The 97 Kcal Fiery Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix

The Flamingo Smoothie Recipe

Vegan Berry Mix with Yogurt 

This fiery smoothie is a must for the BERRY SMOOTHIE lovers: 

Sweet, tangy and refreshing!

The rainbow recipes – flamingo berry Smoothie Mix

You won’t taste the banana! 

Just heavenly fresh and sweet! 

This is one of my first berry smoothies with yoghurt, that I have finalised and created and I was obsessed with ever since.  

On a hot summer day, this smoothie will cool you down. But also, on one of many rainy, dark London days, this smoothie will cheer you up! 

Why you’ll love this Strawberry and Raspberry Smoothie Mix

  1. Incredibly healthy (healthy factor 9.6 of 10) 
  2. The taste is incredible (even banana haters will love it) 
  3. Taste also good, after it’s set a few hours in the fridge 
  4. It’s quick  

Did you know? 

Strawberries are the first berries to ripe in spring? 

Watch the Fiery Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix recipe video. 


How much time do you need to make this recipe for a Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix? 

You don’t need more than 5 minutes for this Mixed Berry Recipe. It’s blended up in no time.  

Freeze your berries and bananas in advance (overnight), and then you are good to go. 

When is the ideal time to eat this Mixed Berry Flamingo Smoothie? 

Because this recipe is very low in calories, you can enjoy it anytime during the day. 

If you are not the biggest breakfast easter, you could even have it in the morning, and add fruits, berries, seeds, nuts and nut butter as a topping. To make it more filling… 

have a look at how to make it a more filling meal replacement option; 

Otherwise, this is the ideal weight-loss snack and healthy dessert with ONLY 97 CALORIES per smoothie. 

What does the Smoothie taste like? 

This Fiery Flamingo Smoothie is a must-try for all berry lovers: 

It’s tastes 



And of berries! 

Super fresh! 

The banana, you won’t taste, it only adds in sweetness. Just make sure to ripen the banana, before you freeze it. 

Is The Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix healthy?

How many calories are in this smoothie? 

97 calories are in one serving of the Flamingo Mixed Berry Smoothie. 

How much protein is in this Flamingo (strawberry and raspberry) smoothie recipe? 

While this smoothie is super low in calories, it is unfortunately also quite low in protein with  

3 grams = 6%. 

But here are plenty of ways how to increase your protein intake: 

63 INSANE Ways – HOW TO add PROTEIN (to your Smoothie)

Is this smoothie good for weight loss? 

The short answer is: Yes, it is!

Let’s look at the health factor:

Health factor 

A health factor (measured at reaches 9.6 out of 10.0, nearly the top score, and includes almond milk. If you want to increase more nutrition, then you can use for example soy milk.  

In this milk guide, you can read up all about different milk types, their calories, carbs and how they taste in comparison: 

RELATED: HOW TO GET SKINNY: How many carbs are in milk? – 8 “MILKS” COMPARED

The score also does not include the optional ingredients (like ice, and honey.) 

Feature image: yellow background with milk glass in foreground that is only partly visible. picture is blurred out with overlay text: milk comparison guide carbs and calories.

HOW TO GET SKINNY: How many carbs are in milk? – 8 “MILKS” COMPARED


Nutritional breakdown for the Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix 

  • Fiber – 20% 
  • Calcium – 8% 
  • Magnesium – 8% 
  • Potassium – 9% 
  • Phosphorus – 8% 
  • Vitamin C – 57% 
  • Vitamin B6 – 12% 
  • Folic Acid B9 -15% 
  • Vitamin E – 8% 
  • Vitamin K – 8% 

10 health benefits of this smoothie: 

This smoothie contains incredible healthy ingredients, such as strawberries, raspberries and even greek yoghurt (which is a superfood).

But even if you should substitute Greek yoghurt with a vegan-friendly or dairy-friendly alternative, you get plenty of benefits from the berries alone.

