HOW TO Make The (1 min) Recipe For The MAGIC SHELL (NO sugar-chocolate syrup)

Magic trick revealed for MAGIC SHELL

2-Ingredient – Recipe

This easy 2-ingredient chocolate sauce, that hardens within seconds when poured over cold desserts like smoothie bowls or ice creams are a fascinating experience recipe for the whole family.  

The recipe for the MAGIC SHELL takes less than 1 minute to prepare and is vegan (Buy: fair-trade coconut oil), sugar-free, dairy and gluten-free. 

Are you here, because you love to pour chocolate (or cacao) over a smoothie bowl or ice cream, and watch how it dries up within seconds in front of your eyes? And then SMASH up the chocolate cover with a spoon, like you have seen it in one of so many TICK-TOCK videos? 

What to expect: 

I am here to give you little insights, on how the magic trick works, all hacks, and also other flavour options. 

This is how you make a MAGIC shell aka chocolate hardening sauce:  

Start by heating up 2 Tbsp of coconut oil for about 10-15 seconds, so it becomes liquid. Afterwards add 2 Tbsp of raw, unsweetened cacao powder to mix and stir until it becomes a slick chocolate syrup. Optional you can add a little sweetener to the mix, such as honey, syrup, or stevia but it’s not a must.  

Then pour the sauce quickly over your COLD dessert, like a smoothie or ice cream. The chocolate will harden within seconds. Finally, drizzle some delicious toppings over it. And that’s how you make a homemade magic shell with cacao and coconut oil for 2 servings. 


To celebrate our 3 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY, since our launch at HIP HAP HEALTHY, I create healthy and easy smoothie recipes, I thought why not make it a little magical! 

Let me take this opportunity to THANK everyone for all your support along the journey! Thank you so, so much!  


It’s been a HUGE step, which has many overwhelming, stressful but also rewarding and crazy moments.

This is just the beginning. Cheers to a magical, exciting beginning and a journey for us.

Anyone is welcome to join me on this adventure with plenty of exciting, and fresh recipes. No matter who you are, where you are from. 




Please reach out to me any time, over comments, Pinterest, Instagram or email.

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Why you’ll love this recipe. 

4 Reasons why you’ll love this magic shell recipe:

  1. Who doesn’t love a magic trick?! (When the chocolate hardens in seconds) 
  2. It is even more satisfying, when you can break the chocolate shell, into chunks, once it hardens. 
  3. The recipe is healthy, contains no sugars and is high in antioxidants. 
  4. There are variations in flavours and you can make it completely your own. 

Did you know? 

Cacao/Chocolate + Coconut Oil = Magic Shell

Magic shell recipe video. 

What is a magic shell smoothie bowl? 

You prepare cacao powder (or melt chocolate /chips) mix it with coconut oil, and pour it over your smoothie bowl. Because the smoothie is cold, and the coconut oil has a set refined

How does the magic shell trick work?

Coconuts on a surface filled with smoothie and an text saying launch and spirulina in the size in an measuring spoon, the coconut bowls are covreed with chocolate sauce but it hardened and it broke open
A little magic trick for hip hap healthy’s 3-month anniversary. 3 months after the launch! Whoop!

Okay, we get it, that coconut oil + cacao (or chocolate) together created the magic shell. But why exactly?

The reason is, that coconut oil has a high melting point. 


coconut melts at around 25o Celsius (or 770 Fahrenheit).

So imagine the melted coconut oil is being poured over ICE COLD desserts like a smoothie surface or ice cream. It makes sense that it hardens, then quick, because it’s below it’s the point where it turns solid again, right?

So the more coconut oil you use, the faster the MAGIC trick works.

How much time do you need to make this recipe? 

Total Time: 16-22min

To make the recipe you need about 1-minute maximum.

And within 10-30 seconds the chocolate sauce hardens. 

But, you are running against time because you need to mix the chocolate and coconut oil as fast as possible, as they dry up super-fast. Once you pour it over your smoothie bowl or ice cream, you hardly have enough time to even add any toppings.  

How many calories are in this recipe for the magic shell? 

The chocolate-covered shell is filled with  

146 calories. 

Who invented the magical shell chocolate hardening recipe? 

Is the magic shell a new TICK-TOCK TREND? 

