13 EFFECTIVE Heavy Metal Detox Foods You Can Add To Your SMOOTHIE To Be FREE From Toxins (+ RECIPES)

Guys, let’s talk Heavy Metal foods!

We consume heavy metals daily! 

They are not a joke! The danger lies in that it is so difficult to know when we actually are “infected”. Because the symptoms are so many and so different.

They are not only dangerous for us, but also studies have proven what effect they have on children.

And for children, it’s even worse!

The reason is, that they are more susceptible to the effects of lead exposure. And the reason is that children and their brains are still developing.

Heavy metal poisoning can lead to anxiety, depression, headaches, brain fog, to bipolar disorder, memory issues, organ failure, schizophrenia and cancer and much more.

There are many myths about Cleanses and Detox on the Internet. But Heavy Metal Detox is more needed, at least the risk of consuming more heavy metals to us is real.

In unfiltered drinking water, brown rice and fish alone.

That’s why it’s good to know how to reduce the number of metals, and how to consume foods, so they can flush them out better effectively and easily.

Watch the 13 Heavy Metal Food Ideas that can be added to your Diet, in this quick Video Collage

What Is A Heavy Metal Detox Diet?

We are surrounded literally by heavy metals.

And we get in contact with them every day!

Through food, water, the environment and the skin. During the heavy metal detox we consume certain foods, that bind to the metals, which are then getting removed, through the urine for example.

There are different heavy Metal Diets and Detoxes but ways like taking Spirulina and Chlorella is one way.

Through food, water, the environment and the skin. During the heavy metal detox, we consume certain foods, that bind to the metals, which are then getting removed, through the urine for example.
There are different heavy Metal Diets and Detoxes but ways like taking Spirulina and Chlorella is one way.
(Please always check with your doctor before changing you’re or taking any supplements).

What causes heavy metal poisoning?

Heavy metals can enter your body in different ways. You might consume them in the food you eat or absorb them through your skin.

Here’s how you might be exposed to various heavy metals. Keep in mind that heavy metal poisoning occurs with heavy or frequent exposure, usually over a long period. Occasional exposure won’t lead to heavy metal poisoning.

The heavy metals in your body also release free radicals, which cause oxidative stress in the body. This causes on the other hand a variety of bodily functions.

What does heavy metal detox do?

So the symptoms and side effects can vary. The worst and most harmful toxins come from the 4 metals:

  • mercury
  • lead
  • arsenic 
  • cadmium

Heavy metal detox symptoms:

Common General Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning are:

  • nausea
  • weakness
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • shortness of breath
  • tin

Mercury symptoms:

Lead symptoms (in children too so a study showed:

  • deafness
  • learning disabilities
  • behavioural problems 
  • brain damage
  • prostate problems (men)
  • reproductive problems 
  • autism
  • constipation
  • sleep problems
  • irritability
  • anaemia
  • loss of appetite
  • irritability / aggravated
  • fatigue
  • memory loss
  • loss of developmental skills in children

Arsenic symptoms:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • red or swollen skin
  • spots on your skin
  • muscle cramps
  • heart problems (unusual rhythms)

Cadmium symptoms:

  • fever
  • breathing problems
  • muscle pain

The heavy metals in your body also release free radicals, which cause oxidative stress in the body. This causes on the other hand a variety of bodily functions.

Proven Effects that heavy metal diets are successful

While you can do often more harm than benefits with a proper detox when it’s not done properly, it’s best to check in with your doctor.

Cleanses and detoxes are still not 100% proven to be successful or to show, to remove certain toxins as they often claim.

It is proven, that many people do feel better afterwards.

Positive Sides of a detox:

  • You’d feel more energised & focused afterwards
  • Weight loss (short-term) might be a side effect
  • losing excessive fat
  • Avoidance of heavy metals foods 
  • Limitation of processed foods
  • High consumption of water and liquid (like teas)
  • You might limit your activities, and stress and find more relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, more sleep)

The reasons are, that they often cut out on processed foods, cigarettes, and alcohol, and are more rested, hydrated and relaxed overall. 

