How to make the Cute Kiwi Cleansing Smoothie (Vegan Recipe Bowl)

Cute Kiwi Cleansing Bowl Smoothie Recipe

Are you a KIWI LOVER?
Do you need a super simple cleansing, nutrition-dense, tasty smoothie?
Shall I teach you how to make a THICK smoothie bowl recipe?
Then let’s begin.

High protein, High fibre and High fat:

An ideal meal replacement smoothie to beat any cold.

Rainbow recipes – Kiwi Immunity Booster Smoothie

Why you’ll love this Cute Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie.

4-Reasons, why this smoothie is amazing:

  • This recipe is super easy (3 main + 3 optional ingredients).
  • It’s filling because of its high fibre (10g)and high protein (15g).
  • This recipe is extremely nutrition-dense and boosts your immune system (188% of Vitamin C). Finally, it’s a weight loss booster (low calorie, but still filling, and hydrating).



Did you know?

About 75% of the Us population doesn’t eat enough fruits!

And more than 80% don’t eat enough veggies!

Come on guys, it’s time to change that: 

Get your blender out and stuff it with the freshest and juiciest fruits and veggies!  

Because they are CRUCIAL for your health and happiness! 

Imagine, studies showed, that happier people are living a healthier lifestyle!  

Let’s be happy and healthy 🙂 

Cute Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie recipe video.

How much time do you need to make this Kiwi Smoothie Bowl?

For 3 main ingredients and 3 optional smoothie ingredients, there is not much time you need. I would reckon around 3 minutes??? That leaves you enough time, to prepare the smoothie even before work.

When is the ideal time to eat this Cleansing Cute Kiwi smoothie bowl?

  • Smoothies are the ideal start to the day, to give you a fresh energy boost. But can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day. For lunch or in-between, pick me up. Just imagine, you are somewhere on the beach, in your safe zone.
  • It is not only ideal for winter, to boost your immune system. You’ll want this all year round because it’s also super refreshing at the same time.
  • The ideal, all-weather, every-season fruit-blender recipe.

What does this kiwi smoothie bowl taste like?

Isn’t this the most important question? The smoothie can be as healthy as it can be, if it’s super gross, you can only handle it as a health, you can rather make an immunity shot out of it.

  • But this smoothie tastes strongly of Kiwis. So if you are a kiwi lover, like me you will LOVE this one.
  • If you rather want the smoothie to taste a little more mango, you can alter the ratio, or add a touch of honey to the recipe.

Health benefits of this Healthy Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Nutrition facts.

  • Calories -18%
  • Fat – 18%
  • Carbohydrates – 19%
  • Sugar – 40%
  • Protein – 30%
  • Fibre – 35%
A silver spoon with a kiwi smoothie mix in the middle of the picture. Above the writing says 188% vitamin C. 2 kiwi halves are on the side with crumbs of hemp seeds and blue grey background

Health score.

9.3 /10.

With a health factor of 9.3 out of 10.0, is this recipe super-duper healthy.  

The score also includes the optional ingredients.  Because hemp seeds, spinach and chia seeds simply add another heap of vitamins, nutrition, fibre, healthy fats and protein. 

But even if you skip it, for a lighter smoothie option it’s a healthy choice. 

Did you know?


Rainbow Recipes Fun Facts

Nutritional breakdown.

How this recipe is SOOO nutrition-dense…

here is just a small look into the nutritionist, which is the highest in the smoothie! 

Again, the percentage is based on the DV (daily value of a 2.000 calorie diet.)

How many calories are in this smoothie?

This healthy kiwi smoothie is only 355 calories. 

That also includes the optional ingredients:

  • 2 Tbsp Hemp seeds 
  • 1-0.5 cup spinach  
  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds  

Great, huh? 

If you get rid of the optional smoothie ingredients, then you are left with just

267 calories.

That’s completely fine too. Especially if you don’t want to eat the bowl as a meal replacement.

The optional ingredient is simply adding protein, fibre and healthy fats to the recipe. Making it filling and even more nutrition-dense. Especially if you like to enjoy it as a meal replacement. 


Not really, be short. This green smoothie recipe contains some carbs.  

44.17g, which is just 17% of the daily recommended intake (DRI) of a diet based on 2.000 calories. 

