3 EASY WAYS – How To Freeze & Store Smoothies (For Later)

Smoothies: Freezing & Storing

Guys, I have been making weekly so many smoothies that naturally started to test out many different ways how to freeze smoothies.

By now I found the quickest and best ways how to store, freeze and also thaw smoothies, and love to share my tips with you.   

Let’s get into it!  

How to thaw smoothies anytime you want them to! 

Rainbow RECIPES – Smoothie TIps

This is how to freeze your smoothie in simple 3 ways:  

  1. Pour your smoothie blend into ice cube moulds (which thaw super-fast within 1-2 hours)  
  1.  You can also freeze your smoothies into zip bags. With this method, you can store smoothies for up to at least 3 months (Except dairy smoothies. They’ll expire after 1-2 months.)  
  1. Another way to freeze smoothies is by pouring them into airtight containers or mason jars. Ensure to leave a gap on the top, to avoid breaking the glass, as the moisture will expand. This freezer method just needs more time to thaw, ideally overnight.  

So, what is the process of how to freeze smoothies?  

Step 1)  

You make your smoothie as normal.   

Gather your smoothie ingredients. And blend your smoothie. Of course, you can eat as much as you want. But I am often ending up with plenty of leftovers because I rather make more to save time for the week.   

Step 2)   

Now after you have made your smoothie it’s time to store your leftover smoothie.  

Choose from any of the methods below. Pour the smoothie (or leftover smoothie) into FREEZER METHOD NR. 1, NR 2 or Nr 3.  


Mould the smoothie into ice cube trays!  

When does this method work well?  


  • This freezer method works especially if you are having little leftover (about 1-2 smoothies worth), or have at least 1-2 packs of ice cube trays.   
  • The huge benefit of this freezer and storing method is, that these smoothie cubes thaw incredible fast: Within just 1-2 hours on a countertop, your cubes are melted. Add them into your bowl, or into your portable smoothie cup, squeeze mush them flat with a spoon, or shake them in your cup (with a lid).  
  • And another benefit is the ice cube trays fit perfectly into any freezer space! And you can buy silicone moulds in different shapes and sizes (bigger ones and smaller ones).  


  • Unfortunately, the expiration date is shorter than when the smoothies are kept in an airtight freezer bag. (See expiration date)   


Freezer bags (E.G. sustainable, silicone bags)  

A women with a summer hat and blue hair holding in two hands two rainbow smoothies with straws


  • They are super sturdy. They come in several colours. They come in various sizes and hold a big amount of smoothie blends.  
  • On top of that, they come in plenty of vibrant and fun colours and brighten up your freezer and fridge space.  


  • You can’t instantly thaw the smoothies. So, it’s good to thaw them at least a few hours in advance. Ideally even 4-6 hours h before.  
  • Plus, the plastic slider on top of the silicon bags sometimes is a little hard to slide open. You just need to ensure to slide them in the correct direction. Worst case pours warm water over them.  

MY NOTE to saving the planet:  

Plastic, “reusable” freezer zip bags are super handy BUT are something I DON’T recommend.

I tried them out, and they are great for everyday handling.

But in fact, they break so quickly that you seriously CAN’T reuse them many times. And even if you recycle them, we have enough plastic in this world. PLEASE DON’T support any more of these products! NO, NO, NO!  

That’s why silicone bags are coming in super handy.


Other airtight containers (plastic boxes or mason jars)  

A glass jar with frozen rainbow fruit smoothies stored from a the front, with text

There are plenty of other ways how to store your smoothies in. You can choose reusable plastic or glass container for the freeze. Of course, always make sure that they are freezer friendly 🙂  .

If you use mason jars, make sure you don’t fill them up completely. Because the liquid expands and they’ll break.  

So it’s good to leave about 4-5 cm space on top.   


  • Mason Jars or containers work if you make a lot of smoothies to thaw or freeze.  
  • Mason jars or cups are great on the go. While you are on the way or work or making a walk they can be the ideal timesaver breakfast.  


  • There is always the risk, that one could break in the long run. So, ensure to keep a gap, and don’t fill it up.   
  • Your freezer has to be deep enough to be able to fit the mason jars in.  
  • The containers and jars take longer to thaw, usually a minimum of 6-9 hours.  