So it’s not a huge surprise that detox can have a positive impact when you cut out unhealthy foods and habits.

Although during the detox people often struggle and have side effects like headaches, nausea, dizziness and weakness. Especially if you are in a calorie deficit and are on a dangerous detox.

Foods & Objects that contain heavy metals:

Is a heavy metal detox safe?

The internet is trying to always sell you all types of detoxes.

Usually, your body is fully capable of cleansing itself, through sweat and urine. Although you can only help with certain foods to support your body’s natural cleansing system, as healthline.com suggest.

When it comes to a heavy metal detox it can make sense though.

Although it is always wise to ask your doctor for advice, as you want to do it the proper way (plus I am not a clinician, not a doctor).

Worst case it can come to allergic reactions, mineral deficiencies or worst birth defects or even kidney injuries, so healthline.com advises.

Are all heavy metals harmful?

In short no, not all metals are.

But some can be extremely harmful to our health and can even can cause cancer and other illnesses.

Heavy Metal Detox Food (Ingredient) List

Heavy metal food list how to get rid of heavy metals in your body

These ingredients and foods are binding the heavy metals and are “flushed” out of your body together during the digestive process.

It is anything else but easy to get rid of toxins, especially because we are surrounded by them DAILY! But being aware of them, and knowing which food groups help to bind them, is a step closer to the solution.

Heavy metal detox foods to eat include in your diet, besides smoothies, garlic and tomatoes.

1. Cilantro

The fresh, green leaves are often used in Mexican and Thai dishes for garnish.

Most people have split feelings about this spice.

They either love or hate it.

I LOVE it! although I don’t often use it because I’m not sure often how to include it in recipes.

Cilantro (Green Cloud Smoothie) Heavy Metal Food list
Cilantro (Aka Coriander)

But here is a recipe idea:

The Green Cloud Smoothie (recipe following soon)

Ingredients: With Yogurt, Cilantro, and Celery a slightly settles sweet Green Smoothie, that is a great cleansing smoothie!

Cilantro is also called Coriander! 

Fun story: For ages, I wanted to make this recipe with cilantro, but was first unable to find it in the stores for ages! Until I did some research and found out its actual coriander 😀

Well in the Us, Cilantro is the leaves and stem, while Coriander is the dried seeds.

Also while in the UK we use the term Coriander more often, in America and Spanish where Cilantro is the more common term for the Mediterranean herb.

What does it taste like?

The taste and smell are very fresh, citrusy and a great addition to a fruit or green smoothie.

2. Blueberries (especially wild blueberries!)

Wild Blueberries are known to be extremely high in antioxidants!

….They have THE highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on the planet.

That means they are great in helping you to fight chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

But did you know, how incredibly powerful they are?

They can be life-changing!

Did you know?

Wild blueberries can be burned to the ground and still come back stronger than ever!

They adapted to every climate. No other food can adapt like wild blueberries.

They are the most adaptogen food.

And why you want to add them to your heavy metal detox is because they are amazing in removing not only heavy metal toxins but also

  • radiation
  • DDT
  • pesticides
  • and other toxins.

According to medicalmedium.com, they are the most powerful food on the planet.

Are you ready to get rid of your toxins and include this superfood in your diet more often?

How can you eat wild blueberries to get rid of toxins:

on the right you can see from above a glass with a bright pink and red smoothie with pitaya powder decorated and on the right the smoothie ingredients with blueberries, strawberries and more
This is the
4 Ingredient Detox Smoothie With Blueberry And Strawberry! You can add a teaspoon of wild blueberry powder to this recipe for a booster!

How do you eat wild blueberries?

You can consume wild blueberries fresh, frozen or as wild blueberry powder.

The powdered version is a great and versatile way to be added to your meals and diet, because fresh berries aren’t always available, and are more expensive.

