2022: The Smoothie Lover GIFT & Starter Kit: Best +26 Gift ideas for mom or sister, their fall in LOVE with!

Do you have a special someone in your life and want to make them happy by giving them this year thoughtful, useful and unique gifts?

Are they health and fitness obsessed, or want to try out some healthy fruit smoothie recipes?

No matter if are looking for gift ideas for your mom, sister or best friends who are already into smoothies or might like smoothies, these kitchen utensils and tools are IDEAL gifts for them.

Because they are

  • useful
  • aesthetic
  • healthy
  • thoughtful
  • high-quality
  • creative

And they can make healthy, fun and super tasty smoothie recipes with them.

They are great for beginners, but perhaps even as a smoothie pro, you might find for yourself a cute and useful gift.


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Of course, you firstly need a blender, if you are a smoothie lover or know someone who loves creating healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

Depending on if you have the budget, and if you maybe want to buy a present with a few people, you could buy this MAGICAL blender.

Has your daughter, son or partner got a blender already or might want to upgrade to a better version?

Then, there is no better blender than a VITAMIX! (this post is not sponsored by them, even though I have been telling for ages, how amazing a Vitamix blender is.

Vitamix Blender
Buy it now

8 Reasons – Why you should buy a Vitamix– High-Speed E310 Blender:

  1. It’s the most affordable Vitamix blender, that they offer: The E310.
  2. Vitamix blenders are well known, and they produce the CREAMIEST results.
  3. You can make the thickest smoothies bowls, make ice cream (or ice cream with banana as a base), and create hot soups, hummus, cookie dough, pizza dough, and peanut or hazelnut butter. Also, you can grind sea salt, coffee beans and MUCH more!
  4. It’s Extremely powerful.
  5. It crushes ice!
  6. It has a pulse button, that breaks down bigger chunks of ingredients, like frozen bananas, or zucchini, to make the thickest smoothie bowls.
  7. It comes with a tamper, which is also needed to make thick smoothie bowls, because you push down (mash) the smoothie blend on the side, to ensure it is all mixed evenly.
  8. The size is perfect to make about 2 big (!!) smoothie bowls or 4 normal-sized smoothie glasses.

Trust me before, I purchase my Vitamix (E310) I watched many tutorials, where a Vitamix was compared to other high-speed blenders, and no results were as smooth, even and fine as the one from this blender!

ninja blender affordable -2

8 Reasons – Why you should buy the more affordable Ninja Blender as a Gift:

  1. More affordable (less than about 50$ / 55£)
  2. If the person, you are making this present is having smoothies 1 time a week, they’ll need a half-decent blender!
  3. This blender is still powerful, although it’s not a high-speed blender (top performance for its costs!)
  4. Portable and compact.
  5. It contains pulse technology (700-watt)
  6. Can even crush some ice and frozen fruits!!Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)I
  7. It comes with a recipe inspiration guide

It’s not a secret, that I prefer Vitamix over any other brand. But this little blender is for its price range very good.

You can’t get anything better for this budget.

2. The FREE Mini 4 Recipe Ebook!


Not all gifts have to costs money!

This is a recipe mini digital ebook, that gives you 4 amazing smoothie recipes in form of a downloadable pdf. (From healthy fruit smoothie recipes to thick sweet breakfast smoothies).

While you can either download the recipe ebook and watch it on your phone, tablet or desktop.

ebook smoothie recipes

Or you can print it out at home, or even professionally on the card and then make even 2 copies. One for yourself, and one for your smoothie-living friend or family member.

TIP: This recipe mini ebook is a sneak peek into the full version, that you can purchase on ETSY (with 25% off). You can even download the free smoothie recipe book first to check it out.

And then if you realise this is THE must-have gift for your mum, kids, or friend the FULL Recipe Ebook version. More info.

It’s free!
There are 4 incredible smoothies recipes.
Your friend or loved ones can keep the recipes either digital or always available on their phone, tablet or laptop.
Or the person, who will receive it, can print the recipes on paper or cards and have them easily available in their kitchen.
The smoothies recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
Besides, the smoothies are great all year round (winter, summer, spring and autumn types).
It’s something for everything: Chocolate Smoothie, breakfast oats smoothie, berry-summer smoothie and weight-loss smoothie.