A picture taken from the front of a fresh coconut shell is filled with a red smoothie bowl with chocolate sauce, that is smashed to pieces on bright aqua background, and pink wall. toppings are drizzled on the smoothie and around it, a hand holding the coconut
Once, the chocolate shell hardens, you can just smash it in with a spoon 🙂

You might have seen the magic shell as TICK TOCK TREND. Lots of people smashing their bowls, more or less successful. 

I must admit it looks quite fun, to scroll through their feed and look at all their different smoothie bowls, and discover the different colours underneath, right? 

I also love to see, when it didn’t work. Because it’s great to see, that not everything goes always to plant. 

Who started the Tick Tock Trend? 

It was the charming Halle Burns (@ballehurns), with her video on tick-tock, that went viral and was seen over 8 million times

Comment below if you have seen her video or if you know the store-bought magic shell sauce.

The “real” inventors of the chocolate syrup

The syrup, which hardens quickly into a hard shell, once poured onto a cold surface, like ice cream is a dessert was produced by Smucker’s in the US. 

But did you know,

that it was created originally by Cottee’s in Australia and sold in the UK as Bird’s Ice magic? 

3 smoothie bowls on a wooden chopping board - with a pink wall and chocolate sauce
Such a fun “3-month-launch” party trick! Did you try this magic shell yet? It’s so exciting!

I’m from Germany, and I can’t remember ever seeing this magic shell in my childhood. SO I am super festinated and happy to make this recipe now 🙂 

Have you ever tried the store-bought sauce?? Does this recipe remind you of your childhood?

Let me know, which version you prefer!

Back to the tick tock trend:

Now, the blogger Halle Burns, brought the HYPE and MAGIC trick back again, by making her recipe and pouring it instead of over ice cream onto a smoothie bowl. And fascinating more than 8 million people on tick-tock, by cracking up the hardcover with a spoon. 

How to make a chocolate sauce that hardens with cacao powder

How to make the magic shell work?  

Have you tried it yet and it failed? I have a few tips below, that might help. 

Step-by-step guide of the magic shell

A visual step by step guide with 6 pictures and steps on how to make magic shell aka chocolate hardening sauce

Step 1:
Mix the ingredients 

Mix raw cacao powder and coconut oil in a microwavable bowl. Use 2 Tbsp of 

Step 2:
Ensure to use liquid coconut oil/ or heat it up 

Heat the bowl, until the coconut oil becomes fluid and clear (5-15 seconds max). Now make sure it’s not super-hot, otherwise, you’ll just melt the ice cream or smoothie.

Unless the coconut Oil so already liquid, that depends on the room temperature. In this case, you don’t need to heat it.

Step 3:
Mix the cacao powder and coconut oil. 

Now the cacao and coconut oil well until they become a smooth chocolate sauce, by using a spoon. Now step 4+5 needs to be done quickly, that the sauce won’t dry up: 

Step 4: Pour the sauce over the dish. 

Pour the chocolate sauce over your desired COLD dish, like a freshly made cold smoothie or ice cream. The colder the dish, the faster it works.  

Step 5:
The sauce will dry up. 

Watch how the chocolate sauce hardens within seconds in front of your eyes. That’s why you can add any toppings into the chocolate sauce while it’s still liquid, such as chia seeds, or broken nuts. For more topping ideas jump below. 

How to melt chocolate 

Step-by-step guide on how to melt chocolate in the microwave

  • Step 1:
    Choose chocolate that contains 70%+ cacao solids. Because cacao butter + fats speed up the melting process.
  • Step 2:
    Chop chocolate into small pieces.
  • Step 3:
    Toss chocolate pieces into a microwave-safe bowl. 
  • Step 4: Microwave for about 45-60 seconds on medium heat. 
    (This depends on the amount of chocolate.)
  • Step 5: Continue to heat the microwave in 30-second intervals. Mix in between until the chocolate is melted and becomes smooth. 
2 imaged with bowls, and text on how on how to melt chocolate with 5 tips

Can you melt chocolate chips? 

Yes, you can melt chocolate chips, because anything that is already cut into small chunks, is easier to melt. However, chocolate chips don’t contain as much cacao butter and are therefore harder to melt. 

If you melt them over a cooker, be patient and use low heat.  

It’s better to choose chocolate with a high content of cacao butter. 

What kind of chocolate is good for melting? 

Chocolate that is good for melting is high in cacao butter and high in fat. 

That’s why cacao powder and dark chocolate is ideal.  

Also, make sure you choose good quality chocolate, with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. 

3 ways how you can melt chocolate!