So the powder you can buy on amazon or another preferred online retailer. Plus it doesn’t expire so quickly.

You can even add it over a salad, as a dressing, into drinks and lattes and smoothies (of course!)

How much wild blueberry powder should I take a day for a heavy metal detox diet?

The safe recommended dose of dried wild blueberry powder is about: 1-2 tsp.

3. Spirulina (powder, capsules etc.)

Here it is! The vibrant blue-green or green algae! 

That turns every smoothie bowl, chia pudding, latte or even pancake into a stunning, Instagram-able meal!

But this superfood is not just stunning to look at. It is incredibly healthy and yes, can help you to get rid of your toxins.

It “binds” to toxins and heavy metals and therefore “flushings” them out of your system with your digestive system (through your urine)

How much spirulina should you take a day for a heavy metal detox diet?

About 1 tsp (3 grams) of spirulina powder should be roughly enough to get rid of toxins.

Which is often the dose that is in one smoothie serving/cup.

4. Chlorella

How much spirulina should you take a day for a heavy metal detox diet?

Have you heard about Chlorella before?

It’s similar to spirulina and can be also taken together.

Chlorella is the same as spirulina an alga.

They both becoming increasingly popular and are good for cleansing.

What’s the difference between the 2 powerful powders?

Chlorella is high in calories, fat (omega-3 fatty acids), vitamin A, riboflavin, iron and zinc.

Then Spirulina might be higher in thiamine, copper, and possibly protein. One of the reasons probably why NASA has given spirulina to their astronauts as supplements for their space missions.

While both, spirulina and chlorella are high in antioxidants, are beneficial for your cholesterol profile and reduce your blood pressure levels.

Smoothie Recipes with Chlorella:

While I haven’t made the direct recipe, where I added Chlorella yet, you can simply make Spirulina Recipes and add Chlorella instead of Spirulina powder, or use half.
Because they both have similar health benefits, and you won’t taste them when mixed with fruits.

Recipe suggestions: Miracle smoothie bowl: Blue Spirulina recipe

5. Barley Grass Juice Powder

a bright green smoothie in the left and a vitamix blender on the right with a heavy metal food ingredient on the right with a vitamix blender and a hand holding a spoon with matcha or barley grass juice powder
You can add Barley Grass Juice Powder to any green (or other) Smoothie, like this
Cute Kiwi Cleansing Smoothie

This powerful green powder is one effective way to get rid of toxic metals, and possibly reduce the risk of getting Heavy metals Poisoning, and with that:

  • memory issues
  • mood disorders
  • brain fog
  • concentration issues
  •  OCD
  • depression
  • bipolar disorders
  • ADHD and more

Are you wondering what is Barley grass juice powder?

Barley grass powder comes from a plant that hasn’t started making seeds.

In this stage, it’s highly nutritious, because it helps to grow larger leaves and seeds. 

Is Barley Grass Juice Powder good for you?


Barley grass juice powder is loaded with minerals, vitamins (especially A, C K) and antioxidants, that prevent diseases.

It’s a great source of magnesium and is a healthy digestion booster because it’s high in dietary fibre.

The powder is also great for your bones and heart health.

Plus it’s good for weight loss, anti-inflammatory, and promotes a healthy gut. It can also reduce excess acidity in your body.

Besides, the reason why it’s in this post, it is a natural detoxifier.

It can help to support your liver.

How to include Barley grass juice powder into your diet?

While the Barley grass juice is amazing in smoothies, you can also add it into shakes, as juice, include it in baking and more.

What’s the difference between barley grass powder and barley grass juice powder?

Yes, there is a difference between Barley Grass Powder and juice powder!

Did you realise, that there are 2 different versions?

They are made from the same blades of grass (Hordeum vulgare).

The usual lighter green-coloured Barley Grass Powder contains cellulose, that CANNOT be digested by us.

The often darker Barley Grass Juice Powder has a higher concentration of beneficial nutrients. Plus this one does NOT contain cellulose.