Any tropical fruits contain carbs. But don’t be afraid, because they should be included in any healthy lifestyle ???? Unless you are on a keto or special low-carb diet. 

Are fruit carbohydrates bad?

There is a huge difference between the carbs, that you get from fruits, like mangos and pineapples or from pasta and bread. Your body needs the “good” carbs for everyday function. 

You shouldn’t avoid all carbs if you trying to eat a healthy lifestyle or lose weight.

Rather focus on cutting out more processed food and allowing carbs, that provide you with more nutrition.  

That’s what the professional paediatric dietitian Pegah Jalali advises. 

Do fruit carbs make you fat?

The short answer is not really. 

But you need to ensure not to overeat. Makes sense, right?  

Fruit contains a lot of fruit sugars, which are carbs and often calories. But it is a healthy and nutrition-dense source of carbs.  

If you include fruits into your diet, you will have fewer cravings and stay hydrated.  

Tip 1

Ensure to consume smaller or normal size portions. 

Tip 2

Still, it is important when you prepare meals like fruit smoothies, that you try to always include vegetables as well. To reduce sugar and calorie intake. This way you keep a balance and won’t put on weight, more the opposite.  

Tip 3

Also, another way to keep your weight off is to choose fruit, that is higher in fibre but has a lower amount of added sugars. 

A study (published in the Nutrition Journal) showed, that


people who followed a high-fibre, high carb, vegan diet, successfully lost weight.

Also, their blood sugar dropped and showed improvements in their blood pressure. 

What are high fibre, low-carb (low-sugar) fruits?

an extreme close up of a lemon, slices of kiwis, and a measuring spoon with chia seeds

As mentioned, to lose weight it is good to choose fruits, that are high-fibre and ideally even low in sugars (= carbs).

While fruits tend to be very high in fruit sugars and carbs, here is a list of the best of the bunch. 

Remember though to always add veggies like cauliflower (!), spinach, kale, nuts, and nut butter seeds be included into your diet.

10 High-fibre, Low carb fruits: 

  1. Avocados (Technically a fruit) 1 small = 9 grams of fibre, 3 grams net carbs. 
  2. Blackberries 1 cup = 7 grams of fibre, 6 grams carbs 
  3. Raspberries 1 cup = 9 grams of fibre, 8 grams carbs 

Then there are low-carb fruits, that have small or medium amounts of fibre.

They are also good choices because you can get the fibre intake from other sources, like seeds or nuts. 

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Blackberry smoothie in a glass with a lemon on top with a frozen blackberry on the grey surface.

80% Vitamin C – Killer Immune Boosting Smoothie



Low-carb (low-low fibre) fruits: 

  1. Watermelons: 100g = only around 8g of carbs; 0.4 g of fibre 
  2. Peaches: 100g = only around 10g of carbs; 1.5g of fibre = 
  3. Cantaloupe: 100g = only around 8g of carbs; 0.9 of fibre 
  4. Strawberries: 100g = around 8g of carbs, 2g of fibre 
  5. Honeydew: 100g = around 9g of carbs, 0.8g of fibre 

The worst fruits, with the highest amounts of sugars and carbs, you can include in your smoothies are dried fruits!  

Dried fruits are SO, SOOOOO HIGH IN SUGARS! 


  • raisons
  • apricots or  
  • figs.  
  • 5-6 apricots = 21g of sugars (0g added), 96 calories, 25g carbs 
  • 5 figs = 20g of sugars (0g added), 105 calories, 27g carbs 
  • ¼ of banana chips = 12 g of sugars (8g added), 200 calories, 27 g carbs 

Now you might know, why they taste so sweet! You could add them in smaller amounts though if you’re not watching your weight. Because they are nutrition-dense and you can easily take them to the beach, or as a pick me up on a walk. And they are also high in fibre. 

Better than sweets or crisps, right? 

I add for example banana chips as topping onto my smoothie bowl because they add a lovely crunch to it. But I add only a very small amount. And only on occasion. The size always matters After All. 

How much protein is in this smoothie recipe?

Great news: This Cute Cleansing Kiwi Bowl is a  

HIGH PROTEIN Smoothie recipe, with 

15 grams of protein.  