8 Reasons – Why you’ll want to give this as a gift:

  1. It’s free!
  2. There are 4 incredible smoothies recipes.
  3. Your friend or loved ones can keep the recipes either digital or always available on their phone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Or the person, who will receive it, can print the recipes on paper or cards and have them easily available in their kitchen.
  5. The smoothies recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  6. Besides, the smoothies are great all year round (winter, summer, spring and autumn types).
  7. It’s something for everything: Chocolate Smoothie, breakfast oats smoothie, berry-summer smoothie and weight-loss smoothie.
  8. A Modern Speckled White Bamboo Bowl

This is a modern, fresh alternative to the “standard” brown coconut bowl.

This bamboo bowl is super beautiful with a speckled pattern, that just brings you in a good and positive mood.

It’s also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee, as they are so sure you will fall in love with it!

3. A Modern Speckled White Bamboo Bowl

This is a modern, fresh alternative to the “standard” brown coconut bowl.

This bamboo bowl is super beautiful with a speckled pattern, that just brings you in a good and positive mood.

It’s also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee, as they are so sure you will fall in love with it!

bowl- smoothie sustainable coconut

6 Reasons – Why you will want to buy this Speckled Bamboo Bowl Set:

  1. It’s sustainable.
  2. These bowls are super cute and have a modern pattern.
  3. It comes as a set and is lightweight
  4. The bamboo bowls can be used for smoothies, snacks, fruits, or salads
  5. There is even a 60-day money-back guarantee
  6. The Superfood Blue Spirulina Powder (A Must)

4. The Superfood Blue Spirulina Powder (A Must)- BEFORE SOLD OUT

This is a MUST MUST MUST present! If not already sold out! This vibrant area is filled with beneficial superpowers, that are giving your smoothie a vibrant mermaid, with blue cloud vibes.

You can make amazing smoothies like:

blue spirulina

7 Reasons – Why the Blue Spirulina is the Ideal Gift:

  1. It’s a vibrant blue and turns any smoothie into a stunning recipe
  2. You can use it for any other recipes (lattes, cold beverages, porridge, pasta, pancakes, bread, and more)
  3. It’s nutrition-dense (=superfood)
  4. A small amount is needed only per recipe, meaning one package is gone last a LOOONG time. (=affordable)
  5. It’s plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free
  6. Spirulina is a plant-based protein, did you know that?
  7. High in antioxidants

5. The Reusable Food & Smoothie Silicone Bags (Freezable)

You can pour your smoothie into these freezer bags, and they won’t take over much space in your freezer,

Or you can use them to store strawberries, blueberries, sliced carrots and more.

Plus, don’t you love kitchen organisers, that come in fun rainbow colours. They will definitely brighten up your fridge and freezer.

reusable silicone bags- freezable

7 Reasons – Why you should buy the Rainbow Coloured Freezable Silicone Reusable Bags:

  1. You can freeze your leftover smoothies in
  2. You can place your freezer in your fridge for fruit, veggies, or liquids.
  3. Don’t you love rainbow colours?
  4. They are reusable, and therefore sustainable ( SO much better than using the thin, plastic ones, that are KILLING the environment!!!
  5. Leakproof.
  6. Cold and heat resistant.
  7. Easy and convenient.

6. The Organic Mesh Set for Food (Kitchen) Storage and Organisation (+ shopping bag)

shopping and storage set - grocery fruits bags (1)

Anyone who makes a lot of smoothies, buy plenty of vegetables and fruits.
Of course, they need to be stored. A good storage system is good to clear your mind and makes it so much more fun in the kitchen to prepare any recipes.
These mesh bags are sustainable, look great and are the ideal set. A shopping bag, that you can always put into your handbag or backpack, so you never forget it on the way home from work. Which reduces the x amount of times, that we had to grab the plastic bags from the shops (which are SO bad for the environment!!).

You have clear (see-through) and light-protected bags, for vegetables, that ripen too fast in sunlight.

7 Reasons – Why you should buy the Organic Cotton Mesh Bag as a gift for smoothie lovers?

  1. To keep your vegetables & fruits organised.
  2. The set has everything you need (7 pieces): Sheer bags, to see what you have in the bag, and light-protected bags, to slow down the ripening process. Plus, a shopping bag.
  3. They are sustainable (0 waste!!) and eco friendly
  4. SUPER affordable (best offer for the mix).
  5. Foldable & lightweight.
  6. 7 pieces all in one set.
  7. You can also wash them!