(So I would recommend taking this one. But both are good for you.)

6. Atlantic Dulse

A plate with dried purple atlantic dulse, and on the right a vitamix blender with milk, berries, coconut shreds and dark berries before its being blended to a heavy metal smoothie

Atlantic dulse is a seaweed type that is incredible high in protein and fibre.

And that’s making it a GREAT addition to your diet. And can be again easily added to smoothies, for the ones, who don’t like to experiment easily with “new” and “weird” ingredients, as you won’t taste it. The other fruits will overpower the seaweed flavour in most recipes.

Another heavy metal detox food, that you should include more often in your diet. 

And here are more potential health benefits of the Atlantic dulse-red algae:

  • high protein
  • high fibre
  • Low calorie
  • High vitamin B12 (vegetarians are often in deficiency)
  • nutrient-rich
  • High in calcium
  • High in potassium
  • loaded with antioxidants
  • Lower blood pressure
  • bone health
  • thyroid gland health (high levels of iodine (76% of girls in the Uk are too low in iodine) 
  • Eye Health

What do the red algae taste?

Atlantic dulse tastes typical algae: A bit salty, savoury and a little bit “fishy”.

But if you include it in smoothies, you shouldn’t taste it, as the smoothie flavours from fruits are overpowering. 

And you don’t use much of the Atlantic dulse, superfood.

Fun fact:

You can even cook Atlantic dulse. And then apparently it tastes similar to bacon. 

So you can use it as seasonal for savoury dishes, it goes well for breakfast dishes because it tastes similar to bacon, but you can use it also “raw” in its dry form by adding about 1 tsp (or a few pieces, depending how big they are) blended into your smoothies.

7. Curry

A picture of a blended smoothie bowl on the left and curry and spices on the right side
You could try adding curry perhaps to this delicious Carrot Banana and Cinnamon Smoothie. Bowl I can imagine that this would make a great combination (although I haven’t tried it YET!)

Did you know, that you can add curry to your smoothies And that it’s good to get rid of your toxins, like heavy metals?


healthline.com included the powerful orange-golden spice into the heavy metal food list, that you can include in your diet more often.

Some other possible benefits of this incredible spice, curry:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • heart healthy
  • anti-cancer
  • loaded with antioxidants (protecting you from diseases)
  • brain health
  • might lowers your blood sugar level
  • antifungal & antibacterial
  • digestive health
  • filling

Which flavour can you combine curry in a smoothie?

It’s maybe not the easiest flavour if you are thinking about it, but there are more options than you think. I’ll promise to experiment with curry smoothies soon, and surprise you with some amazing smoothies.

Ingredients, that I believe taste great with curry flavour:

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Coconut
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Banana
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger

7. Green Tea

Green tea can be either added to smoothies in form of cold liquid as a base, or you can freeze it in silicone trays to make the smoothie slushier and thicker, to cool it down.

You are probably used to adding normal ice, frozen milk or even coffee. But yes, you can also freeze your tea.

Green tea is such a powerful detoxing agent for your body because it contains antioxidants, such as catechins. This antioxidant is known to boost your levels of glutathione, which is an important agent for heavy metal detoxification.

Also, green tea binds internalized metals, which leave your body out of your urine.

8. Yoghurt (Greek Yogurt = Superfood)

Greek yogurt as heavy metal food and other smoothie ingredient. on the lhs of the picture you see one tablet with heavy metal smoothie ingredient, and on the right side are other smoothie ingredient

BADASS Smoothie with Banana, Yogurt Cinnamon and Vanilla VS
5 min Easy Kiwi Banana Smoothie beats any cold (Immunity booster) Both contain a good amount of healthy greek yoghurt, which is good food against heavy metals.

Now let’s talk about how amazing and healthful Probiotics are for your digestion, and gut health but also are foods that can fight heavy metal toxins in your body.

Probiotics, like yoghurt, kefir, tofu and kombucha are also good for your heart and can help you if you’re struggling with depression.

