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Have you been struggling to make this spoonable – SUPER THICK smoothie bowl?

You think you have followed all the right steps, but still…

Your smoothie is not turning out thick enough? 

Then let me help you, with this ULTRA GUIDE!

Today, I’ll share my 16 secrets on how to make a thicker smoothie bowl for beginners (and even experts). 

This is how you make a thick smoothie:

You add a LOT of frozen fruits to your blender, with hardly any liquid. Veggies or fruits that thicken a smoothie, are frozen berries bananas cauliflowers, zucchini, kiwi, or even grapes. For a creamier texture, you can add avocado or even tofu.

To create a thick smoothie, you can’t overbend your smoothie and need to use your tamper or a spatula as OFTEN as possible, to push the smoothie mixture down. Additional “thickeners” can be chia, flaxseed, protein powder or oats or even frozen milk or coffee. And that’s how anyone can achieve a thick smoothie, theoretically even with a cheap blender.

Info guide with 6 pictures in 2 rows showing step by step how to make a thick cotton candy banana fruit smoothie
The Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie




How to make a thicker Smoothie – 16 Secrets 

1. Frozen fruits. 


Frozen fruit is one of the most important things when it comes to a super thick smoothie.

They blend very nicely and are KEY for any thick smoothie bowl. 

It’s best to buy them fresh a day before or even weeks before and store them in your freezer. In that case, you are always stocked.

But there otherwise you can get already frozen berries and fruits in the stores if you want to make smoothies on the same day or to save money. 

Although make sure, they don’t contain added sugars.

You can use any frozen fruits and berries like these: 

A picture is split into 2, on one side you can see a hand holding a fresh kiwi, on the other hand is a frozen kiwi
The Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie


  • Strawberries 
  • Blueberries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Gooseberries 
  • Raspberries 
  • Cherries (without stone) 
  • Plums 
  • Peaches 
  • Dragon fruit 
  • Pineapples 
  • Mangos 
  • Bananas 
  • Passionfruit 
  • Papaya 
  • Lychee 
  • Apricot 
  • Nectarine 

You can also add fresh fruits, but ensure to stick to the right ratio. 

I recommend adding around 70 to 90% frozen fruits and veggies, and 10 to 30% of other ingredients, such as liquid, greens, fresh fruits, powders, seeds nuts or yoghurt etc.

2. Fill up your blender (half full or more). 

My favourite blender: Vitamix E310

You might think, that you are doing everything right, but filling up your blender until at least half is important, to make a thick smoothie bowl. This is a mistake I did at the beginning. If the blender is only filled to thirty or less, then the blades are throwing the fruits to the outer edges of the blender, leaving the centre empty. You would have to constantly stop the blending process every 2 seconds to scrape off the fruits and mass, from the edges, and nothing gets blended thoroughly.  

Ensure to fill up your blender at least halfway or to 2/3, and you will get a better result = a thicker smoothie.

Store any leftover: 

Are you worried, about what to do with all the leftovers? Can you freeze your smoothie? Trust me, I always have TONS of leftovers, because I am making smoothies daily.  

You can also eat most smoothies up to 24 h later, or you might want to freeze them for up to a few months…

Simply store them in reusable silicone freezer bags, or plastic and glass containers. While it’s also great to pour them into moulds, which you can buy in several sizes.  

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Reusable Freezable Bag -Set
4- Reusable Silicone Bags
Freezable Glass storage boxes – Set
Vitamix blender filled with smoothie ingredients: milk, banana, cauliflowers and grapes with overlay text if the ingredients names
The Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie

3. Use a teeny-tiny splash of liquid ONLY!! 

How much liquid are you using? Or let me rephrase… Don’t use ANY liquid! Have you tried it that way before?  

If you have a less powerful blender, aka travel-blender, then 

4. Fruits with high water content: Kiwi, Grape, Watermelon. 

Have you noticed, that fruits with very high-water content, freeze very well?  

That’s why I love making smoothies with this kind of fruit. 🙂

If you use frozen kiwis, watermelons or grapes, and mix them with other fruits and veggies, like bananas you can build a very, ultra-thick smoothie. 

