13+ Ridiculous Stunning PRIDE FOOD Ideas and EASY Recipes for RAINBOW treats you have to try

The Best Pride Food and Rainbow Recipe Ideas

Pride Month + 6 Month Blog Anniversary

Guys, it’s time! For the most colourful months of this year!

We can celebrate not only the 6th month blog anniversary at Rainbow Recipes (WOHOO!), but also join the yearly celebration of PRIDE.
I’ve collected plenty of pride food ideas from amazing food creatures all around the world, with recipes for rainbow cakes, cookies, pasta, pizza, smoothies, snacks, salads and more!
All Healthy, easy and delicious party eye-catchers!

Are you ready for…

The Most magical, healthy and sparkling rainbow recipes?!

Celebrating Pride month & 6-MONTH blog anniversary

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Get your rainbow sequin dress out, paint, your nails, and hair if you like and time to be loud and proud! To show, that you are supporting diversity and accepting the LGBTQ+ community.

May your house be covered in glitter, or rainbow sprinkles, in June everything is allowed!

Most stunning Pride food ideas, that you HAVE TO try. With HEALTHY, easy and mouthwatering, rainbow recipes, that are worth CELEBRATE, meaningful, and colourful.

What to expect…


bowls, that are full with rainbow coloured jello squared and a cream "cloud" shaped topping

We are starting with a BANGING Pride FOOD idea:
Who loves a jello dessert?

Low-calorie, the most FUN-looking rainbow with cloud detail, right?

Kids, love it and amazing for parties, desserts, snacks or even brunches.
Check out how Leah from Freutcake created these stunning little rainbow treats.

“With Rainbow Recipes, you turn food into magical colourful and vibrant creations.”

Rainbow Recipes


Simply grab a skewer or two, and have fun at your party, picnic or Sunday brunch with your friends.

A sweet, cute and fun idea, without getting your hands dirty and having to mess around. A healthy snack idea, that you should try!

Rainbow recipes, like these, are easy, and simple but soooo worth it. Because you get plenty of different nutrition, vitamins to you.

The hit at any party, especially if most parties are lacking healthy fruit and snack options, let’s be honest!

Go and get the full recipe of these bright little Rainbow Fruit Skewers from the lovely Kelsey!

Calories: 10 Kcal!!!

Diet: Vegan, plant-based, gluten-free

Total Time: 10 min


healthy sushi cucumber slices, where the inside of cucumber slices are cut out and other colourful veggies are stuffed inside.
The Rainbow Cucumber Sushi Recipe from Alpha Foodie Food Blog, by Samira.

What? You have never heard about a Rainbow Sushi?


About time, to check out this delicious, crunchy and super healthy Recipe.

Samira is a very talented, creative food blogger who can show how to make not only beautiful but also healthy recipes, like this Rainbow Cucumber Sushi recipe for pride.

Her step-by-step guides at the Alpha Foodie Food blog are easy to follow, and it makes it so much fun, to re-create her recipes.

This healthy rainbow recipe, is a must for any Pride party, a romantic picnic in the park, on a lovely summer day or a low-calorie healthy lunch snack.

Calories: 224 Kcal

Serving: 3

Diet: Vegan

Total Time: 15 min

Celebrating Pride and showing the Rainbow colours through clothes, food, make-up, and the way we live is needed to show the world, that we celebrate and love diversity and fight discrimination!

Rainbow Recipes


2 healthy rainbow smoothies with straws
A fresh Pride food idea: Rainbow Recipe’s own “Easy Rainbow Smoothie” Recipe from Rainbow Recipes.

I wish I could tell you the flavour explosion of each of these 5 fruity rainbow layers!

From strawberries, over mangos and coconut-banana. This smoothie combines simple, but super healthy and fresh plant-based ingredients, that build this super refreshing and stunning Rainbow Recipe.

It’s a great party recipe, that everyone will speak of the way later!

You can prepare it in advance and simply move it to the freezer or cool fridge to keep it cool and thick. (You can even serve it as homemade Ice-cream when served directly out of the freezer)!

Find out how the blue and green layer is made!

Calories: 314 Kcal/ Smoothie

Serving: 2

Diet: Dairy-free/ vegan option

Total Time: 20-30 min

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Did you know?

Bill Clinton was the first President who officially recognised June as the “Pride Month”, in 1999 and 2000.


This mouthwatering breakfast or lunch recipe is the most fun and delicious all-year-round recipe, that you have come across, right?

So cute! Mini Pancakes in rainbow colours for breakfast? Hell yeah!

Roxanne & Maartje from Vegan Recepten knows how to turn normal recipes into the most fun and vibrant rainbow recipes! 

Calories: 333 Kcal

Diet: Vegan

Total Time: 30 min


surroundedsorrounded with fruits and veggies such as kiwi slices, strawberries, grapes, and much more
The VEGAN CHARCUTERIE BOARD from Planted in the Kitchen.

A party in June is nothing without a beautiful Charcuterie board. Right?! Especially if it is as fresh, juicy and colourful as this rainbow, fruit and veggie board like this. Created by the wonderful Kelsey from Planted in the Kitchen.

