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★ What are the benefits of smoothies? ★ 

All the smoothie recipes are very healthy and can bring you further toward your goal.

→ you can support your weight loss
→ they cat burn your fat 
→ cleansing (detox)
→ support your healthy living and help you to in cutting out processed foods
→ may lower blood pressure
→ improving your skin, hair and nails (due to the collagen in vitamin c)
→ gut health
→ boost metabolism
→ digestion boosters (high fibre)
→ they can reduce bloat
→ they can be beneficial for people with mental health
→ brain function | focus
→ anti-cancer properties / might reduce risk of chronic diseases (antioxidants)/
→ reduced risk of heart-related diseases
→ energising
→ can control blood pressure
→ reduces cravings
→ stay full for longer
→ build stronger bones
→ lower risk of diabetes or diabetes management
→ may balance hormones
→ they hydrate yourself
→ they are anti-inflammatory

→ and more…

These vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes were life-changing for me.

So I bet, they can be for you too!

I LOST 30 POUNDS, by eating more plant-based, healthier and enjoying delicious, refreshing and healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls.

By simply adding exactly those smoothies into my diet, and replacing one smoothie with one meal a day YOU can also make a huge change to your diet and even lose weight and live healthier.

Since then I am feeling so alive, empowered and happier than ever before!
It’s not even a diet, it’s a change of lifestyle, and they taste incredible healthy.

This smoothie ebook digital book is an instant download, where you get the best smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes, directly onto your laptop and mobile phone, to start to get healthier happier and get your 5-a day. 
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