That makes it 30 % of the DRI, based on a diet of 2.000 calories. 

Any food above 20% DV is considered as HIGH PROTEIN food (or smoothie). That’s classified by the FDA

Foods with 5% DV or less are classified as low protein sources. 

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How much Vitamin C is in this Cute Kiwi Immune Boosting Smoothie recipe?

188% of the DV (150mg) is in this cleansing super healthy fruit smoothie recipe.

Is this Kiwi Smoothie good for weight loss?

Yes, it is!

While this smoothie bowl is low in calories (354 Kcal), it is also high in fibre (35% DV) and high in magnesium (29% DV), protein (30% DV) and contains a good amount of healthy fats (18%).

All perfect conditions, for a weight-loss smoothie recipe.

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To top things off, this bright bowl is also nutrition-dense and filled with plenty of vitamins, and minerals notations, that your body needs for a healthy diet.

How to make this Green Immunity Booster Smoothie (even) healthier?

The Glycaemic Load is the only factor, which can be improved in this recipe because it is high (24).

What is a Glycaemic Load (GL)?

It combines the amount and quality (GI) of carbs. It shows a way how you can compare the blood glucose value of different types and amounts of food, like
How high your blood glucose rises and how long it stays, depends on your GL.

How high your blood glucose rises and how long it stays, depends on your GL.  

How can you improve your glycemic load? 

The reason, that the GL is so high, is because fruits have different GL values. 

While higher GL fruits are for example mangos, bananas, grapes, pears,  

kiwis, berries grapefruit and plums lower GL fruits.
In short:
  • you can reduce the mangos from 2.5 cups to 1 cup.  
  • And add more frozen kiwis.  
  • You can also add (frozen) cauliflowers or more spinach (even frozen) if you like.   

Have you ever added frozen cauliflowers to smoothies?

It’s my GO-TO veggie.

Because it’s tasteless, colourless and makes a smoothie super THICK! 

If you like to know more adjustments or want to know details about the dietary details of this recipe, then skip to the section below.

There you can see also a full list of the Main and optional ingredients.

9. Health benefits of this Cute Cleansing Smoothie Recipe Bowl

1. Vitamin C.

Did you know? 

Does one kiwi contain 230% of the recommended intake of Vitamin C? 

HELL YEAH! So, this smoothie, is the most powerful immune-boosting, nutrition-dense, collagen smoothie, that you’ve come across in a while. Drink this once a week, and you’ll be super strong. 

Although, while Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system, it cannot prevent actual colds or the flu.  

Also, spinach is an anti-inflammatory effect. 

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That's the overhead shot, just after the green smoothie has been blended. On the corner of the picture are 2 kiwi halves in star shaped form. The overlay text says anit-inflammatory, which is carved above the vitamix blender

2. Cleansing.

One huge benefit, of kiwis, is their power to cleanse and filter your body from toxins.  

But, where do toxins come from? 

Well on one hand our bodies develop toxins during different metabolic functions

But we are also collections a lot through pollution and environmental factors. 

Once you cleanse and detox your body, you will be able to improve your metabolic functions.  


Which also helps to develop clearer and nicer skin and hair.

What ingredients in this recipe are cleaning?

Also, spinach and chia seeds have cleansing abilities. Spinach filters your colon and blood

This smoothie is very high in Phosphorus, which your body needs to filter and cleanse your kidneys. 

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3. Strong & healthy heart

If you like to protect your heart and reduce the risk of many heart-related diseases, then this smoothie is a good choice.

On one hand, is spinach good you’re your heart. 

But especially kiwis are excellent because it’s FULL of many hearts protecting propertiesPotassium and fibre are good for cardiovascular health.

Kiwis also reduce blood pressure, which can prevent heart diseases and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease immensely.  

On top of that, kiwi can are good for your kidneys as well. Because they can prevent kidney stones

Studies suggest, that also mangos are good for your heart and might reduce inflammation. 

4. Glowing skin & strong hair.

Because of the high amount of vitamin C, that this smoothie contains, this smoothie will do wonders for your skin, hair and even nails, and muscle mass. 

Did you know, that kiwis can naturally stimulate collagen?

Collagen is similar to protein, but it’s more the “beauty” component of your body.  