She knows how to create healthy, easy and delicious recipes, like this one.
Read her recipe and tips to make it a truly special and bright board, like hers.
This easy low-calorie appetiser is a great low-calorie dessert or side dish, that is brightening up any spring and summer party.
Isn’t food the best, when you don’t need to use a knife and fork?

Calories: 102 Kcal

Serving: 10

Diet: Vegan

Total Time: 20 min


rainbow salad in close up with strawberries, mandarines, mangos, kiwi, blueberries and grapes
The bright Rainbow Fruit Salad Recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter by Jennifer Tammy.

Pride food doesn’t need to be complicated. This is a simple idea, but very powerful and extremely delicious.

The Rainbow Fruit Salad from Sugar and Spice!

Delicious Pride food for a healthy and light summer salad. Or a fun way to decorate your kid’s lunch.

Again, you get all the vitamins, and minerals that your body needs in one big bowl of rainbow Recipe Bowl. And you’ll feel super energised, and fresh and want to make this recipe over and over again. Try it out!

Calories: 346 Kcal

Serving: 1

Diet: Gluten-free, Dairy-free

Total Time: 15 min


If you love a healthy, high protein and high fibre snack recipe, then this one is for you!
These chocolate-covered nuts are super cute, fun and extremely delicious.
Especially if you toast them beforehand adding the rainbow chocolate coating!!

You also learn all 3 easy ways how to toast nuts, in step-by-step guides.

Check out the recipe for more tips to make them SUPER crunchy and tasty.

Plus, they are made with natural food dye (no harmful food colouring)! All healthy, superfood! Amazing healthy snacks for any occasion and the whole family.

Diet: Vegan option (depends on chocolate)

Total Time: 5 min


How adorable are these cute healthy “donuts”, hey?? They are made from apple slices, with added sprinkles on top. Every kid would love them as an everyday snack! And they are awesome at a kid’s party (but even I would make them for myself !)

Super quick to prepare, and a fun, sweet and colourful rainbow snack for spring, summer autumn or winter. I could eat them all year round, for sure!!

Thanks to Mary, I was able to share her secret rainbow recipe idea. Jump over to her blog for the FULL RECIPE at Dine Dream Discover (what an amazing title!)

Calories: 268 Kcal

Total Time: 10 min


Rainbow bread, in red, blue, yellow-green, with seeing the inside of the loaf, as the first bread slices are dropping on a wooden cutting board
The brightest PRIDE FOOD: HOMEMADE RAINBOW BREAD (WITH VIDEO) made from Sugar, Spice and Glitter (Jennifer Tammy)

Do I even have to say much?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, right?
The brightest, rainbow bread you’ve come across to. Who would love to bite into this loaf during a fancy breakfast, or brunch? Or maybe just take it to work, to show off a little in front of their colleagues?

This rainbow bread is a must recipe for Pride month!

Calories: 154 Kcal

Did you know?

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. (Sometimes questioning) and others. 

The + is an inclusive symbol to mean ‘and others’ to include people of all identities.


Rainbow brownies with colourful frosting in blue, lilac, white
The Pride food Recipe for The Best Rainbow Vegan Brownies from Rainbow Nourishments.

This is one of the dreamiest, superfood rainbow meets mermaid brownie recipes, you’ll ever meet.

The gorgeous Anthea (what a beautiful name), created this recipe on her food blog Rainbow Nourishments and

…..I am so in Love!

While brownies are typically not the healthiest of treats, especially with a dyed and colourful frosting, this one is healthier than you might think. Check out her ingredients, to turn it into this dreamy colourful magical rainbow dessert! (No food dye is needed.)

As you might know, I am all for healthy, and vibrant recipes, that taste dessert recipes. And this one is a WINNER!

May this be to impress your friends, and family, for an anniversary, celebration.

I don’t think you need a reason or occasion to treat yourself or your family to this yummy and healthy rainbow dessert like this one.

Calories: 258 Kcal (without frosting)

Diet: Vegan

Total Time: 30 min


Rainbow Pizza cut into 4 pieces
The Sweet Potato Crust Rainbow Pizza Recipe from Alpha Foodie.

Pizza Pride Party??

Are you ready?

If your pizza is made in the shape of a rainbow you know what it means, right? It’s PRIDE MONTH, baby!

It’s nearly too pretty to be eaten!


This delicious rainbow pizza is super nutritious, it contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff your body needs.

On top of that will be an eye-catcher at any party. Also, it will be a hit at any party. Also amazing for any kid’s party!

PLUS, it’s low in calories and another reason why it’s so much better than any regular pizza!

This happy rainbow recipe, called the has been cooked up by nobody else but the fantastic Samira from the Alpha Foodie Food blog. So, who’s ready for this SWEET POTATO CRUST RAINBOW PIZZA?

Calories: 327 Kcal

Serving: 3.

Diet: Gluten-free (+Vegan Version)

Total Time: 55 min

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Rainbow pasta
PRIDE FOOD for the How to make Rainbow Pasta (Recipe) from Vega Recepten.

Who loves spaghetti?

And now, imagine you can dye spaghetti and rainbow spaghetti?!