7. The Golden Measuring Cups and Spoon Set (ideal for smoothie recipes)

Are you measuring in cups or grams?
I used to use a scale, but since I measured in cups and spoons I saved so much more time.
Especially making smoothie recipes, where you often just need like 2 cups of frozen berries and 1 cup of milk, it’s so much more convenient to use this measuring system
These cups are staggable, you can clip them into each other with the metal ring, or unclip each individual if you are only just using 1 or 2 of these utensils.

These cups are taggable, you can clip them into each other with the metal ring, or unclip each individual, of you are only just using 1 or 2 of these utensils.

measuring cups

7 Reasons – Why you should buy the Golden Measuring Cups & Spoon Set:

  1. The set is staggable.
  2. It’s faster to measure smoothie recipes at least this way, rather than weighing with a scale.
  3. The set is super stunning and minimalistic.
  4. You can clip them all together with a ring, or unclip them and use them individually.
  5. Stainless-steel.
  6. Comes in Bronze or Golden (the UK Amazon).
  7. Easy clean.

8. The World’s Best vanilla (most awarded): High-Quality Vanilla Bean Paste + Extract

You might think, that this is a weight present, but NO trust me.
Since I found this secret purchase, it changed and levelled up my smoothie recipes enough sly!
The taste of this vanilla bean paste (comes also as extract) is SO sweet (naturally) and intense, that you don’t need any other sweetness in your recipes.
It changes everything! This is one of my favourite smoothie ingredients and is the ideal present for anyone who loves to bake and spend time in

vanilla extract sweetener

8 Reasons – Why you should buy the HEILALA Vanilla Bean Paste?

  1. It’s highly flavorful.
  2. High quality.
  3. Levels up your recipes.
  4. Reduces the amount of sweetness in your recipe.
  5. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian-friendly, grain-free, corn-free, and kosher-dairy.
  6. Real, distinguishable vanilla seeds (concentrated real vanilla)
  7. Sustainable and ethically sourced.
  8. The world’s most AWARDED vanilla!

9. The Rainbow Spatula Set

The smoothie experts know, that without a rubber or silicone spatula you’ll end up with a leftover smoothie blend in your blender, which is the SADDEST thing, right?

Plus, you’ll always SCRATCH your blender if you use a normal spoon!


Silicone spatula set

4 Reasons – Why you should buy the Silicone Rainbow Spatula Set:

  1. Never scratch the glass of your blender again
  2. you’ll be able to get ALL the leftover bottom bits of your smoothie out of your blender
  3. you can use the set to cook as well (HEAT PROOF)
  4. they come in cute rainbow colours, but also in other colours)

10. Cute Multi Straw Gift Set – All Types

Can’t decide which straws to get?

I love bamboo, metal AND glass straws. This set has all straws as a set, which makes it the ideal gift. Super affordable, just a few pounds, and you can add them to any glass or cup.

If your friend, big sis or brother loves smoothies, then a good selection of reusable straws is a MUST-HAVE item you can’t go wrong with.

straw gift set

6 Reasons – Why you should buy the Reusable Straw Gift Set?

  1. The straws are reusable.
  2. besides, the straws are environmental-friendly!
  3. They come in different shapes (straight, which are great for bottles, and curved)
  4. Plus, they only cost a few pounds/ dollar.
  5. Have you seen the cute gift packaging?
  6. Smoothie-lovers LOVE straws, which make them a great USABLE gift.

Which straw would you choose to drink your healthy fruit smoothies out of?

Well, no need to decide anymore, as you can use every day a different straw!

11. The Mermaid Mould Set

How cute are smoothie toppings, like mermaid chocolate tails, right??

How cute are smoothie toppings, like mermaid chocolate tails, right??
If your daughter or best friend loves smoothie bowls, then THIS is the cutest little gift idea. The mermaid (under the sea) silicone mould, can create mermaid tails, shells made of brown, white or even coloured chocolate, frozen milk, or other bases.

mermaid set - mould

5 Reasons – Why your friend will be obsessed with this gift idea of the Mermaid Silicone Mould:

  1. You can create stunning, eye-catching toppings for smoothie bowls, cake toppings or cupcakes.
  2. They are super cute.
  3. Easy washable.
  4. A very budget-friendly gift idea.
  5. While it’s a usable gift, it’s also very fun!