It’s needed for beautiful and young skin, healthy and strong hairand nails and is needed for the development of muscle mass. 

100% wrinkle-free  

On top of that, the spinach in the smoothie helps you to develop healthy, glowing skin, because it’s very high in Vitamin A.

Because one smoothie provided you with 100% of the daily recommended doses, that you need based on a 2.000-calorie diet, you’ll be ready to say “bye-bye” to your old asking. 

5. Anti-oxidants.

Kiwi, spinach and mangos are high in antioxidants, which are protecting you against diseases. 

They fight free radicals and keep you safe. One example is vitamin K. And this smoothie screams for Vitamin K with 99% DV. 

Vitamin K is important to prevent anaemia and to strengthen your bones.

6. Fibre and digestion booster.

This smoothie is filled with 35% DV of fibre, based on a diet of 2.000 calories. That is very impressive! 

Don’t you think? 

One of the reasons for the high fibre level is, kiwis! They contain high levels of fibre, which can improve your digestive health. 

That on the other hand is great for weight loss and overall health.  

7. Nutrition-dense.

As you might have seen from the nutrition breakdown, this smoothie is high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrition.  

Which is important for a healthy, well-balanced smoothie and lifestyle. 

It’s good to combine fruit smoothies with veggies, to get the MOST out of the smoothie as possible. 

This smoothie contains 51 % of Phosphorus, which you need for example for healthy bones, teeth, muscle contraction, as well as for making DNR and RN.

Plus your body needs phosphorus to manage and store your body’s energy. 

One bowl of this cleansing smoothie is filled with 100% DV of Vitamin A.

That is an essential vitamin, that your body also needs to protect your eyes from night blindness and also age-related decline.

Additionally, it has anti-cancer properties, strengthens the immune system and bones and is good for overall growth and reproduction. 

On top of that, this recipe is high in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and many other important nutrients and vitamins, that are needed for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Weight-loss wonder.

You can see a bright green smoothie in a Vitamix blender from the front, whoch is half cut off with cacao sprinkles. A bright blue background the text says the amount of fibre, which is 35% and 30% protein. with 335calories

Weight loss is a side effect of the cleanse.

This smoothie is the ideal weight-loss smoothie.

Firstly, it is cleansing. And if you are doing a detox or have done one before you notice, one positive side effect is usually, that you’ll be lighter by end of the period. 

Secondly, this smoothie (even if the additional ingredients) is low-calorie, with only 355 calories. 

Kiwis in general are a clever choice when it comes to dropping the extra pounds and kilos because

Kiwis are low in calories & low-fat 

1 kiwi contains around 42 calories. If you are on a low-fat diet, it is also a good choice, because this little bright-green fruit contains just 0.4 grams of fat

Are fats needed to lose weight? 

While healthy fats, help your body to stay full and therefore, to lose weight as well.

By consuming fat, a hormone (cholecystokinin) is being released, that sends a fullness signal to the brain.  

That’s why I would suggest adding some of the optional ingredients, like: 

Hemp seeds, chia seeds or other nuts and seeds of your choice. At least if you like to make this a more filling, meal replacement smoothie. 

Fibre and digestion 

Another weight-loss factor is, that kiwi and mangos will support your digestion, because it is high in fibre, as mentioned already.

To be satisfied for longer, always make sure, to include as much fibre as possible. 

Mangos are supporting your digestion, and avoid constipation, by breaking down starches.

9. Helping to heal wounds.

The vitamin C in mangos and kiwis and also spinach are all properties, that are good in healing wounds.

If you consume spinach and vitamin C, it would intensify the healing process, as it absorbs iron even better. 

Are any side effects of too much Vitamin C?

By now we know, how beneficial the vitamin C booster is for you. But can there be any harmful side effects, if we overshoot the daily doses of this vitamin?

Also, you need to introduce vitamin C through food and drinks, because your body cannot produce this vitamin C.  

It is unlikely harmful, but uncomfortable if you take too much. 

Side effects of too much Vitamin C:

  • Nausea 
  • diarrhoea  
  • Vomiting 
  • Cramps 
  • heartburn  
  • Reduced tooth enamel 

The recommended doses for adults a day is around 75-90 milligrams. You could also have a smaller smoothie bowl if you have any concerns, that 188% DV. 

