The Easy Rainbow Smoothie Recipe


314 calories only

Have you ever thought about making an EYE-CATCHING rainbow smoothie? 

You need 10 ingredients to create 5 vibrant layers, with only 314 calories per smoothie!  

HIP HAP HEALTHY’S – Rainbow Smoothie

How to make the easy rainbow smoothie:

  • Firstly freeze the fruits overnight.
  • Then gather the next day the ingredients for the RED layer and the blender while all other ingredients still stay in the freezer.
  • Next, make the RED LAYER (see recipe). Keep the glass (with the layers) temporarily stored in the freezer to ensure the smoothie stays thick.
  • RINSE the blender after the RED LAYER and start gathering the ingredients for the next layer: the WARM YELLOW one. For the next layers, there is no need to rinse the blender anymore, as the colours are similar.
  • Scoop the WARM YELLOW layer on top of the RED layer and freeze temporarily.


  • Toss in more ingredients into the blender for the LIGHT YELLOW blend, which is also the base for the next 2 colours (TURQUOISE and BLUE). 
  • After blended, you scoop 1/3 of the blend the LIGHT YELLOW onto the rainbow glass.
  • Scoop another 1/3 of the LIGHT YELLOW blend into a new glass and add some blue spirulina and stir it with a spoon. (PLace into the fridge, so you can add it as the last layer)
  • With the leftover 1/3, that is left in the blender of the LIGHT YELLOW blend, you can add kiwis and a touch of spirulina, which builds the turquoise blend.
  • And that’s how you make a RAINBOW SMOOTHIE!
Easy Rainbow Recipe
Make this easy but yummy rainbow smoothie out of 5 Layers:
1. Layer RED: Splash of MILK + MIXED frozen RED BERRIES + greek yoghurt (+optional honey)
2. Layer WARM YELLOW: Splash of MILK + frozen MANGO.
3. Layer LIGHT YELLOW: splash of MILK + frozen BANANAS, frozen PINEAPPLES + frozen (coconut) milk ice cubes.
4. Layer TURQUOISE: LIGHT YELLOW + frozen KIWI + blue SPIRULINA + frozen mangos (+optional spinach
You can freeze layers, in between, or place the glass in a cold fridge, to keep avoiding, that the layers melt.
For 2-3 servings.
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Rainbow smoothie

It’s the ideal party, date or fun summer smoothie. Which tastes like no other breakfast, dessert or meal replacement smoothie. 

The smoothie layers build naturally on top of each other, and therefore it’s much easier to make than you think. 

Are you ready?

Why you’ll love this easy rainbow smoothie 

2 healthy rainbow smoothies with straws

4 Reasons why you’ll love this easy rainbow smoothie:  

  1. Each layer is a flavour explosion 
  2. It’s a lot easier than it looks you only need to rinse the blender once, after the 1st layer (red) 
  3. Highly healthy smoothie with plenty of vitamins, nutrition, and minerals (like Vitamin C 146%) 
  4. This smoothie is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free (when chosen with the right or no yoghurt) 

The Easy Rainbow Smoothie Recipe Video:

How much time do you need to make this rainbow smoothie? 

Total Time: 20-30min

20-30 min. 

This rainbow smoothie has 5 layers in total. For each layer, you need on average 4 minutes, with 10 minutes of prep time. 


Is this smoothie a breakfast, evening or lunch recipe? 

This is a perfect party “show off” smoothie, filled with plenty of flavours for many occasions. For birthdays, easter breakfast or other occasions. It’s quite filling.  

I also had it for dessert a few times, so that’s okay too.

But because it’s quite energising, you might want to have rather a smaller portion in the evening. 

What does the rainbow smoothie taste like? 

Rainbow smoothie with overlay text and

This is what makes the rainbow smoothie SO SPECIAL. 

Each flavour tastes truly special, and that’s why you should just mix all ingredients because the flavours get lost. 


The berry, strawberry flavour. I suggest using a red berry mix and mixing a minimum of 2 red berries: such as strawberries and raspberries. 