Probiotics bind metals such as mercury and arsenic and remove them from your body.

Also, did you know that when you reach age 30, your digestive system is not the same as before?

That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight!

Your food can stay in your body, undigested for longer.

This then causes bacterial, viral and fungal infections with inflammation of your stomach and bowel.

What can you do to improve your digestive tract?

You can consume 1-2 probiotic portions a day! 🙂 

9. Kefir

You can just swap on most healthy Smoothie Recipes like this one the greek yoghurt with Kefir! Super creamy and both are great for your gut health and to fight the toxins.


Kefir is also part of the probiotics, that can be added to smoothies! 

Besides, that it’s great for

  • removing toxic metals,
  • it is also high in protein,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • nutrient-dense and adds a nice creaminess to smoothies.

It’s a great yoghurt replacement if you want an alternative in your recipes.

Kefir is loaded with 30 “good” types of gut bacteria. So if you want to improve your digestive system, and make a healthy smoothie, then adding kefir is a top choice.

It’s also high in vitamin B12 which is a vitamin, that many vegetarians often haven’t got enough of. 

Also, it is high in magnesium, vitamin b2, and much more. While it’s good for bone health, it also has anti-cancer properties and might be good for your skin health and allergies. It even improves lactose intolerance symptoms.

10. Tofu

A close up picture of Silken tofu, wihere light is reflecting on the top. You can see grey kitchen surface a wooden chopping board underneath the tofu, and plants in the background

No need to even drain the tofu! Super easy.

Have you ever added tofu to smoothies?

If not, you guys are missing out!!

Trust me I was super sceptical at first, but hear me out!

(Silken) contains SH*T tons of protein, and you can NOT taste it!

Plus, it’s super easy to prepare!

Check out the recipe

11. Kombucha

Another probiotic: Kombucha. 

It also binds heavy metals and removes them effectively from your body.

And yes, you can add it as a liquid to your smoothies, or freeze it!

I haven’t published a recipe yet, but it’s high up on my list. 

So sign up for the Rainbow Recipe Newsletter to not miss out on it, when it comes out.

What happens if you drink Kombucha daily?

  • It’s will improve your gut health (Source of Probiotics)
  • many similar benefits as green tea, as it is made from it(weight loss, and https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/8-benefits-of-kombucha-tea#TOC_TITLE_HDR_4blood sugar control)
  • you are protected more from chronic diseases (loaded with antioxidants)
  • Your liver toxicity will be reduced (by possibly around 70%)
  • Kombucha suppresses the growth of undesirable bacteria and yeasts 
  • The risk of heart disease is lower
  • Kombucha may improve several markers of diabetes long-term
  • You might be better protected from cancer if you consume it long-term daily

12. Lemons

Lemons, especially lemon pectin a fact on the list of heavy metal foods.

Do you love lemons?

We all know how powerful they are, right? But are they foods that fight heavy metal toxins


By consuming lemon (juice) or lemon water your liver will 

Lemon juice stimulates liver function, the pectin in the rind helps bind heavy metals and move them out of your intestines through elimination. I don’t recommend eating the entire lemon rind as they can contain pesticides, dyes and edible waxes which can irritate lips and oral tissues.

13. Vitamins (B, B-6 & C)

a tray with smoothie ingredients: banana, celery,lemon,,kiwi and spinach for a green smoothie added plus activated charcoal. with overlay text and an arrow saying: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and high in antioxidants. in the background is a wall to see with frames

Yes! You might be surprised about this last part. But making sure that you are having enough Vitamin B, B-6 and Vitamin C in your body are also important to fight heavy metals. 