DV is too much and could cause any of these side effects. Or you ask your doctor for advice. 

Ingredients of the Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

A pic of the smoothie ingredients on a tray with white walls and the sun. Kiwi, mango and yogurt as written on top of the ingredients and an arrow is pointing to the ingridients saying vitamin c, weight loss and nutrition dense
  • 1 cup Greek yoghurt (or dairy-free) 
  • 3 kiwis: 2 frozen, 1 fresh 
  • 2 ½ cups mangos, frozen 

Optional ingredients

  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds  
  • 1 Tbsp hemp seeds  
  • ½ cup spinach

Swapping ingredients

Hemp seeds in a big jar with a blue background, in the corner you can see kiwis but into a star shape and halves with cacao nibs and a smoothie in green

Can I replace mango?

Other fruits, that pair very well are strawberries, peaches, or pineapples (add honey).

Can I replace any “greens-veggies”?

Yes, you can use other green veggies instead or with spinach. Like zucchini (frozen), celery, and kale are always recommended.

What other ingredients, that pair well with Kiwi?


  • Kiwi, also well with banana. Especially if the acid is already too strong for you. Check out another similar KIWI-based recipe, with banana.
  • Do you like apples? Apples and kiwis are a super-strong combo! Even though apples are high in (good) carbs and sugars, they are super healthy and good for you.


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  • You could squeeze some lime or lemon into this smoothie! Because they are not only refreshing and pair well, they contain also vitamin C and are cleansing.


  • Have you ever tried to add spice to smoothies? If not, I would recommend using mint or basil in this kiwi smoothie. It’s like mint chocolate. Also, great if you use cacao or chocolate as toppings! Super refreshing and gives it a flavour kick!

Cacao/ Cacao nibs

A overhead shot of a mason jar with green smoothie mass and cacao inside the mason glass and around sprinkled. A long shadow is going all across the picture with a blue background and grey stones
  • As mentioned, cacao nibs are an excellent topping idea and pair
  • As mentioned, cacao nibs are an excellent topping idea and pair
  • Because cacao is super HIGH in ANTIOXIDANT!
  • You can use chocolate as well, like dark chocolate, but cacao nibs are even higher in antioxidants.
  • Plus, they burn your fat, and give you an energy boost! No wonder they are superfoods and have more antioxidants than wine, blueberries and tea.

Dietary adjustments

A step by step guide of polaroid pictures visualising how to make a green kiwi smoothie

Is this smoothie bowl recipe vegan?

Yes, this kiwi smoothie is well suited for vegans.

While Greek yoghurt is not vegan, you can simply choose a vegan Greek yoghurt substitute.
Nowadays more and more vegan Greek yoghurt versions are on the market.

Is this fruit smoothie bowl gluten-free?

This Cute Kiwi Cleanse Smoothie is also gluten-free.

Is this cleansing recipe a dairy-free smoothie?

All ingredients, besides Greek yoghurt, are dairy-free.

But also here you can simply choose a dairy-free substitute.

That is no problem.
I’d just try to choose an unsweetened yoghurt, to make it a healthy smoothie.

Is this kiwi fruit smoothie bowl recipe a meal-replacement smoothie?

With the optional ingredients, this smoothie is a lighter-meal replacement.
It will keep you full, but not overlie staffed. Because it is high fibre, high fat, low calorie and high protein (15g), is a good choice for a meal replacement smoothie.

Have a low nutrition

Especially if you still want to lose weight, as it’s filled with healthy, fresh, nutrition-dense, but light ingredients.

How to make this smoothie more filling?

Optional, you can make it more filling by adding more nuts, seeds, protein powder or nut butter.

How to make the Best Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie bowl.

