NEW: POWERFUL BlackBerry Smoothie DETOX Delight recipe – do you DARE?

Blackberry smoothie in a glass with a lemon on top with a frozen blackberry on the grey surface.

Blackberry Smoothie DETOX Delight Do you DARE? (145 KCAL only!) Are you ready to discover the powerful BLACK MAGICAL POWERS of the detoxification that this detox- blackberry recipe offers? Or do you simply enjoy a healthy smoothie recipe (which is also boosting weight loss)? Come on, let’s begin?! WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH LINKS TO MY SITE, I MAY EARN A SMALL AFFILIATE COMMISSION AT NO … Read more

HOW TO GET SKINNY: How many carbs are in milk? – 8 “MILKS” COMPARED

How many CARBS & CALORIES are in milk? Are you here to find out, which milk is best for weight loss? And do you want to know which milk contains the least amount of carbs and calories? Great,  let’s start. Don’t waste calories on the “wrong” milk! Do you even know, how many calories and … Read more

The HAPPY VEGAN CACAO Smoothie Bowl Recipe (You Must Try)

Chocolate Smoothie bowl recipe (vegan) with Strawberries

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe Easy, delicious: BONUS: 230 CALORIES! Fancy a quick chocolate vegan bowl? Plus: It’s healthy as f*ck ! Yay, it’s your lucky day: There is no chocolate treat, for fewer calories than this. Awesome, let’s do this! DAIRY-FREE, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NATURALLY SWEETENED. WHEN YOU BUY THROUGH LINKS TO MY SITE, … Read more

NEW: YUMMY Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie (WEIGHT LOSS & DETOX)

Cucumber Pineapple Feature with overlay text. A very closed up picture of a bright green coconut smoothie bowl

Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie WEIGHT LOSS + DETOX It’s detox time biatches!  Would you like to cleanse your body from toxins (and all the stress)? Fancy, losing some weight, on the side? Do you like to enjoy a delicious smoothie? Then, follow this super simple recipe. P.s. Don’t be afraid of cucumber in smoothies! You won’t … Read more