RICH + HEALTHY: Chocolate Almond Smoothie Bowl (The WORLDS BEST Recipe)

World's Best - Healthy Chocolate Almond Smoothie


Have you been searching for an incredible RICH, thick, ICE CREAM-like smoothie bowl recipe, that taste too naughty, but is healthy?

Then, let me introduce you to the WORLD’S BEST Chocolate Almond Smoothie Bowl.

The best thing is, that you can NOT even taste the bananas! I swear.

I’ve been made sure because I’ve been tweaking this recipe a while now.

It’s the perfect dessertmeal replacementworkout smoothie OR heavenly good and energising breakfast bowl! Why?

Because it is HIGH PROTEIN, with healthy ingredients, blended up in simply 3 minutes. And that’s why it also keeps you full for hours and helps to lose weight.

Let’s dive right in…



Why you'll love this recipe

4-Reasons, why this smoothie is amazing:

Vegan Almond Chocolate recipe video.

How much time do you need to make this healthy chocolate almond smoothie?

Is this smoothie bowl a breakfast evening or lunch recipe?

Health benefits

You can see a white surface with a brown, rich chocolate vitamix blender. Infront is laying a yellow fresh banana and a water glass is partly to see in the front. On the surface is cacao powder has been pilled

Is this chocolate almond smoothie good for you?

Where do I even begin…
It is filled with very healthy ingredients:

  • Bananas
  • Cacao powder
  • Almond butter
  • Plant-Based Milk, unsweetened

Unlike plenty of smoothies or ice creams, which are often filled with additional sweeteners, is the recipe list kept short and simple.

With no bad additives. And no sweeteners.

The banana is already sweet enough, that you don’t need anything on top of that. Especially if you choose a ripe banana.

Of course, if you feel like you need any, you can adjust the recipe as you like. See also under adjustments.

What are the health benefits of this healthy chocolate almond smoothie?

This chocolate almond smoothie recipe is full of good shit!

Just to point out besides that is a high protein, it is also EXTREMELY high in FIBRE.

⇾ With 73% fibre of your daily recommended doses.

Proteins and fibre are great, because they speed up your metabolism, makes you feel fuller and help weight loss in the long run.

Fibre also helps to reduce many diseases (strokes, type 2 diseases, and bowel cancer).

I better show you a visual breakdown, that might be easier to digest. It contains plenty of vitamins and nutrition.

Health factor.

Health score.

That health factor is a criterion decided by, where you can upload recipes.

The website shows you then, what recipes are well balanced, and how healthy they are.

You can see, that the health score is nearly 10 out of 10, which proves, that this recipe, is extremely healthy! 🙂

Just an FYI: The health score and nutritional breakdown are based on a 2.000 calorie diet.













Are you wondering, how many calories are in thick almond chocolate recipes?

Without any optional ingredients, there are only

⇾ 456 calories per serving. 

That is a good amount if you like to enjoy it for a meal replacement recipe, as it will be filling enough. As it also contains a great number of proteins (18 grams =36%).

Although, if you rather like to cut down on calories, then have a look at what you need to do.

What could you do to make this recipe (even) healthier?

A close up shot of a chocolate almond smoothie bowl. The chocolate is running down the sides, the almonds, hazelnuts and fruits are stuffed as toppings at the top. You can see a glass of water and a banana slightly cut off in the front of the camera as an extreme close up.

1. Weight loss Version

If you like to optimise this smoothie even more, then listen up.

If you like to reduce the calories to around

⇾ 290 Kcal, and carbs even further, then  have would do little adjustments:

  1. Reduce the almond butter from 3 to 1 Tbsp.
  2. Reduce the cacao to 0.5 cups instead of 3/4 a cup.
  3. And use unsweetened milk products like almond milk, hazelnut milk instead of soy milk. Or you can just use water.

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Then this is your new nutritional breakdown:

  • Health score: 9.7/10
  • Calories: 287 Kcal
  • Total Fat: 11%
  • Carbs 19%
  • Sugars 21%
  • Protein 20%
  • Fibre 50%

By reducing almond butter, and cacao mainly, you saved 170 Kcalories. But remember, if you  cut down, it won’t be as filling.

You still have a good amount of protein in this smoothie and fibre which is great news.


2. Reduced Sugar Version

The sugar level reaches 22% of the recommended daily intake.
That’s not too bad, but you could reduce it slightly if you like as well.


One way is by freezing pre-ripe bananas, instead of ripe bananas.

Because the riper bananas are, the more sugars they contain.


Instead, you can choose low calorie, fruit or veggies.


Frozen cauliflowers are great, which you probably know by now. If you have been following me for a while.

I wouldn’t replace too much banana, as you really CAN NOT taste the banana in this recipe. Because banana adds sweetness. 


You should replace around 1/3 of bananas with frozen cauliflower.

Just enough to reduce some sugars and carbs.