You can see a bright green smoothie in a vitamix blender with cacao sprinkles. A bright blue background

How to make the Best Cute Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This bright yellow-green Cute Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie bowl is an easy recipe for a super thick smoothie bowl, that is healthy, nutrition-dense, and an all-year-round STAR!
It boosts your immune system, is great for weight loss, filling and is super, duper delicious (if you love kiwi's). Top it up with cacao nibs for an extra anti-oxidants booster or any other toppings.
Total Time 3 mins
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Side Dish, smoothie, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people
Calories 355 kcal


  • 1 Blender


  • 1 cup greek yogurt or dairy-free yogurt
  • 3 kiwis 1 fresh, 2 frozen
  • cups mangos, frozen
  • ½ cup spinach, fresh (optional)
  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp hemp seeds (soptional)


  • Start adding the soft ingredients: Greek yoghurt (or dairy-free yogurt) to the blender.
  • Now, please add one fresh kiwi and spinach to the blender.
  • Blend all until smooth as possible.
  • Afterwards, it's time to add frozen kiwi and the frozen mango.
  • Blend all until smoothie. Use the tamper to push down the frozen fruits, make the smoothie gets blended evenly, and not end up with a thin consistency.
  • Enjoy the delicious Cute Cleansing Kiwi Smoothie! Let me know if you liked it 🙂

Pin the Pic (=Recipe) for later.

You can see a bright green smoothie in a blender with cacao sprinkles. A bright blue background

My secrets.


Drizzle anything your ♡ desires on top of the smoothie.

Here are a few ideas, that go well with this recipe:

  • Kiwi sliced
  • Cacao nibs
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Granola
  • Strawberries
A hand holding a bowl with bright green smoothie, a slice of kiwi and chocolate bits are on topping inside the smoothie bowl. Behind you can see only slightly blurred out another chocolate kiwi smoothie bowl and cacao nibs with bright blue background und agrey surface and the sun is hitting the smoothie. Very fresh colours


Fruit smoothies are sweet enough.

If you want to add a sweetener, then I would do it for taste.
But the sugar content of fruits is high enough in itself.

If you still like to add sweeteners, I suggest adding 1-2 teaspoons of honey, which pairs very well with this smoothie.

Choose the right greens.

Baby spinach is great because it’s mild.
You can also use zucchini, cucumber, celery, chard or kale. But don’t add too much kale because that’s quite bitter.

It helps if you also massage the kale beforehand.

But still, I would always start with less, and see how you react to them.
If you add celery or cucumber though, be aware that they are filled with water.

So, you could freeze them, if you want to make a thick smoothie bowl. Otherwise add them to a thinner, drinkable smoothie.

Choose a ripe kiwi.

Do you know how to choose a ripe kiwi?

Do you remember biting into a kiwi, that is not ripe yet and tasted sour?

The same will happen to the smoothie. 

That’s why you need to make sure, that you toss only ripe kiwis into the blender. 

How can you tell, that a Kiwi is ripe?

If you press it, and it’s softer slightly, it will be ripe. Latest, when you cut it into half and it’s dark green, slightly “sheer” instead of lighter green, then you found a ripe kiwi. 

How to speed up the ripening process of a Kiwi? 

If you haven’t got time for the kiwi to get ripe, and want to speed up the ripening process the following: 

Simply add the kiwi into a paper bag, together with other fruits, (especially bananas). But also, apples and pears should speed up the ripening process of the kiwi. 

It’s an amazing tip. It is only BAD if you don’t want to speed up the process, and this happens accidentally ????

Your tamper, your new BBF.

Ensure to use your tamper as often as necessary, IF you want to make a SUPER THICK SMOOTHIE BOWL.

Your tamper is your new best buddy! My arm usually starts hurting, from the time I am pushing down the fruits, and mass.
Because if you only use the blender setting on your blender, like the Vitamix, then parts of it will get thinner and better mixed through. And you won’t end up with the super thick, smoothie bowl.
Tips for making the super thick bowl: Pulse setting:
Do you have a Vitamix, or another blender, with a pulse button?

That button enables you to press it several times and pushes even chunkier pieces of fruits down to the bottom.

Without having to use the tamper.
Use the pulse setting as often as possible.

Chia seeds thicken smoothies.

Are you considering adding chia seeds to your smoothie bowl?

While chia seeds add energy, protein, fibre and healthy fats to the smoothie, they also are great for consistency.
That is because chia seeds nicely thicken up your smoothie. It is similar when you prepare chia pudding.

When you add liquid to the seeds, the seeds become sticky and build a gel around them.

You won’t have the same effect, because you are blending them, but still, they make the smoothie overall a little firmer.

Spinach + Citrus Foods: Help with iron absorption.