Smoothie ingredients on a tray with the names written on top, like grapes, milk, banana and cauliflower

After you freeze grapes, for example, they turn into a ball, which is hard as stones! 

— Jula

So, this is just something, for super strong blenders. 


That’s why it’s important to slice the fruits if possible beforehand in small pieces, like kiwis or even grapes, if your blender is not as powerful. Maybe then you can even blend through grapes with a cheaper blender, once cut into halves.

5. Blend in the right order

Add softs first.

Then add any green veggies (with powders) if you have and then blend them already.

Any frozen fruits, that make the smoothies thicker, should be added in the end, otherwise, you overbend the smoothie, and they melt. 

A vitamix blender and the ingredients written on the sides, where you can see the layers and order clearly
The Chocolate+Almond Smoothie (RECIPE) shows, that you need to add soft ingredients first, then powders (cacao) and then frozen ingredients like fruits.

6. Protein Powders! 

Is there anything simpler, than adding protein powder to a smoothie?  

Even the simple things, can thicken smoothies. Plus, they make smoothies more filling and energising at the same time.  

Choose your favourite protein powder, which can be a whey protein powder, or vegan protein powder and scoop it into the mix. 

What I love about protein powder is, that you add more flavour to your smoothie, especially to chocolate smoothies. But have you also tried all the other flavours yet, that are worth exploring?

Strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate mint, vanilla and much more. 

7. Low-calorie addons: Frozen cauliflower/zucchini.

Smoothie ingredients on a tray with the names written on top, like grapes, milk, banana and cauliflower
The Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie

Have you ever tried adding cauliflower or zucchini to smoothies? One of my go-to vegetables. Why? 

Because it doesn’t add any calories and you can make a super thick smoothie bowl. 

Only the outer shell adds a touch of green.

But cauliflower is completely white. And that’s why you can add it without changing the colour of the smoothie or adding calories to blue spirulina smoothies, pink dragon fruit smoothies, green kiwi smoothies or even chocolate smoothie bowls.

It only changes the consistency, and adds on nutrition!  


YAYY. So, what’s there not to love, right? 



Because it is so thick though, ensure to freeze smaller chunks of frozen cauliflower. You can also buy pre-frozen ones.  

8. Add creaminess: Avocado + tofu. 

Mango tofu smoothie mix in orange from an inside from in a blender, with text on top

20g High Protein Vegan Tofu Smoothie



Do you love avocados? Who doesn’t right? You can add fresh avocados, which would make your smoothie not necessarily thicker, but creamier.  


If you combine the creaminess then with other thick ingredients, like frozen fruits, and berries like bananas, zucchini, mango, pineapples or berries, then you also end up with a very thick smoothie. 



While adding avocados is not a new or shocking way of changing the consistency of a smoothie, tofu is more of an unusual way, right?

Yes, Tofu is another amazing ingredient that not only makes your smoothie super creamy it also adds HIGH amounts of protein to your smoothie: 


Like at this amazing HIGH PROTEIN Mango-Tofu smoothie, which contains 20 grams of protein (per smoothie!!) and is sooo creamy! 

2 glasses on a wooden board and yellow background and a metal straw. with a overlay text saying: banana milk and pea milk and their protein amount of 8grams.

HOW TO GET SKINNY: How many carbs are in milk? – 8 “MILKS” COMPARED



9. Freeze milk, coffee, tea, and juice (into moulds) 

how to store smoothies
Jump to post on how to freeze smoothies

Another trick I have learned over time. Because I often used to add ice into my smoothies, but that’s not often a great idea because it dilutes the smoothie. And a watered-down smoothie is not the best idea especially not for a smoothie bowl. It also doesn’t add in taste or nutrition. Only for weight loss smoothie, it is an option, but not my favourite. 


Instead, you can freeze milk, coffee, tea or even juice a day in advance. Simply pour it into the mould, that you ice for ice cubes.  

You can even freeze yoghurt into moulds! But that’s nothing for cheap blenders! 


Watch out with juice, as it adds a lot of sugar, so I’d recommend rather stick with the other options. 

10. Swapp your liquids with other “soft ingredients”. 

A) Choose a creamier liquid

https://amzn.to/3w4NV2AThe type of liquid can also make a difference. Almond milk or water is very thin, while coconut milk, especially canned coconut milk is much creamier.