3 EASY WAYS – How To Freeze & Store Smoothies (For Later)

How to store and freeze smoothies- 3 ways.
Thaw time1 hr
Course: smoothie
Cuisine: American
Yield: 2 smoothies
Author: Jula


  • 1 Ice cube Tray (Mould) (optional)
  • 1 Freezer bag (optional)
  • 1 Glass Jar or other airtight container (optional)


  • 1-3 cups smoothie leftovers



  • To make your smoothie:
    Buy your ingredients and freeze overnight, any ingredients, that need to be frozen.
  • Make your smoothie: Blend smoothie until smoothie.
  • Enjoy your smoothie, and store the leftover by choosing any of the storing methods below:


  • Pour the leftover smoothie into ice cube trays, that you use to freeze water.
    BLue spirulina smoothie cubes in a bowl
  • This works well with "normal" or medium size ice cube trays, but also with bigger or smaller ones. You can buy silicone or plastic ones.
    Smaller cube sizes are more difficult to pour the smoothie in but thaw much faster.
    REMEMBER: The bigger the cube moulds are, the longer the thaw time.
  • THAW: These frozen smoothie cubes thaw within a quick time: 1-2 hours max.


  • Pour your leftover smoothie blend into freezer bags, and zip them close.
    Silicone freezer bags to store smoothies, from front and top view
  • The freezer bags come in different shapes, and colours and I would recommend sturdy ones, that can be reused and are sustainable, like silicone ones.
  • THAW:
    The frozen smoothies in airtight containers or zipper bags or mason jars need about 4-6 hours to thaw. Depending on the amount/size of frozen smoothies.
    You can also just leave them out overnight, and they'll be ready.


  • Ensure when you fill your smoothie into the glass jars or airtight containers, keep a 4-5 cm gap at the top. That's crucial to avoid that glass especially won't break because the smoothie and moisture expand when frozen.
    A glass jar with frozen rainbow fruit smoothies stored from a top view, with text
  • Freezable glass jars are handy as they are portable, and you don't need to refill your smoothie once thawed.
  • Make sure you buy the right glass. Meaning it can be frozen. Some mason glasses have "shoulders", like a curve on top of the glass, where you make sure that you don't overfill the smoothie.
  • THAW:
    The frozen smoothies in airtight containers or zipper bags or mason jars need about 6-9 hours to thaw. Depending on the amount/size of frozen smoothies.
    You can also just leave them out overnight, and they'll be ready.


  • Lastly, this is a great way to store smoothies and create a refreshing summer treat:
    Pour your smoothie leftover into popsicle moulds and create refreshing fruit or chocolate ice healthy treat for the whole family.
    An closeup shot of an kitchen counter, where hand is reaching for red homemade popsicles on a tray
    You can leave also a 1 CM gap in the end and add some toppings ( or throughout). Such as almond flakes, hazelnut crumbs, chocolate drops, sprinkles and more.
    When you store it, try to keep the moulds as vertical, upwards standing as possible, as the moulds are often not leakproof.
  • THAW:
    Obviously, there is no need to properly thaw the popsicles.
    Just warm the moulds a few seconds in an hour's hands, or let them thaw for 1-2 minutes maximum. Then you Can pull the sticks out of the mould, end enjoys the healthy smoothie ice.

Q & A  

How to thaw a smoothie?

How long does it take for a smoothie to thaw?  

1 –2 hours (ice cube tray):
If you have frozen your smoothie batch into ice cubes, then you can thaw your smoothie SUPER QUICKLY within about 1-2 hours maximum.   
Simply pop the frozen smoothie cubes out of the ice cube moulds, into your smoothie bowl, from which you like to eat and in about 1-2 hours, take a spoon and gently squeeze each cube down. When they have started to melt, the smoothie cubes turn into mash, and you can mix them fairly well.  
ON THE GO? Or you drop the smoothie cubes into a mason jar or other smoothie container with a lid, let it thaw, and then shake it well. Popp in your straw and you’re ready to go!  


4-6 hours:
If you have frozen your smoothie inside a medium-big container, like freezer bags, then place the smoothie bags on the kitchen counter, and let them thaw. It’s faster to thaw them at room temperature.

If you have a little more time and can plan, you can simply take your smoothie the night before from the freezer (9-12h-before) and place it into the fridge.   

Expire date  

How long can you keep a smoothie in the freezer and in your fridge? 

It’s usually recommended to store smoothies only up to 24h in the fridge. 

They do taste better fresh from the blender! Because the frozen fruits are still chilled and not melted. But you can otherwise store leftover. I prefer to freezer my leftover (due to taste only, but everyone’s taste is different). 

The moisture separates when you refrigerate smoothies for example. Therefore you need to stir it well before drinking it. 
Also, if you made a thick smoothie bowl, it won’t be thick obviously anymore, once placed in the fridge as it melts. In this case, rather freeze it. 

You can freeze most non-dairy smoothies at least 3 months. In my experience they are even fine for 1-2 months longer. 

How long can you freeze smoothies, that contain dairy products? 

Smoothies, that contain any kind of dairy milk or dairy yoghurt have a shorter expiration date. You shouldn’t freeze them longer than 1-2 months.  
Ensure to keep them stored in the freezer bag though. 

Which smoothies to freeze:  

Can you freeze smoothies with yoghurt?  

Absolutely! You can freeze smoothies with yoghurt and dairy. But as mentioned, you can only freeze them for up to 1-2 months in an air-tight container.  