Did you know, that if you combine spinach with citrus foods, such as lemon, oranges or lime?

Kiwifruits are themselves NOT citrus fruit, which you might think.

Because they still contain a large portion of citric acid. 

But back to the iron absorption:

If you pair spinach together with citrus fruits (vitamin c), you can improve your virion absorption.

In this smoothie, we have about 13% DV of iron. 

Why is iron important for your diet? 

According to the NHS, you need iron to make red blood cells, which are the carriers of oxygen.

If you don’t have enough iron, you could risk getting anaemia. 

Don’t remove the skin of your kiwi!

You can see which parts of the kiwi you can use, the end poart are cut off but the skin is atebell. its a picture above from a plate with 1 kiwi cut in slices.

Another mistake, that I see nearly everywhere. That most people remove the skin of kiwis. 

There is no need for that! You can even bite into a kiwi, just like an apple 🙂

The skin is not just eatable, but right underneath the skin of fruits, which is also where most of the nutrition sit.s

Because they could have been handled a lot or could have germs, like any other fruit or veggie.

It’s just the texture, what most people putts off, and I get you.

You’ll get used to it, for sure.

But especially if you blend the kiwis, you shouldn’t be afraid of the skin.

A little bit of hair, can’t harm… 

I just suggest cutting off the two end parts (like in the picture) because you might not be able to blend them in very well.

If you do have a recipe, with lots of kiwis,

like in this smoothie recipe (6 kiwis), then you could also remove the skin of some.

But that’s completely up to you.

But at least try it out first and see if you are okay with it. Would be a shame to lose so many nutrients.

If you remove the shell:

The fast way of removing the shell

In case I haven’t convinced you, and you are still eating to remove the kiwis’ skin, I have a tip to remove the skin fast.

I have seen many recipes, where people cut off the skin, one by one.

That can be super tedious because kiwis are slippery.

Simply, spoon out the kiwis, after you cut them in half.

Smoothie Rescue: Taste too sour?

If your smoothie came out too sour, because the kiwi taste is too sour for you, you can add more Greek yoghurt, milk or bananas to the smoothie.  

Bananas also help with acid reflux. If you’re having issues with acid reflux in general you could already add 0.5-1 frozen banana into the smoothie. 

That will milder the acid taste. 

Making the perfect smoothie – the checklist

What to do.

  • Always add a little bit of liquid. You can top it up in the end, if you think it’s too thick.
  • The longer you blend it, the thinner the smoothie becomes.
  • Follow the right order: Soft ingredients first in the blender, then harder ones on top.
  • It’s recommended to eat the kiwi shell, for a nutritional boost (cut off both ends)
  • Variety is key. Ensure not to stick with the same greens and smoothies. Get the nutrition’s from different veggies & fruits.
  • Make the smoothie your own. Be creative and add all kinds of nuts, seeds or superfoods (see toppings)
  • Keep hydrated during your detox & weight loss. TO flush out toxins and promote more weight loss. SO drink water parallel to the smoothie or add enough water to it.
  • Adding spinach and citrus fruits together (oranges, lemon or lime) makes the iron absorb better
  • You can add bananas or yogurt, if the smoothie turned out too sour.
    Remember, there can be side effects if you take too much vitamin C, so you could also enjoy half the recipe.

What not to do.

Here are just a few reminders, that will help you to make a good smoothie.

Just as a helpful guideline. 🙂

In the posts and most others, I am explaining the points in more detail, if you read more about them.

  • Ideally, avoid adding sweeteners. Fruit smoothies like this one, contain lots of natural fruit sugars and are sweet enough.
  • Don’t use veggies without washing them, even the shell of kiwis, if you throw in whole kiwis (bugs, toxins, pesticides, coatings etc)
  • Don’t use pre-ripe kiwis, it will taste sour
  • Ideally don’t remove the kiwi’s skin (nutritional boost).
  • Don’t kill your normal travel blender by skipping water. The number of fibres will break it (high-speed blenders are fine).
  • Don’t skip on vitamins and minerals. Make your smoothie nutrition-dense, like this recipe.
  • Don’t use a spoon to scrape the smoothie out of your blender, use a thin spatula.
  • Don’t forget to use a tamper, if you want t thick smoothie bowl (only works with a blender like Vitamix).
  • Tamper (buy the right length for your blender)

How to store your Kiwi Smoothie bowl

I’d recommend enjoying the smoothie right away, as it is still cool and will taste the best.