But you can also use cranberries, cherries or any other red berry mix. To add a bit of a tangy mix, ad 1 Tbsp of greek yoghurt (or dairy or vegan yoghurt to the REd fruit smoothie layer).  

Honey is also a great addition to this red layer to taste. 


This one tastes truly of a tropical mango flavour. It’s very granita like. This is made with just a splash of milk and frozen mangos! 

Super simple, but very effective and flavourful! 


This is the also the base for the turquoise and blue smoothie rainbow layer: 

It’s a mix of frozen coconut milk ice cubes, frozen mango and pineapple, and bananas chunks and tastes like a refreshing tropical smoothie. You can taste the pineapple slightly and the coconut gives it a super creamy and nice touch!!


The second last layer is made from the LIGHT YELLOW layer, with kiwis and optional some mangos pieces. And a touch of spirulina.

This one taste like a tropical kiwi smoothie.


Lastly, we have the spirulina smoothie rainbow layer, which tastes like a settle of pineapples and coconut. The blue spirulina itself doesn’t taste anything.

You can see a bright green smoothie in a mason jar with cacao sprinkles. A bright blue background

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Health Benefits Of This Easy Rainbow Smoothie 

 A girl with blue hair holding in a warm sunset 2 rainbow smoothies in front of the camera

This smoothie is extremely nutrition-dense. It contains plenty of different fruits and veggies. 

To make it even healthier you can add spinach to the turquoise layer, which will turn it greener. This adds more vitamins like vitamin K and more nutrition. 

Did you know? 


How many calories are in this rainbow smoothie recipe? 

The recipe is counting for about 3 medium-sized portions or 2 big ones. 

Per smoothie you get about 314 calories, which is not batting for such a big, cup of healthy fruit smoothie. 

Is this a keto or low carb smoothie recipe? 

No, this smoothie contains 45grams of carbs, which is 18%. Because it contains tropical fruits, such as mangos, pineapples (and coconut milk) is high in carbs. 

If you want to reduce the carb content, you can reduce the ratio of these layers, and add cauliflowers instead.  

Which is tasteless and healthy. You can also switch the coconut milk with any other unsweetened plant-based milk, like almond milk. 

How much protein is in this rainbow smoothie recipe? 

We have about 9% (4grams) of protein per rainbow smoothie if you decide the recipe by 3 portions. 

If you make just 2 portions out of it, you gain 13% protein (6.5grams) of protein per smoothie. 

How can you increase the protein in this recipe? 

There are plenty of ways to add on protein: 

1stly you can add some greek yoghurt into the smoothie. 

1 cup of greek yoghurt (240g) contains  19.7 grams of protein.

Spoon full of oats

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Nutritional breakdown of the recipe 

This healthy rainbow smoothie is incredibly beneficial for your health.

It’s giving you plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrition, that your body needs! 

It’s not just beautiful, but with just one perving you get all of the below into your body: 

  • Vitamin C -> 146% 
  • Vitamin B6 -> 36% 
  • Potassium -> 31% 
  • Calcium -> 10% 
  • Magnesium -> 25% 
  • Iron -> 23% 
  • Zinc -> 12% 
  • Phosphorus -> 23% 
  • Vitamin A 3 ->4% 
  • Thiamin -> B1 17% 
  • Riboflavin -> B2 14% 
  • Niacin B3 -> 15% 
  • Folic Acid -> B9 36% 
  • Vitamin E -> 13% 
  • Vitamin K -> 33% 
A women with a summer hat and blue hair holding in two hands two rainbow smoothies with straws

Tips on how to make this smoothie (even) healthier?

Like to make this fruit smoothie EVEN healthier?

The current health score is 4.9 out of 10 (at, which is not very high. This means, there are still points, that can be made better, to increase the health level of this smoothie.

The sugars are 31 grams (34%) per smoothie, which is quite high.


