5 min Easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (immunity booster)

Do you catch a cold or flu as often, as I do? There is no easier and faster way to pack all nutritions, and vitamins in one serving, than through smoothies, like this easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie recipe.

Killing, Sweet and Fruity!

Rainbow recipes – Immunity Booster Kiwi Banana Smoothie
How to make a Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (Immunity booster)
This easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie is made in only 5 minutes and contains spinach, frozen mangos, and half a banana. It's refreshing, sweet and creamy.
With 222% of vitamin C, you can get through any seasonal flu and cold season, with plenty of vitamins, and nutrients to fuel your body.
It's also low in calories and high in fibre, to promote healthy digestion. Let's make this smoothie! 2-3 serves total.
Check out this recipe
5 min Easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (Immunity booster)

Why you’ll love this Kiwi Banana Smoothie recipe  

4 Reasons why you’ll love this smoothie recipe:  

  1. Powerful immunity booster cure: With 222% in Vitamin C 
  2. 220 Kcal Low Calorie + High fibre (= filling in promoting weight loss)
  3. High calcium, magnesium, potassium, high vitamin K, vitamin A, B, D and more
  4. Quick to prepare (5 ingredients only = 5 min)

Smoothies recipes, like this super Healthy Kiwi Banana Smoothie, are not only super delicious and beneficial for adults, but also kids.

You can sneak so many veggies inside, that kids and even you wouldn’t be able to eat spread over the whole day. What you can add to just one cup per serving is incredible. Check out the nutrition table.

A little backstory…

Guy, I made this smoothie last autumn when it hit me with kind a lot of colds. They just kept on coming, and I was never sure if I would get cold or if it was “just” a simple cold or flu. So I decided to make a super-strong immunity booster smoothie that I would drink over a few weeks,…
This smoothie helped me SO MUCH. I am least I believe it was di to this smoothie. I felt more energised, and it tasted so good! I am not a juice fan. I rather consume a thicker, juice blend, as they are more filling and I love eating the fruits “flesh”. :D… that sounds strange… but I guess you know what I mean.

Did you notice, after pumping your body with immunity booster smoothies, that you get through the fly season better? Or do you think, it no doesn’t matter?
Let me know in the comment section below.

  Did you know?

Smoothies have been around for many years. In fact, for hundreds of years, pureed fruit drinks (smoothie-like) have been made by Mediterranean and Eastern cultures.

Rainbow Recipes Fun Facts

Smoothie recipe video.  

How much time do you need to make this Smoothie recipe?  

You simply just need 5 minutes, to toss all ingredients into the blender and whip it up.

Is this Green Kiwi Banana Smoothie recipe a breakfast evening or lunch recipe?  

You can make this immunity booster smoothie as a low-calorie breakfast smoothie. 

Because it’s high fibre, and therefore filling. Although it just contains a moderate (13% =6.5grams) of protein. 

Either scoop some protein powder into your smoothie, or greek yoghurt, hemp seeds or chia seeds to make this Kiwi Banana Smoothie more filling.

Otherwise, check out this GUIDE on How To Add More Protein To Smoothies.

How to add proteins to smoothies- round snippets and a mobile with previewing seeds nuts with the protein amount in grams

63 INSANE Ways – HOW TO add PROTEIN (to your Smoothie)


You can enjoy this smoothie also to any other time of the day. 

It’s great as little as an in-between snack or a smaller meal replacement.

Also, you can have it in the evening as a healthy dessert option, as it has a good sweetness. 

What does the Smoothie recipe taste like?  

Speaking about the taste…

Do you love the flavour of a ripe, sweet kiwi?

Then you’ll love this smoothie recipe!

Because it tastes truly of a sweet kiwi drink, with the sweetness of the ripe banana.

Because there is mango in the recipe, it makes the smoothie nice creamy and fruity.

You can use any milk. Coconut milk is also a good call, but it will add more calories. That is a good call if you want to increase your energy level, and turn this into a meal replacement smoothie, or breakfast smoothie, as it’s high in fats.

Health benefits of this Smoothie recipe  


 9.1 /10.

With a health factor of 9.1 out of 10.0, this recipe is HEALTHYYYYYYY! 

The score does NOT include the optional ingredients. 

9 Health benefits of this healthy Kiwi Banana Smoothie Recipe with Spinach


With one glass of this delicious Kiwi Banana smoothie, you’ll get BOMBASTIC 222% of vitamin c.

If you drink this every other day, you’re strengthening your immune system highly.