How long can you store the smoothie in the fridge?

Store the Kiwi smoothie around up to 2 days in a fridge.

I even tried it for 4 days, which was an exception and the longest I ever stored a smoothie in a fridge.

But it was still absolutely fine. You need to stir it, and it won’t be as thick anymore. the consistency will be more like a thinner, drinkable smoothie, but still tasted good.


You could add some ice cubes to cool it down again, if you want to be super fresh, on a hot summer day.

How long can you store the smoothie in the freezer?

Otherwise, smoothies can be stored generally up to 4-5 months in a freezer.

Place the smoothie into freezer bags (like silicone bags), or “freezable” storage containers.

You can also pour the smoothie into ice cube moulds.


About smoothies & blenders

Are green smoothies good for you?

Green smoothies in general are good for you. Especially homemade ones.

My tips for a healthy green recipe:

  • Check their nutrition ideally when following recipes online, as well as products. This makes the biggest difference. 
  • Make sure you use the right products.
  • Be aware if you buy smoothies, as they most likely contain a lot of sugars (and carbs)(especially if you aren’t able to check their nutrition content)

That’s, why it’s great to make homemade smoothies as you have full control over them and ensure to, are 100% healthy.

You can always adjust recipes as you prefer them.

If you are aware of these traps, then green smoothies can be super healthy.

It is a perfect way to add superfoods and seeds and nuts into the mix. Or you can also make a thicker smoothie bowl, and add healthy toppings.

Which are the best blenders to crush ice?

Most smaller, slower blenders can’t crush ice.

I suggest a high-speed blender, like a Vitamix (US-amazon).

But, hey hey not so fast!
No need to give up if you don’t have one.
If you don’t have one, don’t worry.

A cheaper portable blender (or travel blender) is okay for now as well.


Just make sure to use mostly frozen fruits.
Especially if you don’t add ice! (Dah!)
Secret Tip:
Buy a set of magical mini ice cube moulds – UK

Even slower blenders should crush them! HURRAY!

Can I put raw kale & spinach in smoothies?

Foods of the brassica family contain substances that may alter thyroid function.

Brassica family:

  • Broccoli
  • Kale 
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage

This means you should avoid eating them raw when possible (salat or smoothies).

Ensure to at least pre-steam (or cook) them for a few minutes (2-3 minutes are enough). Don’t over steam or cook them. You’ll kill the nutrition.

You can freeze them afterwards if you like.

Also, vegetables like kale contain oxalic acid, which can bind to minerals in your body to crystals.

This means, that those crystals can cause pain, inflammation and even kidney stones.

How much ice should you add to your smoothie?

I would use in winter 1-2 ice cubes per smoothie. Plus frozen fruits and fresh or frozen veggies. But in summer, for example, you might want to use 3-4 ice cubes per smoothie. As you probably prefer the smoothie to be more cooling and to stay fresh for longer. Remember though: Again, you don’t need to use any ice at all. As it can dilute the smoothie. You should play around with the amount. Have a look at my PRO and CON for adding ice, into smoothies.

What’s the best time to have smoothies?

You can have smoothies either as a dessert and fill them with sweet fruits, chocolate or nut butter 


Post or pre-workout smoothies are also popular. As well as making it a filling meal replacement.By choosing more filling milk (oat milk is proven to be super filling), adding nuts, or chia seeds for example. For most smoothie recipes, especially workout ones one’s protein is a key component. It is easy to adjust the smoothie your need.


For a breakfast smoothie, it is important, that it is healthy, but also very filling. To give you energy until lunch. Have you ever had a caffeine smoothie? Yummy. Top it up with some chocolate homemade granola, and you are ready to go. need


It’s also no problem to have smoothies a few hours before going to sleep. Of course, you won’t skip the caffeine. Cacao and oats are supporting a good night’s sleep. So, how about a delicious chocolate smoothie for dessert?
A silver spoon with a kiwi smoothie mix in the middle of the picture. Above the writing says 188% vitamin C. 2 kiwi halves are on the side with crumbs of hemp seeds and blue grey background

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