  1. You can melt chocolate on a stove. By boiling water, and placing a big bowl on top of the pot. The steam rises, heat the heat-prove bowl, and melt the chocolate slowly (on low heat) over time.
  2. The second method, you can melt chocolate is using a microwave. See the instructions here
  3. Or you can also bring chocolate to melt in a slow cooker. For more step by step instructions on how to melt chocolate read this guide. 

Is the recipe for the magic shell healthy? 

A coconut shell is filled with a blue smoothie bowl with chocolate sauce, that is smashed to pieces on bright aqua background, and pink wall. toppings are drizzled on the smoothie and around it

Yes, cacao, especially if you choose raw, unsweetened cacao powder is already super healthy and comes with a long list of benefits.  

Coconut oil, also has plenty of benefits, although should be enjoyed in moderation, as it is high in unsaturated fats. As I mentioned in the benefits and risks area more. 

The good news is that it is keto because it only contains 1% of carbs.  


To make this recipe healthier, use a little less coconut oil, which should be fine as well.  

Nutritional breakdown 

14% magnesium = 53mg 

60% saturated fats = 12 g 

4% calcium = 33 mg 

1% carbs = 3.6 g 

8% fibre = 2.3 g 

7% calories = 145 Kcal 

The breakdown is based on a 2000 calorie diet, and for 1 serving.  

If you like to know more adjustments or want to know details about the dietary details of this recipe, then skip to the section below. There you can see also a full list of the main and optional ingredients

Is Coconut oil healthy? 

You might wonder if this recipe is healthy because you are adding coconut oil. Coconut oil has, has a bad reputation with some people, and it might not be good for you, and that’s why I wanted to check it out in more detail. 

Is it true, is coconut oil bad for you? 

6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF Coconut oil: 

On one hand, coconut oil is very healthy, but on the other hand, it is very high in saturated fats. 


84% of its calories are from saturated fats. 

Other oils contain much less saturated fats: 

Although, its coconut oil is extremely high in saturated fats it contains plenty of benefits: 

1. Containing medium-chain-fatty acids

These MCFAs have an impact on different functions on your body: How the oil is digested and how it influences your body 
This difference in structure has all sorts of implications, from how the oil is digested to how it influences your body. 

2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal  

(Because of the MCFA’s) 

3. Hair & skin health

More evidence is appearing that coconut oil helps with chronic skin conditions or conditions such as eczemas.

4. Dental dental health 

Using coconut oil is also supposed to help with dental health, which is a traditional ayurvedic remedy originally practised in ancient India.

5. Reduces stress + depression 

Studies show, that virgin coconut oil may reduce stress, which is caused by exercising and chronic colds. 

6. May Preventing liver disease 

Studies suggest, that elements in coconut oil might help to prevent liver diseases 

What are the other downsides of coconut oil? 

A before and after shot picture where the coconut oil is solid on the one side and melted on the other side, with explanation of how to melt coconut oil

Studies show that coconut oil might raise “bad” cholesterol. Although not as much as meat or full-fat dairy products. 

On the other hand, other studies show it also may increase the “good” cholesterol. 

It’s not conclusive if this has a big impact on heart diseases though. 

In short: 

Fats and oil, like coconut oil, can provide your body with essential nutrition. It is a very complex field, and some of the long-term benefits of coconut oil are still to be researched. 

If you like to use coconut oil, then it’s recommended in moderation and only to use extra virgin coconut oil.

Here are some tips for buying, storing, and using coconut oil: 

Avoid any coconut, that contains partially hydrogenated coconut oil. 


Although virgin coconut oil is healthier, you should probably stick to refined oil, because it tastes more neutral.

5 Health benefits of raw cacao powder 

1. High in antioxidants (40x as high as blueberries) 

Antioxidants can reduce inflammation, and help you protect your cells from cell damage caused by free radicals. To protect you against diseases and illnesses like cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Arthritis or conditions like Altheimer. But an overall healthy diet is also essential, to help to reduce the risk. 

2. The highest plant-based source of iron  

You get even more out of it if you combine this high iron source with vitamin c foods, such as kiwi, oranges or lemons. 

3. One of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium 

Magnesium helps to strengthen bones, helps with depression, anxiety may lower your blood pressure, helps with migraines and headaches, boating and water retention and also help with PMS. 

4. More Calcium than cow’s milk 

Calcium is needed for your bone strength, muscle contraction, cardiovascular system, like blood clotting. 