12. Minimalistic & Modern Smoothie Glasses (with glass Straws- dah!)

glass set
Don’t you love a thin glass, where you can see the milk pour so perfectly, as though these? Or the vibrant spirulina or matcha colours shining through the glass walls!

5 Reasons – Why your friend will love the Modern Glass Set

  1. It’s very simple but modern.
  2. A stunning beauty, but minimalistic design.
  3. They come as a set of 4, including glass straws and straw cleaner.
  4. A gift set that is not only amazing for smoothie obsession but also can be used for anything else.
  5. Durable & safe.

13. Storage Glass Containers (Bamboo Lid)

5 Reasons – Why your friend will love these Glass Storage containers:

  1. Great Kitchen Storage System
  2. Clean & minimalist look
  3. For Smoothie Ingredients & other food storage
  4. Stackable (= saves space)
  5. Gets rid of paper packaging, that always looks messy)

You can keep all smoothie toppings in one place and organised (coconut shreds, chocolate-covered nuts, nuts, spirulina powder, superfood powders, matcha green powder, dragon-fruit chunks, oats, granola, cacao nibs, cacao powder, monk fruit sweetener & more).

storage glasses bamboo lid

14. Acacia Wooden Smoothie Bowls

As a smoothie lover, you will want to have plenty of different bowls! These a stunning!

These are great presents, if your budget is a little higher, as they cost around 60£/ $.

But they are so worth it and gone last you forever. They won’t get out of fashion either.

wooden bowls 4

6 Reasons – Why your friend will love this wooden bowl set for your loved ones:

  1. The wood is water-repellent. You can use them for smoothie bowls, salad, fruits, yoghurt and more.
  2. The natural aura is stunning and makes each bowl unique.
  3. High-quality.
  4. Multi-function: Smoothies, Soup, Salad, Fruit bowl, Snack bowl & more.
  5. Long-lasting.
  6. Stunning, eye-catchers.

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15. Mason Glass Food & Beverage Glass

Does your mum, sis or brother want to store your leftover smoothies?
These glass jars are thick, and high quality, and if you fill them up to just 80% you can even FREEZE them.

This way, you can thaw the mason glass jars with the smoothies in the same glass and simply add a straw once thawed. 🙂

mason storage glasses
Ball – Wide Mouth is top-notch, high quality! You can fill up the glass until where the glass starts to bend on the top, otherwise, if you freeze them, the glasses will break. Because the liquid expands in the freezer. (that’s why it’s good to have an indication)

5 Reasons – Why this Mason Jar Set is an Amazing Smoothie Lover Present:

  1. You can store food, fruits, toppings and other ingredients in these glasses.
  2. High quality
  3. You can freeze smoothies and other liquids in there ( leave a 20% gap).
  4. Use as storage or as a drinking glass for smoothies, or as breakfast (overnight) bowls. E.G. Overnight-porridge.
  5. Comes as a Set of 4.

16. Forever Beautiful – Superfood Mix Gift for Smoothie Lovers

7 Reasons – Why this Forever Beautiful Superfood Mis is brilliant:

  1. This will fuel your body with tons of Vitamin C.
  2. It supports your body’s natural collagen formation (healthy + youthful skin health)
  3. It’s nutrition-dense.
  4. High in antioxidants.
  5. Can be added not only to smoothies, smoothie bowls, and acai bowls but also to yoghurts, cereal bowls, water, shakes, salad dressings or to be sprinkled over toast.
  6. This superfood mix is plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, certified organic, and dairy-free.
  7. It does not contain any sweeteners, artificial colours, no add-ons, no fillers or thickeners.
forever beautiful-superfood
For beautiful skin!

This superfood mix contains chia seeds, acai, maqui, acerola, pomegranate and blueberries.

No weird ingredients, add ons or sugars.

The idea superfood mix, if you are starting out or already are a smoothie expert.

I have been using this brand (YOUR SUPER) for a while now, and while the products are a little pricey, they are HIGH QUALITY! So, it’s worth it.