So you could consider switching to creamier milk. Oat milk is also nice plant-based milk, that goes well with smoothies, and is a little thicker. 

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B) Don’t use any liquid

Either you choose a thicker, creamier milk or you swap them with another “soft” ingredient: 

By choosing for example greek yoghurt or Kefir. I suggest using unsweetened Greek yoghurts because it’s super healthy and give you full Boosting nutrition.  

Did you know, that 1 cup of Greek yoghurt is filled with 15 g of protein? 

Again, I suggest this if you have a high-speed blender.

Because yoghurt and kefir are quite thick and heavy and only high-speed blenders are found with them if you use them as a liquid substitute.  

Otherwise, just add a splash of liquid if needed. 

two stripe of polaroid with 6 images underneath each other, that show different types of milk alternatives and greek yogurt. on the left side are thinning milk alternatives on the right side are thickeners like yogurt, oat milk or coconut yogurt

11. Nutritional seeds: 

Adding seeds like flax or chia seeds is such a great way to thicken up a smoothie. I love this way because it adds a ton of fibre healthy fats, and nutrition’s to your smoothie.  

Which makes it more filling and turns it often into a very nutrition-dense meal replacement smoothie. A good way for any breakfast smoothies. 

Chia seeds & Psyllium Husk 

Chia seeds and also psyllium husk, react a little similar. Once they are in contact with liquids, they become gel-like and swell up.  

Psyllium Husk and chia seeds are great for weight loss, constipation blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.  

study even showed that psyllium husk reduces hunger and appetite a lot. 

While it is high fibre and low fat you can easily into smoothies and other meals. But you need to be aware it is a common laxative

Rainbow smoothie



Flax seeds 

Adding flax seeds is also a way to thicken up your smoothie. Plus, they come with a long list of health benefits: Such as cancer-fighting properties and they reduce the risk of diabetes and heart-related diseases. 


Another way to make a smoothie bowl more firm is by tossing oats into the blender.

Don’t you love oats in smoothies??

Spoon full of oats

Love oats? Then try this sweet smoothie recipe, that taste like cake butter! Still so healthy though!

My Secret Healthy & Sweet Cookie dough smoothie bowl Recipe, that taste like cake batter

SOOOO thick, thicker than any smoothie bowl, so far! Oats and macadamia nuts, making this as thick and creamy as your wildest dream! If your blender can’t handle it, add more milk.

12. Use your Tamper! 

Your Vitamix Best Friend

Do you have a tamper or do you know what that is? 

Anyone with a Vitamix probably knows what I am talking about. But if not don’t worry. You can substitute it.  


The Tamper only reaches into the blender container until a certain height so that the blades do DON’T get in contact with it and slice into it.  

NEVER make the mistake, as I did at the beginning, and take the lid off and use the tamper without the LID. It is super dangerous. The blades can destroy your tamper and the plastic could fly into your eyes.  

If you take off the lid and use the tamper, always switch off the blender, and ideally unplug the tamper to make sure it is fully off.  

If you don’t have a tamper:

Instead of a tamper, you can use a wooden spoon, and spatula to scrape down the smoothie from the edges of the blender, and push it down.  

13. Use the Pulse setting! 

Some blenders, like the Vitamix, have a button called “Pulse-button”. You press it a few times for a short moment.  

A bigger picture with a vitamix blender in the hand in the center, and a super thick mixed green smoothie mix . below are 4 other pictures with hacks and techniques on how to make a thicks smoothie
The Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie

What does the pulse button do on a blender? 

It works at the highest speed the moment you press it and stops when you release it. That’s why it’s crucial that you only hold the button down in short intervals so that bigger chunkier parts go the blender get scrambled up and pulled down.

You can press it at the beginning of the blending process when you have to break down bigger, chunkier frozen pieces. Or in-between, when nothing is spinning.

Like when the blades are spinning around “air”. If still, nothing is moving inside the blender, then you use your tamper (see the point before).