5. Makes you happy, relaxed and fights depression 

Raw cacao contains serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine, which are hormones, that naturally make you feel better and even fight depression and anxiety.  

The magnesium and potassium in cacao, can make you feel more relaxed, and calm, and reduce your anxiety, so studies show.  

Ingredients of how to make the hardening chocolate sauce in different bowl on beige background, coconut oil, sweetener and cacao powder with overlay text

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa? 

While cacao powder is less processed than cacao because it is treated with less heat during the process. 

They look nearly the same. Sometimes the colour is a touch different (darker or lighter). They both taste more bitter compared to chocolate.  

You can add sweeteners to the mix if you like. 

In Short:


  • Less processed (=healthier) 
  • Higher in Antioxidants 
  • More butter 
  • High in magnesium (good for bone strength, regulates blood pressure and heart rhythms) 


  • Treated with more heat 
  • Lost more than 60-90% of Antioxidants (keeps you young, healthy, protect you against diseases) 
  • More processed 


Magic Shell Ingredients 

Ingredients of how to make the hardening chocolate sauce in different bowl on beige background, coconut oil, sweetener and cacao powder with overlay text

Must Ingredients: 

  • Unsweetened, raw Cacao powder 
  • Coconut oil  (ideally refined, which taste less of coconut)

Optional Ingredients:

Sweeteners such as: 

  • Stevia, syrup, honey, algae 

I’d use about 1 tablespoon maximum of the sweeteners. It could be if you use too many sweeteners, that the chocolate, won’t harden anymore.  

You notice may be in the recipe video, me pouring way too much syrup over the cacao powder ???? in the end I had to re-shoot and film again the next day because the chocolate DID NOT harden, and the magic was GONE! That was super frustrating. 


Before and after picture pf 2 coconut halves covered with chocolate sauce, on the other half the chocolate is broken into pieces and you see the smoothie inside in red and blow

You can use anything for a topping, that is small, and would get stuck within the chocolate shell. Ideally, that is light and that you can sprinkle quickly over it. 

I prefer using healthy ingredients, rather than sprinkles. 

Here are some nutritional and healthy topping shell ideas: 

  • Pistachio powder 
  • Crushed hazelnuts = Nutella 
  • Crushed almonds (or any other nuts) 
  • Almond flakes 
  • Chia seeds (extra energy + healthy fats) 
  • Hemp hearts (Healthy fats) 
  • Freeze-dried pitaya pieces (crumbled up) 
  • Or Freeze-dried strawberries/raspberries Freeze-dried Raspberries 
  • Puffed millets (supports your digestion/ rich in fibre/ heart-healthy)


Anything, that is a contrast colour to the chocolate, looks even more stunning.  

Use a bright colour for dark chocolate. Use a dark colour topping for white chocolate ????. 

Swap ingredients:

Can you use chocolate instead of cacao powder? 

You can use chocolate, like dark chocolate for the magic shell recipe. I used cacao powder, because even more unprocessed and therefore healthier. But dark chocolate is also fine to use. 

Have a look at how to melt dark chocolate

Which chocolate is the best to use? 

Ideally chocolate bars or chunks, not chocolate chips. Because they don’t belt as well. 

Dietary adjustments 

Is this recipe for the magic shell vegan

Yes, raw cacao powder is vegan.

Choose a vegan-friendly sweetener, if you should add one.

Monkey Cruelty

BUT, you need to be aware when choosing coconut oil, that that often monkeys are involved in collecting coconuts, and not under great conditions! They can be super CRUEL!

That’s why it’s important, even if you are not vegan, to be aware of the situation. And to buy the right production and spread the word.

Baby monkeys are often stolen from their mums, while the mums are killed.

Which coconut oil, is recommended, that is not harming monkeys?

Make sure to buy FAIR-TRADE coconut oil, like from:

  • Dr Bronner
  • Skinny & Co
  • Trader Joey’s
  • Nutiva

Is this dark chocolate/cacao hardening sauce gluten-free? 

Yes, while coconut oil is gluten-free, raw cacao powder is also free.

Is this recipe a dairy-free smoothie? 

The magic shell recipe is dairy-free. Unless you use instead of raw unsweetened cacao chocolate, which contains dairy. But this recipe doesn’t contain dairy.

Can I pour the hardening chocolate sauce over any other dishes, besides smoothie bowls? 