While you can take supplements (after checking in with your doctor) you should be usually fine if you consume smoothies regularly, as many healthy smoothies are nutrition dense and give you the needed vitamins:

Smoothie Recipes :

108% Vitamin C; 30% Vitamin B30:

220 Kcal – The Green Matcha Smoothie (with Chocolate Surprise Egg)

59% Vitamin B-6, 36% Vitamin C, 54% Folic Acid B9:

How to Make the Incredible Immunity Booster Carrot Banana smoothie bowl – to lose belly fat

Vitamin B, B-6, and C deficiencies are associated with trusted Sources poor tolerance of heavy metals and easier toxicity. Vitamin C has been reported to have chelating effects on iron. In one animal study, B-1 supplements were shown to decrease iron levels.

10 Ways To Stay Healthy And Avoid Heavy Metals

  1. Eat organic, where possible
  2. Eat less of the food groups that contain the “worst” heavy metals(mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium)
  3. fish, bone broth, rice (especially brown rice)
  4. Filter your water
  5. Consider a heavy metal detox occasionally (ideally supervised by your doctor)
  6. If your home was built before 1978– have it tested for lead
  7. Ensure your supplements & spices are from trusted, high-quality sources 
  8. Sweating also can get rid of toxins (sport, or saunas)
  9. Drink plenty of FILTERED water (helping to detox liver, kidneys, and skin, and helps to flush out digested food and reduce inflammation)
  10. Stop smoking & avoid e-cigarette smoke

Are there many harmful heavy metals in tap water?

We all know how important water is.

It gives us glowing skin, boosts our digestive system, keeps us hydrated and is extremely powerful.

But if we consume heavy metals and other chemicals, we can do more harm than good to our bodies, did you realise that?

Are you filtering your water properly?

I haven’t, for a while. Because living in the UK is already expensive on its own. 

But our health should be more key, than finding affordable filtering solutions, rather than drinking harmful water daily. 

And that in litres.

Heavy Metals in the UK:

Is our water in the Uk really that bad?

In short: yes!

Water-for-health.co.uk says that UK’s (and the world wides) water needs to be filtered.

It is containing:

  • lead!!!
  • chlorine
  • dioxin
  • mercury!!
  • fluoride
  • arsenic!!
  • and more. 

That is 3 (lead, arsenic and mercury) of 4 of the worst heavy metals that need to be avoided. 

And that causes serious harm to you.

Heavy Metals in the US:

It depends on the area where you live on how clean your water is.

You can also call a hotline (800-426-4791) to find out the status of your water, as health.com suggests.

How do remove heavy metals from water naturally?

There are 1 main heavy metal filtering systems I would say:

  • Reverse osmosis filters: This water filtering process is filtering the water from heavy metals (bacteria and viruses) by pushing high water pressure through semipermeable filters.

There might be also more water filtering ways that filter healthy metals and other things like microplastic particles, pesticides chemicals and more. 

Make sure to always check if heavy metals are on the list including all 4 harmful heavy metals: such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.

How do the metals get into the water?

The heavy metals can come through different ways into the water and contaminate it. 


  • medical waste
  • leaks
  • pesticides

and more.

Best Heavy Metal Detox Products (High In Demand)

Here are a few more products, that COMBINE the heavy metal foods, that are listed below.

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A collage like picture of Heavy metal food list how to get rid of heavy metals in your body

Comments & Feedback

Okay, so it’s proven that we are getting daily in contact with extreme dangerous heavy metals alone in drinking water.

Still, while actual heavy metal poisoning is rare (in the US at least), other diseases, illnesses and health side effects are more proven that come from it.

Such as headaches, fatigue, chronic diseases, visual disturbances, brain fog, paralysis and organ damage can be side effects of long-term exposure to heavy metals.

While it’s not 100% proven that detox is actually taking out specific toxins, they still have overall positive effects, while you are consuming healthier foods and cutting out “bad” foods and processed foods. Plus is true that most people feel better after a detox. By adding Heavy metal detox smoothies to your diet you can for sure do a lot of good things for your body.

But if you are suffering for sure from heavy metal poisoning, make sure to check in with your doctor before starting a detox.

Please also don’t forget to get the FREE weekly newsletter 🙂

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All the best,

Jula xxx

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