  • You could reduce the number of fruits, and add some cauliflowers instead, to make this smoothie even healthier. This would reduce the sugar and carb content in this smoothie.
  • Adding spinach is also another great way to increase the health benefits. Because if you mix fruits and vegetables is the ideal way for a balanced, and healthy fruit smoothie.

If you like to know more adjustments or want to know details about the dietary details of this recipe, then skip to the section below. There you can see also a full list of the optional ingredients.

Optional Ingredients 

RED LAYER: Honey: I suggest adding honey to the red, berry layer for taste. 

GREEK YOGURT: Greek yoghurt can be added to any layer really, to increase the protein intake and make the smoothie creamy. 

TURQUOISE LAYER-> GREEN LAYER: Spinach + Matcha powder 

If you rather want a bright green layer, then use spinach and blend it with the kiwi slices. You can even add some matcha powder, for health benefits, energy and even a little greener vibrant colour. 

TURQUOISE LAYER: Add some frozen mangos to the kiwi slices, if you want to colour to be a little stronger and more vibrant. Plus, mangos taste super good. 

Smoothie visual step by step guide on how to make the green, turquise layer
The preparation process of the turquoise layer.

Dietary Adjustments

Is this smoothie vegan? 

Yes, this healthy fruit smoothie recipe is vegan friendly! 

But, you need to ensure to opt-in for a vegan-friendly yoghurt. 

Is this smoothie gluten-free? 

This vibrant baby of a rainbow smoothie is also gluten-free. 

Is this smoothie a dairy-free smoothie? 

Yes, if you are skipping the greek yoghurt or choosing a dairy-friendly version, then this recipe is also dairy-free. 

Is this smoothie a meal-replacement smoothie?

Rainbow smoothies held and carried outside by a girl with a black hat
Are you ready for YOUR own refreshing summer healthy fruit smoothie?

YES! This smoothie can be either enjoyed as a meal replacement smoothie or as an in-between smoothie snack. 

Because it is nutrition-dense, contains multi-vitamins, is high-in fats 22%=15grams (which is filling) and is also high in fibre (29% = 8grams). Which are important conditions for any good and filling meal replacement smoothie. 

Although, this smoothie could contain more protein. 

As mentioned above already there are easy tips on how to increase the protein amount. 

Feature image with overlay text of saying tropical smoothie bowl: spirulina. With the close up view from the top , while the smoothie blend is being blended, just after the blue spirulina has been dropped

2-Way Tropical Blue Spirulina BOWL (LOW calorie – HIGH energy)


Rainbow smoothie

Easy Rainbow Recipe

Make this easy but yummy rainbow smoothie out of 5 Layers:
1. Layer RED: Splash of MILK + MIXED frozen RED BERRIES + greek yoghurt (+optional honey)
2. Layer WARM YELLOW: Splash of MILK + frozen MANGO.
3. Layer LIGHT YELLOW: splash of MILK + frozen BANANAS, frozen PINEAPPLES + frozen (coconut) milk ice cubes.
4. Layer TURQUOISE: LIGHT YELLOW + frozen KIWI + blue SPIRULINA + frozen mangos (+optional spinach
You can freeze layers, in between, or place the glass in a cold fridge, to keep avoiding, that the layers melt.
For 2-3 servings.
Course Dessert, meal replacement, smoothie, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 314kcal


  • Blender high-speed (or freeze layers longer, for 20-30 minutes between steps)


  • 2 cups canned coconut milk 1 cup to keep the blender going as a base for RED, WARM YELLOW + LIGHT YELLOW LAYER. 1 cup frozen into ice cubes = BASE FOR LIGHT YELLOW LAYER
  • 1.5 cups mixed red berries (like strawberries + raspberries) = RED LAYER
  • 1-2 Tbsp greek yogurt or dairy-free/vegan yogurt = RED LAYER
  • 1 tsp organic, raw honey (optional) = RED LAYER
  • 1.5-2 cup frozen mango = WARM YELLOW LAYER (+ optional for TURQUOISE)
  • ¾ cup frozen bananas = LIGHT YELLOW LAYER
  • ½ cup frozen pineapples = LIGHT YELLOW LAYER
  • ½ cup frozen kiwi slices = TURQUOISE LAYER
  • 1.5-2 tsp blue spirulina = TURQUOISE LAYER + BLUE LAYER
  • 0.5 handful spinach (optional) = TURQUOISE LAYER with turns it GREEN



