Berry smoothie mixed with Spinach + Blueberries that is a GAME-CHANGER (High in Antioxidants)

Shot from above of purple detox smoothies in a glass on top of a bright yellow plate and flowers around

Are you ready for a 5-minute, vegan and gluten-free healthy cleansing mixed-berry smoothie recipe? This is my GO-TO detox blender recipe, if you feel low on energy, tired, or want to help your body to get rid of toxins and eat more healthy? Fruity, cleansing, easy & healthy!  Rainbow recipes – Detox berry smoothie mixed with spinach, blueberry … Read more

How to make the Cute Kiwi Cleansing Smoothie (Vegan Recipe Bowl)

A spoon with kiwi smoothies

Cute Kiwi Cleansing Bowl Smoothie Recipe Are you a KIWI LOVER?Do you need a super simple cleansing, nutrition-dense, tasty smoothie?Shall I teach you how to make a THICK smoothie bowl recipe?Then let’s begin. High protein, High fibre and High fat: An ideal meal replacement smoothie to beat any cold. Rainbow recipes – Kiwi Immunity Booster … Read more

80% Vitamin C – Killer Immune Boosting Smoothie (SECRET INGREDIENT + DETOX)

Blackberry smoothie in a glass with a lemon on top with a frozen blackberry on the grey surface.

Immune Boosting + Detox Smoothie Secret Ingredient (with 80% Vitamin C) This Immune-Boosting Smoothie is one of a kind. Before you are scared off, let me tell you why it’s a must try: It’s delicious, super SWEET and easy to prepare.  Plus, it’s the anti-cold and flu killer remedy to build a stronger immune system. … Read more

NEW: POWERFUL BlackBerry Smoothie DETOX Delight recipe – do you DARE?

Blackberry smoothie in a glass with a lemon on top with a frozen blackberry on the grey surface.

Blackberry Smoothie DETOX Delight Do you DARE? (145 KCAL only!) Are you ready to discover the powerful BLACK MAGICAL POWERS of the detoxification that this detox- blackberry recipe offers? Or do you simply enjoy a healthy smoothie recipe (which is also boosting weight loss)? Come on, let’s begin?! WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH LINKS TO MY SITE, I MAY EARN A SMALL AFFILIATE COMMISSION AT NO … Read more