The magic shell was originally invented to be poured over ice cream as a topping. Unfortunately, you can’t make it work on anything, that is not super cold, because coconut won’t set.

Is this recipe for the magic shell a keto recipe? 

Yes, the magic shell recipe is KETO, because raw, unsweetened cacao powder and also, coconut oil can be used during a ketogenic diet ????. 

Is the recipe for the magic shell sugar-free?  

Yes, this recipe is sugar-free :). Make sure to use unsweetened raw cacao powder and coconut oil is sugar-free anyway.

How to make a magic shell without coconut oil? 

What ingredients are in the store-bought magic shell? 

The store-bought magic shell, that you can buy in the UK (Bird’s Ice Magic) contains coconut oil and sunflower oil. 

The question is now if you can use another oil, without coconut oil. 

Can you substitute extra virgin olive oil with coconut oil? 

I have tried mixing cacao powder and extra virgin olive oil and it did NOT harden. 

This makes sense, because as we learned at the beginning (in how the magic works), coconut oil only hardens, because of its melting point.

Olive oils melting point is only about

-6o Celsius (or 21o Fahrenheit), which would be much harder to “harden” ;).

I have read, that other is more successful using other oils, and it did harden. So, feel free to experiment yourself and let me know if it worked. 

Can you use butter instead of coconut oil to create a magic shell? 

You CAN substitute butter with coconut oil!

I believe it also works, because as mentioned it’s also very high in saturated fats (60%), while coconut oil contains 90%. 

You follow the same step by step guide, and make butter liquid, by heating it.  

It takes longer, until the magic shell is created and hardens, compared to coconut oil. Also, I would use MORE butter, than coconut oil, because it is not as high in saturated fats. 

Another downside is, that the butter taste is not as neutral, as coconut oil and you might wasn’t to add some sweeteners, to overpower the taste. 

You can also experiment using other oils, that are high in saturated fats. 

Please let me know, which ones you have tried and if they worked for you, in the comment section. 


You can buy the chocolate hardening syrup “ready-made” in several flavours: 

  • Chocolate 
  • Caramel 
  • Pecan= “turtle delight” (a Twix taste) 
  • Mint and more

Did you know, how many flavours are out there? These are just a few of the store-bought flavours, while you can make endless homemade magic shell flavours yourself.

Although I prefer the homemade options of course as I think they are much healthier, and it’s fun to prepare them yourself!

How to make other flavours of the magic shell 

A picture taken from above of a fresh coconut shell is filled with a blue smoothie bowl with chocolate sauce, that is smashed to pieces on bright aqua background, and pink wall. toppings are drizzled on the smoothie and around it
  1. Magic shell with dark chocolate (use a bar or chips) instead cacao 
  2. Magic shell with white chocolate instead cacao  
  3. Strawberry flavour 
  4. Cherry flavour 
  5. Caramel flavour  
  6. Peppermint flavour 
  7. Vanilla flavour  
  8. Lavender flavour
  9. Peanut butter flavour (mix chocolate with unsweetened nut butter in blender)
  10. Cashew nut butter (same as using peanut butter, use an unsweetened natural nut butter)
  11. And any other flavour you can imagine…

To make other flavours, it is good to mix them often with white chocolate, which you can melt. Plus, an extract, like vanilla extract or strawberry extract or peppermint extract, and then coconut oil. 

That’s the easy way to make any flavour possible. I will explore moore options in future and post the recipes because I LOVE a magic shell trick. Don’t you? 

For any flavours, you can use extracts. 

Recipe example: 

White baking Chocolate/ or chocolate chips/ or melts + (Cherry/peppermint/ vanilla or others) extract + coconut oil 

Like to know, which white chocolate, you can melt? Jump to the Q & A section.   

Recipe Details

Before and after picture pf 2 coconut halves covered with chocolate sauce, on the other half the chocolate is broken into pieces and you see the smoothie inside in red and blow


The step by step instructions on how to make the magic shell, chocolate hardening syrup (homemade), that contains no sugar, and is made with only 2 simple main ingredients. To be sure, that it is vegan, check out the ingredients section.
You can make much more, and keep it at room temperature stored, for an in-between magic trick 🙂
Cook Time 1 min
Total Time 1 min
Course Appetizer, Dessert, smoothie, Snack
Cuisine American, australian
Servings 2 people
Calories 146 kcal


  • 1 microwave/oven


  • 2 Tbsp cacao powder unsweetened, raw, fair trade
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil refined (tasteless of coconut), fair trade
  • 1 tsp honey/ agave/ syrup (optional)