  • Start by adding a splash of unsweetened milk to the blender.
  • Toss your favourite mixed red fruit mix into the blender, like strawberries and raspberries.
    I recommend adding 1 tsp of honey (optional) and perhaps also 1 Tbsp of Greek yoghurt to the red blend to taste.
  • Blend the red smoothie mix until smooth.
    Red healthy fruit smoothie layer for the rainbow smoothie before and after its blended
  • Transfer the whole blend to 2 glasses as the bottom rainbow layer and temporarily store the glasses in the freezer (or cold fridge).
  • Rinse the blender quickly with warm water (no soap needed) and then with cold water to keep it cold.


  • Add a splash of unsweetened milk to the blender, followed by 1 big cup of frozen mango (leave half a cup of mango chunks, which you might need for the turquoise layer).
  • Blend until smooth, using the pulse setting and tamper.
  • Take the glasses, (with the RED layer) out of the freezer and transfer the WARM YELLOW blend as a 2nd layer in the rainbow glass, with a spoon.
    (No need to clean the blender now for the next step).
    The rainbow glasses, with added mango fruit smoothies


  • Add the bananas, pineapples and frozen milk ice cubes to the blender.
  • Blend it until smooth.
  • Only scoop one layer into the rainbow glass, and leave the leftover in the blender.
    Store the rainbow smoothie glass in the fridge.

4. BLUE LAYER (prepare, but add last)

  • 4-5 Tbsp to the side out of the LIGHT YELLOW blender mix into a glass to make the blue (last layer) and add 0.5 tbsp of blue spirulina powder. Add more spirulina powder, if once blended and it's not vibrant enough.
  • Blend it in manually with a spoon.
  • Store the glass with the blue spirulina blend smoothie temporarily in the freezer, so you can add it as the final layer.


  • Continue with the LIGHT YELLOW BASE and add frozen kiwi slices to the mix and optional the leftover 0.5 cups of frozen mangos (for a brighter colour).
    If you like it greener, then add spinach and optional matcha powder to the blender.
    But if you like it more turquoise (see pic), then you can add 0.5 tsp of spirulina to the smoothie blend.
  • Blend and mash until smooth.
  • Take the rainbow smoothie glasses out of the freezer, and add a scoop of the turquoise layer on top of the smoothies.
    You can see a picture split into 2, with a blender and a smoothie blend, with added spirulina powder on the left, and the blended smoothie in the right

Finish the last layer (BLUE LAYER)

  • Take the blue glass out of the freezer, and scoop the blue smoothie blend on top of the glass.
  • Finally, add the blue blend as the last layer on top that you had stored also n the freezer. Serve immediately or freeze for later 🙂
    Before and after picture of blue spirulina smoothie

Save The Recipe For Layer

Overview and guide on how to make the rainbow recipe

Tips – How To Make The Best Smoothie 

  • Rinse the blender only after the RED (first layer) 
  • Use only a touch of liquid, to get thick smoothie layers 
  • Make sure to freeze the smoothie glass with the layers in between (4-5 min are enough) 
    Just to, that the thick smoothie blend, won’t turn into a liquid smoothie, and that the layers sit on top of each other. 
  • To make a thick smoothie, use your tamper (or wooden spoon/spatula) ALL THE TIME, to mash the smoothie down, and scrape down all sides from the edges 
  • Blend on low speed 
  • A high-speed blender is recommended to ensure the smoothie turns out thick otherwise, you can use a little more liquid, and then increase the FREEZER time to about 15-30 minutes per layer. Depending on thickness. 

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