  1. high fibre (20% per smoothie)
  2. heart-healthy (strawberries and raspberries)
  3. lowers blood pressure
  4. anti-cancer (raspberries and strawberries)
  5. high in antioxidants (both berries)
  6. bone health (raspberry and possibly greek yogurt)
  7. high in vitamin C (57% per smoothie)
  8. high in nutrition (raspberries, and greek yogurt)
  9. weight-loss (low in calories, filling: greek yogurt)
  10. Cleansing

Did you know? 

There are 103 different types of strawberries out there?! 


Must Ingredients

  • A splash of unsweetened milk (your favourite) almond milk, or coconut milk is good 
  • Greek yogurt (or dairy-free/ vegan substitute) 
  • Strawberries 
  • Raspberries  

Optional Ingredients

  • 1 tsp honey (or another vegan-friendly sub) 
  • Ice 
  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds, optional  
  • 1 Tbsp hemp seeds, optional  
  • ½ cup spinach, optional 
strawberry smoothie in close up with a frozen berrie

100 Kcal! DAMN Sweet Strawberry Smoothie Yogurt 


Swap Ingredients / Variations 

Can I replace raspberries or strawberries? 

If you are allergic to strawberries or raspberries you can replace them also with other berries of your choice, 

such as blackberries (yum!!) or cranberries. 

Can I add any green veggies

Yes, you can use other green veggies for this smoothie.  

Spinach or kale are popular add-ins for smoothies. Just start with a little, as especially kale can be bitter. Also, this would change the colour of the smoothie, but adds a great amount of nutrition. 

My tip:

Add greens just after adding the liquid and yoghurt, and then blend the 3 ingredients. Because otherwise, you’ll end up with green chunks later. 

Dietary Adjustments 

Is this smoothie vegan? 

Yes, good news. This flamingo berry smoothie is well suited for you if you are vegan! 

Even though Greek yoghurt is not vegan, you can simply choose a vegan Greek yoghurt substitute.  

Nowadays more and more vegan Greek yoghurt versions are on the market. 

Is honey vegan? 

If you are vegan, you might want to avoid honey, as it involves bees

Hiney is not a must for this or most other smoothie recipes, it adds a nice sweet flavour. You can skip it completely or replace it with other sweeteners of your choice. 

Is this smoothie gluten-free? 

Yes, all ingredients are also gluten-free. 

Is this smoothie a dairy-free smoothie? 

Like most of my smoothie ingredients, this one is also dairy-free. 


All ingredients, besides Greek yoghurt, are dairy-free.  

But also, here you can simply choose a dairy-free substitute. That is no problem. 

I’d just try to choose an unsweetened yoghurt, to make it a healthy smoothie. 

Is this smoothie a meal-replacement smoothie?  

I wouldn’t use this as a meal replacement smoothie, as it is low in fat (2%), calories (97Kcal), and protein (6%= 3g). 

Meal replacement smoothies should be super filling and fuel your body with energy. 

Although it is high in fibre (20%=5.6g

Have a look at all nutrition, to see the exact nutritional breakdown.

It is a great weight-loss, in-between, light meal or snack and dessert smoothie though. Because it is so low in calories.  

How to make this smoothie more filling? 

If you are considering turning this Berry Smoothie into a meal-replacement smoothie, then there are some things you can add: 

Optional, you can make it more filling by adding more nuts, seeds, protein powder or nut butter. 

Chia seeds or hemp are a great way to give add some healthy fats and energy. But also sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts and any other nut or nut butter. 

How to make the Best Flamingo Double Berry Smoothie bowl 

The Fiery Flamingo Berry Smoothie Mix Recipe

This super tasty Berry Smoothie Recipe is made with mostly frozen berries, yoghurt and some frozen bananas, which you won't taste.
Total Time 5 mins
Course Dessert, smoothie, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people


  • Blender


  • splash unsweetened milk
  • 3-4 Tbsp greek yogurt
  • 1 cup strawberries, frozen
  • ¾ cup raspberries, frozen
  • 0.5 pieces bananas, ripe, frozen
  • 1 tsp raw honey (optional)
  • ½ cup ice (optional)



  • Add the soft ingredients to the blender first:
    A splash of milk and yoghurt.