  • Ensure the coconut oil is liquid: Microwave it otherwise (10-15seconds roughly).
  • Mix the liquid coconut oil and cacao powder (+ optional sweetener) until smooth.
  • Pour the sauce (quickly) as a thin layer over your smoothie or ice cream.
  • Add toppings if you like, while the sauce is still liquid.
  • Watch how the chocolate hardens over the smoothie within seconds (15-30 seconds) and becomes a crisp hard magic shell.
  • If you like you can smash the chocolate with a spoon into pieces, and eat it together with your smoothie or ice cream! Enjoy! ????

Recipe details

9 Tips – how to make the best magic shell

Before and after picture pf 2 coconut halves covered with chocolate sauce, on the other half the chocolate is broken into pieces and you see the smoothie inside in red and blow
Before and after the magic shell is smashed in! It’s so much fun 🙂

1. Work FAST! 

You need to work fast because your smoothie needs to stay cold, plus, the chocolate sauce melts quickly. 

I have tried to prepare the chocolate sauce before I made the smoothie: I FAILED. Because by the time the smoothie dined, the chocolate was hardened.  

You could try it this way though, and then microwave it again (possibly add a bit more coconut oil) to the mix if it won’t often easily. 

2. Ensure your Smoothie/Dish is still cold. 

The colder your dish is, the quicker and better the sauce will harden.

My suggestion is therefore to place the smoothie bowl in the meantime in the freezer. If you need time to prepare the chocolate, you will have time to prepare the magic trick in the meantime, and don’t need to rush.

Also, make sure to use frozen fruits and vegetables (+ice optional) in your fruit or chocolate smoothie.  

3. Choose the right ratio. 

Ensure to use the right ratio.

Firstly, don’t use too many sweeteners, because otherwise, the syrup won’t harden.

If you don’t use enough coconut oil it will also not harden. You can rather use too much coconut oil, then it hardens very fast, but then you might not have time to add toppings.  

Plus, it will be high in calories and saturated fats, if you add tons. 

4. Avoid ANY contact with water. 

When melting chocolate or cacao you can’t get in contact with any drops of water. Otherwise, the chocolate gets seized up and clumsy and dry.

Water is the WORST ENEMY, of melted chocolate/ cacao.


That also means staying away from ideally metal or wooden spoons!

Because they could soak up some water. 

If you have a small rubber spatula, then you use this one, as this has fewer chances to attract water or moisture and won’t seize up the chocolate sauce. 

5. Be careful with sweeteners 

As mentioned, I had some bad experiences adding sweeteners. Because the chocolate wouldn’t “snap” and harden anymore when I had added too much of it once. So if you add some, ad a maximum of half as much as the chocolate or coconut oil roughly.

6. Chose the right chocolate 

If you could choose chocolate instead of cacao powder, then… 

7. Go thin! 

GO BIG OR GO HOME, is a bad tip in this case. You need to apply a thin chocolate layer.  

At least if you are covering smoothie bowls, and hoping to SMASH a covered bowl, and hope for a nice breaking effect.  

Because adding a thick spread is one of the biggest mistakes. Because the layer is too thick, the smoothie will smash everywhere (I experience this ????) or the chocolate “plate” will just flip and you can’t eat the broken pieces nicely. 

8. The more coconut oil – the quicker it hardens 

That makes sense, right? Coconut oil is one of the reasons, why chocolate or cacao is hardening. So the more you add, the better the trick will work.

9. Refined Coconut oil – VS Virgin oil 

As mentioned already under the health benefits, virgin coconut oil is the healthiest coconut oil, that is recommended in general. 

But for this recipe, it’s probably best to use refined coconut oil, because it is even more neutral in taste.  

But I have tested both, and it’s not a HUGE difference. 

10. Have fun and explore flavours and toppings

Have you checked out the endless options of flavours you can create with the magic shell? Plus all the toppings you can drizzle on top.

This project is not only fun with kids or a great party idea, but it is also still fun for someone like me ( and I am beyond 30! 😛

I have been experimenting with this all week, and hat chocolate everywhere in the end! Now I have so many leftovers… Ups!