So, this smoothie, is the most powerful immune-boosting, nutrition-dense, collagen smoothie, that you’ve come across in a while. Drink this once a week, and you’ll be super strong. 

Although, while Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system, it cannot prevent actual colds or the flu.  

Also, spinach is an anti-inflammatory effect. 

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Other great benefits of kiwis are, that they are cleansing your body from toxins and act as a natural filer.

And remember, we have 5 of these fresh, and juice green and hairy babies in this smoothie.

Toxins can come from pollution, especially if you live in a big city like London. You’ll want to increase your smoothie intake! 

Cleansing ingredients, such as kiwis also good for your skin and hair! 

TIP: Add some chia seeds to your smoothie for a cleansing booster.

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Another great benefit of this Banana Kiwi smoothie is, that it’s very good for your heart, but so is spinach.

Because it’s filled with potassium and fibre it’s supporting cardiovascular health.

This smoothie is great for reducing your blood pressure, which then reduces the chances of any cardiovascular diseases.


Did you know, that vitamin C can stimulate collagen? Yes! This smoothie contains 222% per serving.

And collagen is needed to give you naturally glowing skin, give you strong and shiny hair, and also build your nails and muscle mass.


Kiwi, spinach, bananas and mangos are high in antioxidants, which are protecting you against diseases. 

They fight free radicals and keep you safe. One example is vitamin K. And this smoothie screams for Vitamin K with 99% DV. 

Vitamin K is important to prevent anaemia and to strengthen your bones.


This smoothie is filled with % DV of fibre,26 based on a diet of 2.000 calories. That is very impressive! 

One of the reasons for the high fibre level is, kiwis! They contain high levels of fibre, which can improve your digestive health. 

That on the other hand is great for weight loss and overall health.  


Have you seen the nutrition breakdown, of this green smoothie with bananas, mango, spinach and kiwi?

It’s high in vitamin K, Vitamin A, C, D and more.

Also, the smoothie gives you plenty of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

That’s why smoothies are amazing. Stuff so much goodness into my serving and you can HEAL.


If you are looking to shed some pounds with this smoothie then good news:

This is the great smoothie to do that. Because first, it’s low in calories at 220 Kcal. 

 Secondly, it’s high in fibre with 26% of the DV, which speeds up your digestive system and also makes the smoothie more filling. That then on the other hand ensure, that you don’t ramble all your cupboards for naughty snacks.

 9. FIBRE + Digestion

As mentioned this is a high fibre smoothie, and therefore great for your digestion. 

Fibre is key in any healthy diet.

Apparent only 5% in America meet the recommended daily fibre intake. The medicine’s recom

mended amount is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

Another weight-loss factor is, that kiwi and mangos will support your digestion, because it is high in fibre, as mentioned already.

To be satisfied for longer, always make sure, to include as much fibre as possible. 

Mangos are supporting your digestion, and avoid constipation, by breaking down starches.

Nutritional breakdown

Calories – 220 Kcal

Total Fat – 5%

Carbs – 44.8g = 17 %

Sugars – 30g = 34%

Protein – 6.5 g = 13 %

Fiber – 7.3 g = 26%

Nutritional breakdown

Calcium – 29%

Magnesium -18%

Potassium -27%

Vitamin B6 – 17%

Iron -11% 

Phosphorus – 10%

Vitamin A – 96%

Vitamin C -222%

Riboflavin B2 – 25%

Vitamin B6 -17%

Folic Acid B9 -37%

Vitamin B12 – 60%

Vitamin E – 22%

Vitamin K – 181%

The percentage value is based on a 2000-calorie diet (calculated from whisk.com).   

While this smoothie is healthy and contains vitamins and nutrients, there are still ways to make it healthier:  

How to make this smoothie even healthier:

Like to add perhaps veggies to your smoothies to get more nutrition into your day, such as

  • kale (start with a little, as it’s quite bitter)
  • frozen cauliflowers (tasteless, very hard, use small florets)
  • celery (reduces inflammation, supports digestion, alkalising, antioxidant)

Then please feel free to add them.   

Kiwi Banana Smoothie Ingredients  


Must Ingredients  

Unsweetened plant-based milk (or any other milk): As a base, and to keep the blender going.

Spinach: You can use raw or frozen spinach. It contains plenty of nutrition

Kiwis, fresh: Make sure to pick ripe kiwis!. 

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How do you know if a kiwi is ripe?

When you buy kiwis, always make sure, you are very slight, squeeze the kiwi in the centre of its belly to see if it’s ripe. 