14. Don’t OVER BLEND your smoothie! 

A visual guide on what order you need to prepare and how you need to make a thick banana fruit smoothie
A thick smoothie in a coconut bowl with blackberries, grapes on a pink background and hands reaching out to it
Smoothie ingredients of a fruit-banana smoothie with lines pointing to the ingredients, that are laying in bowls on a grey tray on a pink background

A common mistake, that I used to do often when I tried to make thick smoothies. 

The longer you blend, the thinner your smoothie becomes.  


Start with the pulse button first, a few times (if you have one). Then start with a very low setting, and push the mixture down with your tamper. 

Remember also,

the higher your speed is, the thinner your smoothie gets.  


Stop in-between constantly. Even turn your blender off completely, then open the lid, and push down the smoothie mass thoroughly from the sides.  


Mix it with your tamper (or spatula or wooden spoon). 

The key is to take your time and be patient.  

15. High fibre veggies: Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, beans:  

Have you ever added sweet potatoes or pumpkin puree or beans to your smoothies?

If not, you should give it a try! They don’t add many calories, contain only “good” carbs, and add creaminess to your smoothie. On top of that beans add tons of protein

That's the overhead shot, just after the green smoothie has been blended. On the corner of the picture are 2 kiwi halves in star shaped form. The overlay text says anit-inflammatory, which is carved above the vitamix blender

Cute Kiwi Smoothie Bowl



It just needs some thinking and planning ahead of time, because you need to cook the pumpkin, sweet potatoes and beans. And also let it cool down of course, as the worst thing about a smoothie would be a warm smoothie, right?

To not waste too much time, I recommend preparing a bigger portion and freezing the rest.

You can freeze sweet potatoes (up to 6 months), baked beans (3-6 months), pumpkin puree (up to a year max.)

Plus, it won’t add lots of calories to your smoothie. A tablespoon of sweet potato puree has 16 calories.
It’s better to cook your puree since packaged puree has preservatives. Feel free to use fresh or frozen puree.

You may also want to try butternut squash and carrot puree.

16. Nut butter / Seed butter 

A visual guide with 6 images under another on 2 rows How to thicken smoothies with almond butter and images of a chocolate almond smoothie
The words best Almond+Chocolate Smoothie (that doesn’t taste of banana AT all)

OMG, are you a peanut butter fan or prefer almond butter? 

I love them all!  

And doesn’t matter, which one you prefer to scoop into your smoothie, they all add thickness to your favourite smoothie. 

Great, hey? 

  • Peanut butter 
  • Almond butter 
  • Cashew butter 
  • Macadamia butter 
  • Sesame seed butter (or Tahini

Like in the WORLD BEST CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE recipe, where cacao powder and almond butter build this amazing healthy but super thick and creamy Chocolate crème! 

Vitamix shot of thick creamy chocolate smoothie. A text says heavenly thick and an arrow pointing towards the chocolate mass

World’s Best Chocolate Smoothie BowlRecipe Video of the Thick Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie Bowl


A green yellow smoothie in a coconut bowl on a pink background. A hand reaching over adding berries on to the smoothie bowl

How to make a thick “Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie (Bowl)

This 3-min banana smoothie is one example of how to create a SUPER THICK smoothie bowl.
This Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie contains 3 simple ingredients and 1 optional one. This vegan, gluten-and dairy-free smoothie recipe is a sweet grape-banana recipe that uses only a little milk.
If your blender can't handle the thickness, simply increase the milk ratio. This recipe contains only 197 calories, is high in fibre (18%of the DV= 4.9g), and contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients.
5 from 1 vote
Total Time 3 mins
Course Breakfast, Dessert, lunch, smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people
Calories 197 kcal


  • 1 Blender (ideally high-speed)


  • ½ cup almond milk, unsweetened (or any other liquid)
  • 2 cups bananas, frozen (cut into small pieces)
  • 1 cup cotton candy grapes, frozen (or other seedless grapes)
  • ½ cup cauliflowers, frozen (optional for thickness & nutrition))


  • Firstly, add the milk to the blender.
  • Then add bananas and grapes to the blender.
  • Lastly, across the frozen cauliflower (the hardest ingredient ) on top.
  • Blend all ingredients using a small setting. Ensure to use the pulse setting, and your tamper/spatula, to make sure all is blended well. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Video of the Thick Cotton Candy Banana Smoothie Bowl

Watch step by step how you can make the recipe:

Save the step-by-step guide for later

Infographic how to make a thick smoothie bowl with 13 steps text and illustrations

How many calories are in this Thick Cotton Candy Banana Recipe



What is the nutritional breakdown of the Thick Cotton Candy Banana Recipe?