17. The Golden Tropical Spoons

If you have seen the smoothie bowls on Instagram and TikTok with the golden pineapple and palm tree, then you’ll recognise the sets!

Another star under the gift ideas! Also very affordable with just a few pounds.

golden tropical pineapple palm tree spoon

4 Reasons – Why you need to grab this Tropical Pineapple & Palm Tree Spoon Set:

  1. It’s in high demand.
  2. The set is giving the smoothies tropical vibes.
  3. They are only a few pounds]They come in gift packaging.
  4. Spoons are a must-have for smoothie addicts.

18. The Ultimate EBook: 21 Irresistible & Healthy Smoothie Recipes (+ Free Smoothie Beginner Guide)

This ebook is the full version, of the sneak peek from the FREE Recipes of Gift idea Nr. 2. (where you can get 4 recipes for free).

FREE smoothie recipe ebook (Mini Version)- PDF

9 Reasons – Why you’ll want to give this Smoothie Ebook as a gift:

  1. You’ll get 50% off!
  2. There are 21 Incredible Smoothie and Smoothie BOwl Recipe in there.
  3. All nutritional info is listed (calories, protein, fat, including vitamins etc.)
  4. It’s an INSTANT download (to your phone tablet, or laptop)
  5. You can get it printed as a card set or book.
  6. The smoothies recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  7. There are weight-loss, detox, breakfast, high protein smoothie recipes and much more.
  8. It includes plenty of free material: A meal planner, shopping list, smoothie guide (how to make thick smoothies, layering guide, etc)
  9. DETOX Superfoods to Flush Out Heavy Metals From Your Body

19. DETOX Superfoods to Flush Out Heavy Metals From Your Body – (Often SOLD OUT)

Usually, you don’t need to help your body with any cleanses your detox, because your body is capable of cleansing toxins itself. But heavy metal detoxes are a good thing, and there are ingredients and things, that can help to flush out heavy metals from your body.
We consume these heavy metals (unintentionally) through foods, drinks and the air.

Superfoods, like this DETOX package, contain natural, plant-based ingredients, that help your body to get rid of heavy metals, bit by bit.

detox superfood powder

detox and cleanse superfoods with blueberries
Double Trouble Set

Love healthy superfoods?

7 Reasons – Why you’ll want to give this DETOX Organic Smoothie Mix as a Gift for someone special:

  • It comes in a beautiful ( with biodegradable) package
  •  Clean and healthy Ingredients: Atlantic Dulse flakes, Spirulina powder and Barley Grass juice powder
  • Super tasty!
  • Certified organic
  • Money-back guarantee!
  • They help to cleanse your body from toxins (heavy metal detox)
  • It’s a powerful mix of the most important ingredients to fight heavy metals (Spirulina, Barley grass juice powder and Atlantic dulse)

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20. The Magical Mini Ice Tray Set – Any Blenders Can Crush Them!

Has your friend got a budget-friendly low-speed blender, that can’t crush ice?

Well, perhaps try it with these cute MINI ice cubes.
The water freezes up within minutes and is amazing if you want to refill your glasses during heat waves, or on holiday to keep making smoothies NON-STOP or for a big family.

Silicone ice cube trays
This is the ideal gift for him or her!

21. The Coconut Smoothie Bowls are – The Most Eco-Friendly Bowls!

If your friend hasn’t got these bowls, they aren’t into smoothies!

It’s true! Everyone who likes smoothies must have a set of these!

The SCREAM tropical smoothie vibes.

They are super lightweight, and it’s so enjoyable for each smoothie bowled out of them. It’s a whole different experience.

The other most important reason is, that they are 100% recyclable, and are ZERO WASTE.

Plus they have a kind of THERMO function, to keep your smoothies from melting too fast. A HUGE factor.

coconut bowls - eco friendly sustainable smoothie bowl

4 Reasons – Why these Coconut Bowls are the MUST HAVE smoothie lover gift idea:

  1. The bowls are ZERO WASTE
  2. They have a tropical vibe and turn your smoothie holiday bowls into holiday vibes
  3. It’s so much more grounding and nice to eat from coconuts, rather than from a porcelain bowl.
  4. The packaging is great as a gift packaging

22. The Natural Unique Wooden Chopping Board

3 Reasons – Why your brother, sister or best friend will fall IN LOVE with this Natural Cheese Board:

  1. Each piece is UNIQUE.
  2. The “aura” is incredible and warm.
  3. You can use it in various ways: TO prepare your veggies and fruits for your smoothies: or to serve your smoothies, fruits or as a charcuterie board.
wooden board

To prepare some of your veggies and fruits you need a wooden chopping board.

