THE BEST & POWERFUL Weight Loss Smoothie With Pitaya, Strawberry And Mango To Boost Your Digestion

Do you want to enjoy a Banana-free weight loss Smoothie with pitaya, strawberry and mango? Thick, fruity and cooling! And it will do wonders, for your digestive system! Rainbow recipes – Weight loss smoothie with pitaya, strawberry and mango! Why you’ll love this weight loss smoothie with mango, strawberry and pitaya recipe   4 Reasons why … Read more

How To Make A TROPICAL BLUE SPIRULINA Smoothie Bowl In A PINEAPPLE, That You’ll Want To SHOW OFF To Everyone!

Feature Image Tropical Smoothie without Banana

Blue Spirulina Smoothie without Bananas Unforgettable Fancy Pineapple bowl Experience Have you eaten your Superfood Tropical Smoothie (without BANANAS) out of a Pineapple before? Guys, you’re missing out!! Sweet, refreshing, loaded with nutritious and fancy as F*ck!!  Rainbow recipes – Tropical Blue SPIRULINA smoothie without banana 4 Reasons why you’ll love this Smoothie recipe   It’s … Read more

The HAPPY & HEALTHY SUMMER Fruit Smoothie (+ spinach) that will cool you down

Healthy Fruit smoothie with spinach strawberries- in a coconut bowl with kiwi toppings with overlay text

Low-Calorie SUMMER SNACK: 135 Kcal Love to make an incredibly healthy fruit smoothie that is a yummy low-calorie dessert for summer? Low calorie, refreshing, fruity and SO HEALTHY!  RAINBOW RECIPES- HEALTHY SUMMER FRUIT SMOOTHIE How to make a healthy fruit smoothie recipe: Freeze strawberries, raspberries, and mangos 1 day before in the freezer. The next … Read more