. Add different veggies and fruits (textures).
  9. Frozen yoghurt.
  10. Frozen milk/ coffee (pour into ice cube mould).

Why is there foam on some smoothies?

Did you ever experience that? I mostly get some foam in green smoothies.

Foam develops on top of some smoothies, because of the insoluble fibres found in the skin of vegetables or fruits.

Does it bother you? Then follow my tips.

Apples, tomatoes & leafy greens mainly can cause the foam:

  1. After you are done with blending: Blend atlowest speed further  10-20 seconds
  2. Leftover foam can be spooned back into the smoothie mix
  3. Pour slowly the smoothie mix into a glass. Hold the foam back with a spatula.
  4. Choose soluble fibre fruits (bananas, mangoes, pears, peaches) that keep to create a smooth texture and avoid smoothies from separating.
  5. Add healthy fats (like coconut oil, flax oil peanut butter, almond butter or any other nut or seed butter)
  6. High-quality blenders have fewer issues producing foams (like a Vitamix)
  1. Mix some Chocolate Protein Powder into the mix.
    My personal favourite is this “Chocolate WHEY” protein one. But this is not vegan.

    But the Vegan Chocolate one from BLESSED is also good. I have tried it once with a colleague but I was impressed.

  2. Chia Seeds (UK – US) can be added, too.
    One tablespoon is enough. Chia seeds are not only filling and full of fibre but also super nutritious. Plus, they thicken up your smoothie.
  3. Fancy some Peanuts or Hazelnuts? Nuts are a great way to give you protein. Which is important for weight loss and muscle building. Plus, it keeps you satisfied for longer! And most importantly, they taste awesome. They give the smoothie a nutty (Nutella-) taste.
  4. Unsweetened Oatmilk -is proven to be super filling. It is high in sugars (carbs) and calories though, watch out. Even the unsweetened milk.
  5. In addition to milk, trying 1-2 Tbsp of Yogurt is also great, as it is also high in protein.

What did you think?

Let me know in the comment section, below:

Did you try this vegan mango smoothie?

I’m super curious about your thoughts!

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Love, Jula

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