Have you seen ever such a stunning, beautiful, organic and natural-looking chopping board? Nearly too beautiful to be used!! You can also use it to serve cheese, fruits and snacks on, a platter.

To prepare some of your veggies and fruits you need a wooden chopping board.
Have you seen ever such a stunning, beautiful, organic and natural-looking chopping board? Nearly too beautiful to be used!! You can also use it to serve cheese, fruits and snacks on, a platter.
A great piece with a stunning aura. I loved when it arrived from amazon because it exceeded my expectations because you never know how these pieces turn out.

As each piece is UNIQUE.

stunning wooden cheese board – amazon
The wooden board is so warm and inviting! (RECIPE:
Magical Mango Breakfast Smoothie – Vegan)

TIP: You can also get wax (Beeswax or Walnut Oil), to keep it in shape and polish it! It’s high quality and protects it.

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23. The Glass & Bamboo Tumbler Set with Metal Straws

How cute is this mason jar tumbler set?
Ball mason jars are known for their HIGH QUALITY, and are super ideal for having a smoothie on the way to work or just for a walk in the park.
Don’t we all love sustainable gifts, that are high quality, and look cute?
The buyers on Amazing are RAVING because they love this product so much:

“Great quality glassware…”
“Very good cup, I’ve dropped it once weep successfully no cracks were involved…”
“Absolutely what I was looking for perfect”

Amazon’s reviews

…and many more happy customers. Check it out for yourself!

tumbler - mason glass jar with lid and straw for smoothies

5 Reasons – Why your friend will love these mason tumbler glasses:

  1. Amazing for portable smoothies, juices, protein shakes, matcha lattes and more.
  2. You can see the beautiful gorgeous and bright smoothies through the glass.
  3. The set is a high-quality set (thick glass by Ball).
  4. The glass mason tumbler set is sustainable, and it’s amazing to support the environment, right?!
  5. It comes as a set of 2x mason jars.
  6. The glass is big: 24 oz/710 ml.
  7. The silicone in the bamboo lid has a strong sealing ability.

If you love these tumblers, why don’t you check out the Mason Glass Jars (Nr. 15), they come with a metal lid and can be used for various things like storage of food and more.

24. Pink Freeze-Dried Dragon Fruit Bits (as a topping, snack or to be blended into smoothies)

Have you tried freeze-dried dragon fruit chunks yet?

They are (rock-shaped) fruit pieces, where only the water has been removed.
And that’s why they keep a settled sweetness and are still super healthy.

freeze-fried pitaya chunks

6 Reasons – Why you’ll want to get these bright dragon-fruit chunks as a gift:

  1. They brighten up any smoothie (pink food!!)
  2. Dragon fruit (freeze-dried) still keeps all its health benefits (only the water has been removed).
  3. You can add them as a topping, blend them into your smoothie or even consume them as a healthy snack.
  4. They are unusual, and a unique present, for any smoothie lovers.
  5. They are high in antioxidants (fighting chronic diseases).
  6. They might reduce your blood sugar level.
  7. Dragon fruit is supporting a healthy gut (=prebiotics).
  8. They also strengthen your immunity system.

25. The silver fruit decorating tool set!

This stainless-steel kitchen utensil is for anyone who loves fruits, ice cream and anything to do with fruit and food decoration! You can scoop out melon, and fruit balls with the “scooper” tool.
You can make the star-shaped kiwi shaped, once you cut them in half, and add them n to your smoothie bowls, or make stunning charcuterie patterns.
This tool set is a must-have gift for anyone who loves fruits, and vegetables. Who has guests around for lunch? Or breakfasts? And likes to make the food look appealing.

ball fruit scooper and zester for fruit decoration

6 Reasons – Why you’ll want to buy this kitchen fruit set as a present:

  1. It makes the food look presentable for parties, friends, or Instagram!
  2. You can zest a lemon or lime.
  3. You can use it for making infused water or infused ice cubes.
  4. Some tools can be used to care for food or to scoop fruits and ice cream.
  5. It helps to peel oranges as well if you don’t have long nails or prefer not to use your nails ;).
  6. It looks very luxurious and modern (silver & stainless-steel)

26. A Lemon Kitchen Towel!

How fresh, bright and stunning is this lemon kitchen towel set??

