Cheapest Blender (less than 20)


UK: BREVILLE:  This blender is great, if you aren’t sure, if you like smoothies, or only have a very small budget and might just make them occasionally.

Later you can always opt in for a more expensive, (=powerful) version, which I highly recommend, to make more smooth smoothies, that can crush nuts, kale and all frozen fruits like banana, grapes and other hard and thick ingredients.

For the price, this blender though is great and a bestseller for a good reason.


US: The La Reveuse – 300W portable blender I have used a few times as well, and I was also very happy with the price. But this one can’t crush ice or nuts. Otherwise, it can create juices and smoothies with (sightly pre-thawed) fruits. For just over 20$ it does a pretty good job!

Easy to clean, small and portable, and amazing value for the money!

It looks also stunning in metal colors:

metallic pink | metallic blue | silver