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    If you like to share my recipes, you can do that by sharing 1 image for each recipe post, with linking that image back to the original recipe page. Please mention my name (Jula), Blog name Rainbow Recipes (with a link back to my homepage), and Recipe Name (with a link back to the recipe).

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    I am open to working with brands and other Blogs and Creatives, as long as it fits my audience and my niche. Please just drop me a line in the comment field above, email me (hi (AT) the-rainbow-recipes (DOT) com) or reach out through Pinterest.

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    Rainbow Recipe – How to submit a guest post 

    Like to submit a guest post?


    I am occasionally open to guest post opportunities from talented bloggers.

    Because I love supporting other food or recipe bloggers because we need to stick together, and it’s great to share other people’s work!

    Here are just a few guidelines to make it easier to know what I am looking for if you like to submit your guest post.

    A blog post that fits into the themes:

    • Healthy Smoothies!!!!!
    • Healthy Smoothie bowls
    • Nice Cream
    • Healthy Ice Creams
    • Superfoods
    • Healthy Plant-based Diets
    • Healthy living themes
    • Healthy weight loss methods (do they work or not)
    • Frozen healthy desserts
    • and more.


    The closer the niche has to do with smoothies, the higher the chance, that I can accept your guest post. But it can be also anything similar, that is connected to the niche.

    Writing style:

    • well written
    • short paragraphs
    • exciting
    • storytelling or very informative
    • fact-based (include links to original source)


    • 2-3 vertical blog post pictures (list post can have up to 5 pictures)
    • 1 vertical photo for the feature image
    • High-quality (not pixelated- minimum width of 680 pixels -1360 )
    • great lightning.
    • Minimum 1.000 words – max 2.000 (no fluff, with intro)
    • Let me know the keywords
    • Permission, that I can use these images for Pinterest collages
    • If you have already the images, please attach them.


    • Feel free to share the post later on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, facebook stories and posts.
    • Shoot me an email when you do, so I can like or comment underneath the post or story, to boost it. 

    Post types:

    • Ideally, no recipe posts, unless it’s an amazing recipe, that is well tested and I must publish (= that wows me ;))
    • Have to be a (niche-related) smoothie, ice cream, healthy ice cream smoothie recipe (or anything related to my niche; like healthy superfood desserts, copycat recipes etc.)
    • List posts
    • How-to Posts
    • and anything similar.

    Title examples:

    • ‘Top 10 ___ for ___’
    • Best 5 ___ you didn’t realise you need.
    • ‘Alternative uses of ___’
    • 26 healthy weight loss tips __ that actually work
    • The 13 Best and Worst ___ to add to your Smoothies, today to boost your ___.
    • 36 Evidence-based foods that help with ___ to add to your healthy smoothie diet.
    • The 10 must-have __ you need to try this ____.
    • Other strong titles (be creative and convince me)
    • Funny, shocking, controversial titles.
    • Ideally with a number at the beginning.

    Other guidelines:

    • Please place your links natural (not forced) into the blog post.
    • Do not place advertisements for any products in the article, or push on self-promotion (though it’s fine to link back and mention your own blog or a specific page of course)
    • You can link the bank to 2-3 pages of yours when it feels natural.
    • I appreciate well-researched blog posts (with links), 100% accuracy and proof checked, and always ensure to link back to trusted sources.
    • Original content only (can’t have been published somewhere else before).

    NOTE: No topics, that are supporting unhealthy diets, tips, body images or unrealistic methods, etc. (Like: “How to lose 7 kilos in 3 days!)” This blog is supporting everyone’s body shapes, and shares weight loss articles only, to help to improve overall health.

    How to apply?

    Send me an email (see contact page) with the following details:

    • Guest Post Title
    • Your name
    • Your Blog Name
    • Your Website Name
    • Your Socials
    • Summary of your blog post (what are the key points (as bullet points ideally)
    • Intro (optional)A snippet of the first 70-150 words:
    • What type of blog post? (list post, recipe, how to, what structure?)

    Can’t wait to hear from you!