How to rescue your chocolate sauce 

1. When the chocolate crumbles 

When your chocolate sauce simply won’t get fluid and silky but is getting hard and super crumbly instead, then you might have done the following things wrong: 

  • Your mix might have got in contact with (even a drop) of water 
  • You used too many sweeteners 

Sometimes you can rescue it, by adding more coconut oil to the mix. Microwave it slightly, so that the oil is getting liquid again. And then mix it again. That should help. 

2. Skipp sweeteners 

Worst case, starts new and maybe skip the sweeteners, and make sure your bowels are completely dry. 

3. Is the syrup too dry? 

Otherwise, when you have added too much cacao powder, and it’s too dry, simply add more coconut oil. Then your sauce will get super liquid and it will be perfect. 


What to do 

  • Work fast, before the chocolate sauce dries or smoothie/ ice cream melts 
  • Add the toppings fast over the sauce, once poured over, because it dries within seconds 
  • Add a thin layer only of the magic shell 
  • Refined coconut oil has the most neutral taste/ but virgin coconut oil is the healthiest option 
  • Use raw cacao powder or dark chocolate with 70% or more 

What NOT to do 

  • Avoid any water getting in contact with your recipe, otherwise, the chocolate sauce gets crumble 
  • Don’t add too many sweeteners into the mix, otherwise, it might not dry up fast 
  • Avoid using a metal or wooden spoon when you are melting chocolate or cacao, as it can make the chocolate crumble and dry up. 
  • Don’t use cheap chocolate or milk chocolate with less than 70%, that won’t melt or is full of sugars 
  • Butter works as a coconut oil substitute (or other fats, high in saturated fats) 
3 smoothie bowls held in hands in close ups decorated with flowers and chocolate bits are broken

Easy, quick smoothie recipe ideas for the magic shell 

Here are amazing smoothie recipes, that are whipped up within just a few minutes, and that you can perfectly use as a base for your chocolate hardening sauce. 


Thick Fruit Smoothie


Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie


Worlds Best Chocolate Smoothie


No-Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Are you wondering, about the 3 superfood recipes, in the pictures? 

The spirulina recipe, the strawberry-dragon fruit smoothie or the black magic detox recipe will be posted shortly ???? 

How to store your left-over

Very detailed pic of a smoothie bowls on a wooden chopping board - with a pink wall and chocolate sauce

If you end up with too much chocolate sauce, like me, then you can store it. Because, it’s not great to make a too thick layer, otherwise you can’t crack it open anymore.  

  1. Store it at room temperature, in an airtight container, like a sealable Tupperware box, or a mason jar.  
  2. It lasts up to 4-5 weeks. 
  3. If it hardened in the meantime, simply heat it in the microwave again for a few seconds. To ensure the coconut oil is becoming liquid next time, stir it until smooth. It won’t become smooth add some more coconut oil. 


Don’t store the chocolate sauce in the fridge, as it will harden and won’t pour. 

How to store smoothie leftovers:

3 Easy ways – how to freeze  & store smoothies for later

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use coconut oil in the chocolate? 

Yes, coconut oil is an essential part when it comes to hardening melted chocolate fast or cacao powder. If you would leave it out, it would take a long while for the chocolate to dry.  

Then you would have to place the smoothie bowl into the freezer to make it try faster, but then also the smoothie itself would freeze, and it’s not the same effect anymore. Plus, it takes much longer. 

Although, you can also use butter, as mentioned. It is not as good, as coconut oil. Because the saturated fat level is not as high, it works. 

What is the best white chocolate, that you can melt? 

White chocolate BURNS easily, so be careful. 

If you microwave it, only do it in 20-second intervals, and keep stirring it in-between. 

The best white chocolate to melts is 

  • Chocolate bar 
  • Chocolate chunks 

Don’t use chocolate chips. Because they do contain stabilisers, which make them very hard to melt. 

With any chocolate you are melting, you need to break them into small pieces, to melt them fast, smooth and evenly. 

What is the difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate and white chocolate

It tastes much more bitter than milk chocolate. 

The level of antioxidants and nutrition are much lower in milk chocolate, compare to dark chocolate. 

Both are high in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. 

But what is white chocolate?

White chocolate doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. And that’s why white chocolate, has the lowest amounts of nutrition and antioxidants.  

Is dark chocolate healthy

Dark chocolate taste also slightly bitter, similar to cacao powder. 

Studies have shown, that dark chocolate

  • Cardiovascular benefits 
  • Prevent- age-related cognitive decline, 
  • Improving attention, brain processing speed and working memory 
  • Anti-inflammatory / Antioxidant effects  

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