This thick, healthy fruit recipe bowl is a nutrition-dense recipe, with many vitamins and nutrients.


Potassium =750mg


Vitamin C = 23.4mg


Vitamin B 6 = 0.64mg


Folic acid B9 = 42.7mg


Vitamin E = 2.1mg


Vitamin K=13.8mg


Carbs =48.4mg


Fibre = 4.9mg


Calcium = 147mg

Recipe tips:

If you have realised that the blender is stuck, and you have added too many ingredients, then listen up:

Because cauliflowers bananas AND frozen grapes are all super thick and hard your blender possible get stuck not move at all.

If that happens you can either add more liquid (like milk). 

Otherwise use the pulse button, and see if that breaks down the bigger parts.

Or worse things, take out the bigger chunks from your blender again into a bowl. Then you should be able to blend the other parts that are still in the blender.

The last resort: Let the ingredients thaw a little, and then you shouldn’t have any problems with giving it another go.

Who says creating a THICK smoothie bowl is easy, hey?

Why is this Recipe so thick?:

This recipe is just an example of many on how to achieve a SUPER thick smoothie.

By using frozen bananas, which are already a great basis for a thick smoothie bowl, and also frozen grapes and cauliflower. All 3 ingredients I have mentioned, are perfect to achieve this super thick consistency. 

By using frozen bananas, which is already a great basis for a thick smoothie bowl, and also frozen grapes and cauliflower. All 3 ingredients I have mentioned, are perfect to achieve this super thick consistency. 

The cauliflower is not even needed. I made the recipe also before it, and it still comes out super thick. But I just love adding cauliflower, because I am not a fan of (fruit) smoothies, that don’t have any vegetables added. Because smoothies are just a great way to snug the nutritional in. Plus, they don’t add any more calories, so why not?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ice make smoothies thicker thinner? 

I’d say the smoothie world is SPLIT when it comes to this topic, to add ice or not to add ice. 

Ice is also an additional way to keep your smoothie cold and THICK for longer. 

On the other hand, adding ice will water down your smoothie. Which are the biggest downsides, and why you might NOT want to add ice to your smoothie bowls. 

Therefore, you will have to add lots of frozen fruits and vegetables to your smoothies. 

On hot summer days, you could decide also to add a little bit of ice to your smoothie, but too much to water it down. 

In short: Ice will thicken your smoothie in short term but will water it down, once it melts. It’s a personal preference. Make sure, that you have a powerful blender, that can crush ice, or use a mini-ice cube, that also a less powerful blender could crush. 

labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation.

How do you keep your bowls thick – 3 Bonus Tips

TIP 1: Coconut bowls 

Wondering, why everyone goes nuts for coconut bowls? Besides that, they are sustainable, they keep the smoothie cold for longer. 

Tip 2: Freeze your bowls

Otherwise, I also use other bowls and place them in the freezer 15-30 minutes before I prepare my smoothie. That is a great idea for summer days when you want a cool, refreshing bowl. 

Tip 3: Thermo cups

I love scooping my smoothie into reusable thermo-cups, that keep cool for hours. In case, I need to go to work, or like to go for a walk, and enjoy my smoothie in the park.

Those cups are not only great for hot drinks but I made use of them also for smoothies. They have changed my life ????.

Super handy and so easy, you can make a double batch of smoothies, and store them for later. 


Do the blender matter to thicken the smoothie?

My favourite blender: Vitamix E310

I won’t expect anyone to buy a Vitamix straight away as I did. But after a while, you might fig our out that you want to opt for a more expensive blender.  

But, I’m not going to bullsh*t you around: 

A high-speed blender helps enormously to achieve a super thick smoothie bowl.

And you should consider buying one because they are a long-term investment. You will have it forever and can make even soups, creams, milkshakes and much more in it. (At least in the Vitamix) 

Because they blend the smoothies much smoother. And that is KEY, to make a THICK smoothie.  