This sounds like the wildest kids’ fantasy. But today the extremely talented Roxanne & Maartje make it a reality.

After I have found this recipe, I never want to eat boring pasta ever again! 😀
This is not only the most generous pride food, but it’s amazing for any kid’s parties, a great recipe for when your friends come around, or just to cheer yourself up after a dark, rainy day!
Absolutely in LOVE with this!

Thank you so much to Roxanne and Maartje, who teach you in simple steps

How to Make Rainbow Pasta (Recipe)“!

They share their amazing colourful and healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes on their blog Vega Recepten.

Calories: 377 Kcal

Diet: Vegan

Total Time: 20 min

Did you know?

The New Pride Flag (called Progress Pride Flag) colours and their meaning?

Black/Brown: Stands for People of Colour.

Blue/Pink/White: Stands for Trans Community.


Turquoise background with a chocolate block in the centre with rainbow colours and a hand pointing ad it in the center form the top
Healthy chocolate recipes for and pride food ideas with this guide:
10 Ways – how to colour chocolate (in rainbow colours) without food colouring
  1. Do you love chocolate?
  2. Like to eat healthier chocolate in all possible rainbow colours?

Then this guide and recipe will be the ideal PRIDE FOOD idea for your next party or healthy midnight snack.

You’ll find out how to dye white chocolate naturally

  • black
  • purple
  • lilac
  • blue
  • pink
  • rose
  • red
  • violet
  • yellow
  • orange

and many, many more shades more.

Simply by using natural food colours, such as blue spirulina, matcha (green tea powder), butterfly pea powder, freeze-dried fruits, lemon zest, bee pollen and much more!

This recipe is one of my own, but I couldn’t stop myself from excluding it in this PRIDE FOOD COLLECTION and 6 MONTHS BLOG ANNIVERSARY of Rainbow Recipes.

Are you ready to make your own superfood more chocolate rainbow dessert?

Save The Pride Food Recipes For Later

The pictures is split into different sections showing different recipes with rainbow cookies, desserts, snacks and meals with overlay text saying 13+ food pride recipes
Which one is your favourite?

FAQ – What is Pride?

The history besides pride food ideas & Recipes

As much as we love all the colourful, mesmerizing and delicious recipes, there is a deeper reason, why we are celebrating PRIDE. Let’s look into all questions in why pride is exactly, why it is SO important, that we spread awareness, and all other questions there are.

If you have any more questions or like to add anything, please feel free to comment below 🙂

When is Pride Month?

Pride month is in June of every year.

When did June become Pride month?

People all over the world, are coming together to celebrate in June for LGBTQ+ Pride month because that was the month of the stonewall riots.

The month of June was therefore chosen to honour and commemorate those stonewall riots.

Officially three presidents of the United States declared June as “Pride Month”. The first President who declared “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” was Bill Clinton in 1999 and 2000.

Why is pride month a thing?

The reason why pride month is even a thing is because of what happened at the end of June in 1969 during the Stonewall riots

How did the stonewall riots impact the LGBTQ community?

In 1969 the police raided a gay bar, called the Stonewall Inn, on a Saturday morning, in New York City.
The police turned violent in the end, as many neighbours and people got involved and fought back.

This event got the ball moving, and kicked off the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBTQ rights all around the world, starting in the united states.

Why is pride so important?

Pride and pride month is important for many reasons. 

On one hand the LGBTQ+ community is still having to face unacceptable stigma and discrimination all over the world. Unfortunately also homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are still happening way too many times.
And this it’s time to stop this.

Pride is an important stand against discrimination, injustice and violence towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. 
Plus any other identity.
To make anyone feel accepted, for who they are.

Also pride month is important to promote self-affirmation and equality rights. It’s also needed to increase visibility as a social group while celebrating sexual diversity.

What’s the meaning of the rainbow flag?

Each colour of the rainbow flag has its own, deep meaning to the LGBTQ+ community. The rainbow flag is a symbol for LGBTQ+ and represents the diversity of human sexuality and gender.

The “regular” or “old” LGBTQIA+ pride flag used to have 6 colours
(Red= Life, Orange = Healing, Yellow = New Ideas, Green = Prosperity, Blue = Serenity, Violet = Spirit).

Since the flag has been redesigned, there have been 5 colours added to the flag.

While the new flag is also called Progress Pride Flag, 
Black/Brown: Stands for People of Colour.
Blue/Pink/White: Stands for Trans Community.

Who designed the rainbow flag?

The original rainbow flag was designed by activist Gilbert Baker.

The first flag was created in 1978 and was hand-stitched and dyed with help of volunteers.

But since about 2018, the rainbow flag has been slightly new designed and new colours have been added to its rainbow colours, by Daniel Quasar.

5 more colours were added next to them, stacked in the shape of triangles. To ensure everyone is included.
Besides many people who fought in the Stonewall riots were people of colour and also trans, like the activist Marsha P. Johnson.

Who is the “mother of pride”?

Brenda Howard, a bisexual American, is also called the “Mother of Pride” because she organised the first public march for gay pride.
The parade in America inspired other cities all over the world to also participate in Pride parades ever since.

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