If it’s hard it still needs time to ripe. The softer, the riper. Kiwis ripen within a few days. You can even freeze them, to stop the ripening process and blend them for smoothies. But because of its high water content, the kiwi will be super hard. The great thing is that you can make super thick smoothie bowls like this.

If you need help in choosing the right milk, check out this “little” guide:

It’s comparing milk types, taste, calories, carbs and more.

RELATEDHow To Choose The Right Milk: 8 Milks Compared

2 glasses on a wooden board and yellow background and a metal straw. with a overlay text saying: banana milk and pea milk and their protein amount of 8grams.



Mango: Mango and kiwis are a sweet fruit mix, that blend and pair very well together. Sweet and delicious. A healthy fruit and summer mix. A vitamin C bomb, that fuels your body with vitamin c and powerful immunity boosters. They are producing colleges, which can give you beautiful skin, hair and nails. And they can also be cleansing your skin and hair naturally.

BananaBananas add sweetness to the smoothie and a little creaminess. They are great for your health, too. Because help with your digestion is high in nutrition, supports a healthy heart and is filling!

Optional Ingredients  

Kale, Celery, Apple: For more green veggies.

Chia seeds: For cleansing, high fats and protein

Peach, frozen: For another fruit combo

Hemp hearts: For healthy fats, protein and more fibre

Dietary Adjustments  

Is this Smoothie vegan?  

Yes, this healthy Kiwi Banana Smoothie recipe is vegan.

Make sure you stick to vegan milk, such as (unsweetened) soy, almond, oat, macadamia, rice milk or any other milk of your choice.

Is this Smoothie gluten-free?  

Also, yes. You can enjoy this smoothie if you are sensitive to glucose (intolerance).

Is this Green Kiwi Smoothie a dairy-free smoothie?  

This Immunity Booster Kiwi Smoothie is dairy-free. Make sure to choose dairy-free milk.

Is this Smoothie a meal-replacement smoothie?   

I wouldn’t say this smoothie is a typical, filling meal replacement smoothie.

You should increase the calories, protein and healthy fats a little. But that’s very easy.

Shoot me some comments in the FEEDBACK section below, and I’ll let you know.

Did you know?

The smoothie was officially “born” in the United States when Steve Poplawski invented 1922 the blender in America. Although cultures before that have made pureed fruit drinks, which was the start of the smoothie history.

Rainbow Recipes Fun Facts
5 min Easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (Immunity booster)

How to make a Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (Immunity booster)

Jula from Rainbow Recipes
This easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie is made in only 5 minutes and contains spinach, frozen mangos, and half a banana. It's refreshing, sweet and creamy.
With 222% of vitamin C, you can get through any seasonal flu and cold season, with plenty of vitamins, and nutrients to fuel your body.
It's also low in calories and high in fibre, to promote healthy digestion. Let's make this smoothie! 2-3 serves total.
Total Time 5 mins
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, Dessert, detox smoothie, immunity booster shot, smoothie, Snack
Cuisine American, mediterranean diet, middle eastern
Servings 2 people


  • 1 Blender high speed or any other blender


  • 1 cup milk unsweetened (or any other)
  • 5 pcs kiwis ripe, fresh
  • 1 cup spinach (fresh used in the recipe) frozen works too
  • 1 cup mangos ripe, frozen
  • 1 cup bananas ripe, frozen
  • 1 cup ice optional (or to cool the glass)


  • Pour your milk of choice first into the blender.
  • TIP: To make the smoothie a little thicker, you can freeze half of the milk, into ice trace (like silicone once or plastic), and pour half a cup into the blender, to keep it going. (if you have a good blender, or use mini ice cubes)
  • As the second step, drop all (fresh) 5 kiwi's into the blender. As a whole, or you can spoon them in. Or just cut off the ends.
  • Now it's time to drop in the spinach.
  • BLEND ALL until smooth, to ensure the spinach and kiwi (skin) are fully blended.
  • Then add the mangos, and bananas to the blender.
  • Blend again until smooth, on a low setting. Use your temper.

Recipe Tips 

Ensure to choose ripe kiwis, bananas and mangos. That makes the smoothie sweeter.

The more liquid (milk) you add the thinner smoothie becomes. You can play around with it. 

Start with less liquid than the recipe calls for because you can always add more.

 For thick smoothies, use your temper as often as you can: By pushing down the smoothie blend. To make sure everything is SUPER GOOD blended. Otherwise, some parts are super smoothie, while others are lumpy. Then you’ll end up with a thin smoothie.

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