12 BEST & WORST Ways To DETOX (Really!) SHOCKING Truths Revealed

lemon and orange slices cut into slices and are evenly spread out

Want to find the Best and Worst ways how to detox? Then you are on the right track. Do you feel tired, have brain fog, and you want to melt some extra fat?Perhaps you need to clear your skin, and just feel more energised after the Christmas holidays or before your summer vacation? Great..but hold … Read more

4 STEPS: The GENIUS HACKS On How To Cut A WATERMELON In Squares Or Sticks For A Party You Wish You Knew All Your Life

STOP cutting your watermelons in triangle or wedge shapes! Seriously, this way is so much easier, smarter, messy-free and a great way for parties. If you cut your watermelons in sticks, then you don’t up ending with one side of the watermelon shell hitting your face and making it all wet and messy. Did you … Read more

8 SECRETS On How To Get Bananas To Ripen Fast +(13 ways To Slow Down Bananas From Ripening)

several bananas in different ripening stages

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Don’t you agree that you either end up having too many ripe, (=sweet) bananas at home, which you have to consume super fast before they turn rotten? Or non of them are ready and you desperately bite into one hoping it will all be okay. But then with the first, bite into the … Read more

3 EASY WAYS – How To Freeze & Store Smoothies (For Later)

A tray with blue, light yellow, black and red smoothie cubes with overlay text and blue background

Smoothies: Freezing & Storing Guys, I have been making weekly so many smoothies that naturally started to test out many different ways how to freeze smoothies. By now I found the quickest and best ways how to store, freeze and also thaw smoothies, and love to share my tips with you.    Let’s get into it!   … Read more

16 SECRETS – How To Make A Thicker Smoothie (BOWL)

The overlay text says: how to make a thick smoothie: and in the background is a smoothie bowl in green yellow with blackberries and grapes and a pink background

Have you been struggling to make this spoonable – SUPER THICK smoothie bowl? You think you have followed all the right steps, but still… Your smoothie is not turning out thick enough?  Then let me help you, with this ULTRA GUIDE! Today, I’ll share my 16 secrets on how to make a thicker smoothie bowl … Read more

6 MISTAKES TO AVOID – How to add Tofu in smoothies!


Pinterest Facebook Instagram Youtube Contact me How to add tofu in smoothies 6 biggest mistakes YOU should avoid Adding tofu into smoothies can level up your smoothie game by miles!  You can easily add 15-20 grams of protein per smoothie (look at my 20 G protein Mango-Tofu Smoothie). Buuuut, adding tofu is not as easy as you … Read more

63 INSANE Ways – HOW TO add PROTEIN (to your Smoothie)

Feature image with overlay text: how to add protein to your smoothie with seeds laid out on a white surface

How to add protein to your smoothie 63 insane + easy ways (without protein powder) Do you want to get a list of ALL possible high protein food sources, that you could add to your smoothies (+other meals)? I’ve analysed and revealed fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, superfoods and protein options and more. (Check-out Nr. 3 + Nr 47 – They … Read more