Is your loved one a fan of artistic, beautiful prints? Even if their kitchen is pretty plain and simple, this kitchen towel set is making you want to spend time in your kitchen. The artwork is made with so much love and details!

lemon towel set

6 Reasons – Why this Lemon Kitchen Towel Set is a Must Present:

  1. It’s super fresh, bright and colourful.
  2. The print is inviting and high quality.
  3. The towels come as a set of 3 in different scales.
  4. It’s highly absorbent.
  5. As a lemon love just a MUST!
  6. It’s brightening up any dull kitchen.

27. Crunchy Toasted Coconut Shreds

You can’t make smoothies without having shredded coconuts or coconut flakes in your kitchen cupboards!

They add to the whole “Hawaiian” tropical, holiday vibe.

Also, besides that they are super crunchy, and delicious and give your smoothie tie a tropical kick, they add healthy fats, and fibre to your smoothie, which makes it more filling and energizing.

toasted coconut shreds

8 Reasons – Why you’ll want to buy Coconut Flakes or Shreds as a gift:

  1. They are super crunchy
  2. Are ideal for smoothie toppings
  3. Nutritious, as they add healthy fat and fibre.
  4. The packaging is recyclable, and the fakes are organic & vegan
  5. They come in cute packaging (great for gift baskets)
  6. Good for your digestion & bowel movement
  7. Heart healthy
  8. Unsweetened

28. Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds: Delicious Smoothie Bowl Toppings!

Of course, you have to add some delicious toppings to your gift basket or package, like chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. They not only TASTE amazing but are also full of fibre, and healthy fats and are just so dark and delicious.

chocolate covered sunflower seeds

7 Reasons – Why you’ll have to buy the Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds!

  1. High fibre.
  2. High in Antioxidants.
  3. Great toppings for smoothies and smoothie bowls.
  4. Or a delicious healthy snack.
  5. Much healthier, than normal chocolate chips or also as chocolate treats.
  6. Only a few pounds.
  7. The Extreme Long-Lasting Thermo Mug!! Miracle Freezing Abilities!

You can add these chocolate seeds on top of any smoothie bowls: Either on dessert-like chocolate smoothie bowls, or also healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

29. The Extreme Long-Lasting Thermo Mug!! Miracle-Freezing Abilities!

5 Reasons – Why this is the best gift for your smoothie friends:

  1. You can fill hot and cold liquid in this Thermo Thermo cup
  2. The Thermo abilities are OUT OF THIS WORLDS! Lasts for HOURS!
  3. Helps enormously to store smoothies in the fridge for 1-2 days (much longer, than in normal other cups or Thermo mugs)
  4. The Thermo mug comes in various sizes and colours
  5. It’s portable (although I f you add some fizzy likening fizzy like coke, the pressure is pushing up the lid. But for smoothies it’s perfect )
thermo mug
Comes in different colours and sizes!

Best for last, right?

I bought 4 of these!! They are one of my BEST bought this year, because they exceeded ANY expectation.

If you add any liquid (like water or coke) into the Thermo bug with some ice cubes, the ice cubes will WON’T be melted HOURS later! I went to the beach with the Thermo mug in Italy, and it was 36 degrees!! 7 hours later, I still had super chilled water with leftover ICE inside!


Plus, if you store your thick smoothie inside the cup, and leave it to store in the fridge overnight, it still is in semi-thick consistency the next day. If you would pour it into a normal glass or container, then the water would separate and the smoothie would have melted completely.


There are plenty of amazing smoothie gift ideas, that you can get for your best friend, mum, big brother, sister, daughter or loved ones!
You don’t need to get them all at once, but I got them nearly all over time because they are super helpful, high quality and super useful…
besides they are also affordable, at least when you compare prices, they are the lowest out of the bunch.
Let me know at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, which one you think is the best gift idea, or which one your friend has already!
P.S. If you know anything, that might be a better idea, let me know. I might expand the list over time If I find even better gift Ideas.

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