Because if the smoothie is lumpy, and some parts are blended more thoroughly than others you simply won’t be able to make a thick smoothie. 

BUUUUUT…it is also possible to make thick smoothie bowls with more affordable blenders, with a loooot effort, practice and tips.  

4 Tips On How to make thick bowls in a cheap blender:

Breville (UK)- A good portable travtravelell blender for a small budget.

If you don’t want to kill your blender, you need to ensure to listen to the following tips. 

Especially if you have a cheap blender. But even if you use a powerful, high-speed blender. 

Here are my top 4 tips: 

1. Layer your smoothie in the right order: “softs” first

Firstly, you always have to use the correct order as already pointed out. 

But layering the smoothie correctly is SOOO super important, guys. 

I can’t say this enough.  

And if you are making thick smoothies, and working with frozen fruits like bananas, kiwis, and ice, you need to take care of your baby! 

Often in videos, you can see, that people prepare the smoothie in the WRONG order. I do it sometimes in a different order, just for the “SHOW” effect. So don’t follow the order on the recipe video, follow the order in the recipe description.

Like this one:  

  • Add Liquids first (=close to the blades, depending when way round the bender is built)
  • Powders next (protein powders, superfoods, spices, etc)
  • Greens afterwards and then BLEND all. 
  • Now fruits and veggies. 
  • Mini ice (if needed and the blender can handle it) 

More importantly, is, that soft ingredient (like liquids) and yoghurt are added to the beginning. To ensure they protect the blades. For the same reason, you add the ice as the last step and frozen fruits as 2nd last step.

2. Slice fruit/veggies as thin as possible 

If your blender is cheap, meaning not powerful, you’ll have issues breaking down bigger chunks of bananas, cauliflower, mangos and even nuts, and yoghurt.  

Anything that you can pre-cut into smaller pieces, before you freeze them, do so. 

That’s why I wouldn’t buy already frozen fruits because they might be too big for our blender. Rather buy fresh fruits, and cut and freeze them yourself. 

3. Slice fruit/ veggies in EVEN slices  

Another factor for less flowerful blenders is that your fruits and vegetables should be cut into even-sized pieces. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble blending them smoothly or and you’ll end up with chunks. 

Banana- a great ingredient to thicken smoothie. A close up shot on a pink surface with bananas in the background on a wooden board

4. Use mini ice cube moulds 

As mentioned, you can freeze milk, tea, coffee or even yoghurt to achieve a super thick smoothie. But ice is very hard on your blender. One tip is to use MINI ice moulds. 

The smaller the ice cubes are, the easier it will be for your blender to crush them. 


Before and after shot of how to create a thick smoothie with ingredients on top and a finished fruit smoothie bowl at the bottom

Are you overwhelmed by ALL the many ways and possibilities on how to make a smoothie thicker, or do you feel more confident and give it another shot?

Don’t forget it ALL takes time, and nothing happens overnight. Even once I bought a Vitamix, it still took me a few months to learn all the tricks and hacks above to nail to be able to MASTER the perfect smoothie technique.

All videos we see on social seemed to be so easy, but in fact, it took them probably weeks to be able to Nail the technique.

In the end, we just need to remember that it’s all about the taste and nutrition and not the looks! 🙂

Comments & Feedback

Hope the guide helped you, and you FINALLY made your super thick smoothie bowls! 🙂

If not let me know in the comments what is it you are struggling with, and send me even pictures of your outcomes. Would LOOOOVE to see your smoothie results!

Even the “gone bad” results.

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  1. 5 stars
    I never knew, that you can freeze kiwis and grapes.
    Also I haven’t knows about half of these tips on how to make a thick smoothie: like adding oats or flax.
    I was also always to lazy to use the tamper and it all makes sense now.
    That’s a brilliant blog post and love the recipe as an example. Looks so yummy. Thanks Jula

    • Yes, you can Santi 😛
      I only found out a few weeks ago myself! Since then I am obsessed with grape and kiwi smoothies. They add so much sweetness, and make the smoothie rock hard! 🙂
      Glad, that my tips were useful.
      Definitely, the tamper is so, so important, to create the right consistency.
      Hope you can make many thick smoothie bowls from now on! 🙂


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