The 3 min Soothing Sandman Sleep Smoothie Recipe for Anxiety and Low Mood with Cacao and Banana

Chocolate smoothie against anxiety chocolate smoothie for anxiety better sleep

Are you constantly lying awake for ages or waking up in the middle of the night? Then listen up on why this Good Night Smoothie Recipe for Anxiety can help you too. Comforting, light and delicious!  Rainbow recipes – Sandmann Smoothie for Sleeping Troubles, Anxiety and low Mood Until about 2020, I never experienced anxiety … Read more

5 WAY CHOCOLATE-Covered Mixed NUT recipes (High Protein For Kids)

Brazil nuts, that are covered in rainbow coloured chocolate coated nuts with overlay text of: how to make chocolate covered nuts

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE-COVERED NUTS Healthy high-protein snack Like a healthy, colourful, easy snack idea  Crunchy, fun, tasty and healthy snack!!  This easy, crunchy, satisfying snack is high in protein, fills you with energy and brightens up any day, for your kids and the whole family! This is how to make chocolate covered nuts, 5 … Read more

10 Ways – how to colour chocolate (in rainbow colours) without food colouring

Turquoise background with a chocolate block in the centre with rainbow colours and a text with: how to colour chocolate

HOW TO COLOUR CHOCOLATE NATURALLY (IN RAINBOW COLOURS) With coloured chocolate, you can make chocolate barks, dip strawberries or other fruits in chocolate, make a coloured chocolate gift or have a fun project with your kids! Plus it’s an eye-catcher for the socials, right? Let me show you how to colour chocolate: Plus, the best … Read more

RICH + HEALTHY: Chocolate Almond Smoothie Bowl (The WORLDS BEST Recipe)

Close up of a coconut bowl with chocolate smoothie mix running down the sides. Its filled with nuts and chocolate on top. In the center is a white overlay text saying: worlds best smoothie bowl chocolate

World’s Best – Healthy Chocolate Almond Smoothie VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | DAIRE-FREE Have you been searching for an incredible RICH, thick, ICE CREAM-like smoothie bowl recipe, that taste too naughty, but is healthy? Then, let me introduce you to the WORLD’S BEST Chocolate Almond Smoothie Bowl. The best thing is, that you can NOT even taste the bananas! I swear. … Read more

The HAPPY VEGAN CACAO Smoothie Bowl Recipe (You Must Try)

Chocolate Smoothie bowl recipe (vegan) with Strawberries

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe Easy, delicious: BONUS: 230 CALORIES! Fancy a quick chocolate vegan bowl? Plus: It’s healthy as f*ck ! Yay, it’s your lucky day: There is no chocolate treat, for fewer calories than this. Awesome, let’s do this! DAIRY-FREE, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NATURALLY SWEETENED. WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH LINKS TO MY SITE, … Read more