Frozen fruits

  • Add frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries) and the ripe banana.

Add optional ingredients

  • Now is the time to add some honey to taste.
  • Finally, toss ice over the blend.


  • Now blend all until smooth on a low setting. Use your tamper (or wooden spoon/spatula) to scrape down the blended berry mix.

How to store your Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

I’d recommend enjoying the smoothie right away, as it is still cool and will taste the best.  

How long can you store the smoothie in the fridge or freezer? 

You can store dairy-free smoothies in an airtight container usually for up to 3 months.

Just head over to my detailed post about how to store and thaw a smoothie. 

3 pictures underneath each other of ways on how to store fruit smoothies for later

3 Easy ways – how to freeze  & store smoothies for later


Tips – How to Make The Best Smoothie Berry Mix

Tips for making a thick bowl vs a thinner smoothie 

Do you like your smoothie thicker or thinner? 

For all tips on how to create the thickest smoothie bowl, check out this post: 

16 SECRETS – How to make a smoothie thicker

How to make a thinner, drinkable smoothie? 

  • Skipp ice 
  • Add more liquid 
  • Increase the blend time 
  • Increase the blend setting 
  • Use less Greek yoghurt (or a thinner yoghurt) 

Chia seeds thicken smoothies + Add Energy 

If you want to add a little more thickness and add at the same time energy, fibre and nutrition to your smoothie, then you could add chia seeds to your smoothie. You can blend them in, or even sprinkle some on top.  

That will milder the acid taste. 


Are mixed berry smoothies good for you?

Oh yes! 
Berries don’t only taste sweet and delicious they are also one of the healthiest food you can eat, claims
While they they are low in calories, they provide you plenty of nutritions, vitamins (like vitamin C, K) antioxidants and are good for your heart.

That’s it’s a good choice to add berries to your smoothies.

As long as you dong add too many additional sweeteners to your smoothie and another add ons. Especially when store bought smoothies, are often full of hidden and added sweeteners and add-ons.

What berries are good for smoothies?

You can use ANY berries for smoothies:
Strawberries, and raspberries, are sweet but also low in calories and high in water.

But blueberries are delicious in yoghurt or banana blends. And then there are blackberries or cranberries, which make also a yummy and healthy smoothie.

There isn’t any berry that is bad for your health or your smoothie.

Berries are filled with fibre and nutrients and can be very heart-healthy: like strawberries and raspberries for example.

They are high in antioxidants and contain cancer-fighting properties.
Plus berries can be cleansing for your body and a great addition to a detox smoothie.

Can Berry Smoothies help lose weight?

Yes, berries are first of all are filling because they are high in fibre and water and low in calories. 
Secondly, berries are are nutrition-dense and contain plenty of minerals and vitamins and are satisfying, such as strawberries.

For example:
The berries with a very high amount of fibre are blackberries (1 cup = 8 grams of fibre) and raspberries (1 cup =9.8 grams of fibre).

Additionally, they have the lowest GI of all fruits.

Studies have shown that if you snack on berries instead of candy you eat less during your next meal.

That’s the outcome of a study done in 2015, where women who consumes berried worth of 65 calories ate less during their next meal compared to those who ate 65 calories worth of candy.

Weight-Loss Tip: If you are a fan of a thick smoothie bowl, then this is another great way of losing weight. Eating food, rather than drinking it, is supposed to be more effective for weight loss.

What are the benefits of a berry smoothie?

They are plenty of benefits of a berry smoothie. Depending on the precise recipes, and which berries and other ingredients have been used.

Overall berry smoothies are:
nutrition-dense (vitamin C, manganese, copper, Vitamin K1, etc.)
and rich in antioxidants
high-fibre and therefore filling
fight cancer
may help with skin health (wrinkling skin etc)

Have also a look at the specific health benefits of this mixed strawberry-raspberry smoothie.

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