Can you freeze smoothies with protein powder?  

Yes, you can also freeze smoothies with protein powder.  

Can you refreeze smoothies?  

Well, yes you could refreeze smoothies. BUT, ladies and gents it’s not anything I would recommend.  
Let me explain why:   
Firstly, you are “messing” with the fruits and veggies already by freezing them once and thawing them.   
Fruits and veggies expand, when they are frozen, causing ice crystals to puncture. While this happens cell walls start to break.   
So now imagine you freeze and thaw the smoothie over and over again. It’s okay to do it, but avoid it if possible.  

Will the smoothies separate when defrosted?

It depends on the type of smoothie. But usually, if you defrost smoothies for up to 24 hours, they are fine. You can just mix them.  
If you keep smoothies stored overnight in the fridge, then you’ll notice separation. Especially if you use fruits with high-water content, like grapes or watermelon. But you can simply stir them thoroughly and enjoy them.   

Does the smoothie taste different once frozen and defrosted?  

Yes, smoothies can taste different.   
Smoothies do taste the best serviced immodestly after blended. 

Blend it again:
You can thaw it and then also throw it back into the blender. Toss either a few frozen fruits to the mix to taste or even a touch of honey nut butter or other ingredients that are already in your smoothie. 
Spice it up:
Herbs and spices are also great way to enhance flavours, such as cinnamon, cacao, mint, ginger, basil, cilantro and much more.
If you don’t have time to toss it back into the blender, or if spices aren’t a fit, then you can also add some toppings to your smoothie to add additional flavour: Roasted nuts or seeds, hemp, chocolate drops, spirulina, freeze dried fruits or fresh fruits.

How does the taste alter after being refrigerated?  

Once refrigerated and the frozen fruits and veggies have melted, the taste becomes usually stronger. I found that the taste of bananas becomes very strong in smoothies.  
If you thaw your frozen smoothie then it can taste a little more bland. 

Because I like banana smoothies only when they are fresh and frozen. But yoghurt-based smoothies I don’t mind at all when they are refrigerated 24 hours later, and the taste of the berries and fruits becomes stronger.   

Why does my smoothie change colour after being frozen?  

You don’t need to be concerned after you have placed your smoothie in the fridge or freezer and it changes colour.  
This can happen to some types of smoothies, like green, banana-based or tofu smoothies. Usually, the reason is oxidation. The fruits or vegetables in some smoothies are reacting to oxidation.  

The smoothies are COMPLETELY fine to eat or “drink”, just don’t look pretty.  
If you like to prevent your smoothie from turning brown, grey or changing colour, here are some tips:  
-Adding lemon  
-Store your smoothie in an airtight container!  
Bananas, tofu, greens more  

For more tips, check out this brilliant blog post about “How to avoid smoothies from turning brown” from the funky smoothie.  

How do you tell if a smoothie is spoiled?  

It’s not always easy to tell if a smoothie has gone bad. But if the smoothie has changed its smell, appearance or even developed mould it is time to say goodbye.   
Worst case tries a little if you can’t see any visible change or don’t smell anything, and if it doesn’t taste off it’s still good.   
Just make sure you don’t consume it much longer than its recommended expiry date.  

Does freezing smoothies lose nutrients?  

Yes, smoothies do lose nutrition when you freeze them or store them in the fridge? But only a little. And isn’t it still waayyy better to consume frozen smoothies than skip your daily or weekly smoothies?  
It makes no a huge difference, the amount you do lose.  

Do smoothies lose nutrition during the blending process?  

Not necessarily. That depends on the type as Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health stated.  
If you’re making a “proper” whole fruit smoothie (With skin, pulp and flesh) then you contain the nutrition’s.  
Only juices do lose some of the nutritional value during the blending process!  
Another bonus is that the whole fruit smoothies also keep you full for longer. (that’s why I’m always recommending leaving the kiwis skin on and tossing the whole thing into the blender 😉. Just cut off the end bit that’s too hard).  

Does freezing a smoothie make it thicker?  

Yes! You can create healthy ice cream or granita like texture.  
Have a look at my rainbow recipe (the recipe will be out soon!).  

I have frozen the layer in-between to ensure the layers sit nicely on top of each other. Plus, I store the smoothie in the freezer for a while. And it turned it into a thick smoothie, even ice-cream like texture.  

It was super good, and I can recommend this to anyone who loves thick smoothies. Especially in the summertime, place it just for about 30-60 minutes in a freezer.  
Rainbow smoothie frozen with a girl holding it into the camera and a blue sky in the background and a tree

Comments & Feedback

Hope you guys found the 3 ways how to store and freeze smoothies helpful.  

Let me know in the comments which way you have tried so far and which one you prefer?!  

Love to hear from you and your questions,  

Lots of Love,  

Jula xxx 

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