How many carbs are in this chocolate almond smoothie bowl?

We have about 61 grams of carbs per smoothie in this recipe.


Sadly, this is not a keto-friendly version.

Let me explain this a bit more:

The carbs are coming mainly from the bananas, which are still super healthy, though.

Because fruits are still part of a healthy diet.

That’s why you don’t need to cut out bananas during your healthy lifestyle.

Are bananas good for weight loss?

Banana contain carbs and therefore sugars, but they are also filling and good for you.

⇾ Bananas also are filled with important antioxidants, just like cacao powder.

Another great way about bananas is, that they are low calorie, high fibre and high in nutrition.

That’s why some scientists believe bananas can help you with weight loss, as fibres fill you up for longer.

Although, very ripe bananas are very high in sugars, and can cause a spike in blood sugar.

So, if you want to lose weight, it’s better to stick with pre-ripe bananas.

How much protein is in this Almond Chocolate smoothie bowl?

Protein is one of its biggest features:

Super exciting.

This almond chocolate smoothie reaches 35% (18grams) of protein per smoothie.

That is HUGE!


To explain: food that contains protein higher than 20% (of the DRI) is considered a high protein food. 

So even if you decide to make the weight-loss version of this smoothie it is still a HIGH PROTEIN smoothie.


If you like high protein smoothies, then you might love this mango recipe:

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You might be also interested in plenty of amazing ways how to add and increase your protein intake into smoothies. That’s what might help you out:

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This post also explains why protein is key for weight loss, how it makes you full and gives you energy.

What you should know about Cacao (powder)

A shot from above, looking half into a vitamix blender, that is on top of a kitchen counter. The vitamix is filled with brown chocolate cream, the black arrow is pointing towards it. You can see a banana, and cristal glass on the side.


CACAO is naturally unsweetened and a natural aphrodisiac.

SO, the perfect naughty treats on a date, right? 😊


Cacao is also an important source of essential fats, which not many people are aware of. 

It’s important to consume healthy essential fats, as our body can’t produce them.  


On top of that cacao is full of powerful antioxidants. They help fight diseases such as diabetes, cancers and heart diseases. 

While heart diseases are still the world’s leading causes of death are (in the US), should you try to protect your heart and body wherever possible.

But, while cacao is full of antioxidants, cocoa is not anymore. Have a look at cacao vs cocoa.


If this is then also a FUN, and ultra-delicious way, with healthy, raw cacao powder and an ultra-creamy chocolate bowl, then even better. Right?

Cacao VS cocoa powder- What is the difference?

Guys, that part is always a little confusing. As I even still muddle these two words up.

There is cacao powder, and then there is cocoa powder.

I explained in detail the difference in this recipe:

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So feel free to read through it.

But in short:



  • “Cacao” is healthier.
  • It kept for of its nutritions and antioxidants. Because it is treated with less heat.


  • But it also tastes more bitter. It is possible, that you need to add sweeteners to your recipes. 


It tastes a little sweeter.


  • It lost 60-90% of its antioxidants
  • Often contains added sugar + dairy
  • It’s not suited for vegans
  • It’s more processed (to reduce the bitterness)


I’m always trying to buy products, that are fair trade and where you can an inside about their organisations. 

Should you have tips let me know and I can test out other products, if you have great fair-trade products.

How to make this high protein vegan smoothie meal replacement smoothie

(step by step)

an overhead shot of a smoothie bowl, that is covered in fruits, chocolate pieces, nuts and chocolate, that is running and melting out of the coconut bowl. Underneath is a turquoise plate and white kitchen surface. Pieces of chocolate, nuts, and a piece of banana is on the right hand ride of the picture

STEP 1: Get all ingredients:

Freeze & buy your ingredients:

Gather all ingredients. You want to freeze banana overnight.

If yoou do smoothies often, buy a bunch of them and when they are getting brown spots, that means they are super ripe. 

When they are very ripe, they are also very sweet and in perfect  condition to be frozen.

  • Peel them.
  • Cut them into small pieces.
  • And either lay them first on to a sheet so they don’t stuck together when you freeze them first.

Only later (1-2 hours later) transfer the slightly frozen banana chunks them into a silicone freezer bag or container.

Let’s be honest here:

I skip the first step (I often do), and throw the bananas straight into a freezer bag, without pre-freezing. Because I don’t have freeze space. And my blender (Vitamix) is powerful enough to slice through big chunks of banana.

But shhht..that’s just for lazy.

Supermarket frozen section:

In case you buy pre-frozen bananas: Watch out!
Some might have added sugars or sweeteners and stuff in them.

STEP 2: Add the liquid

When you add your first ingredients to your blender, you should always start with the soft ingredients and the liquid.
So in this recipe, add the milk.
I add always a little bit less, than what is being asked in the recipe, and add later more if I feel like I need it. Because the trick to the THICKEST smoothie bowl is, to use as little liquid as possible.

STEP 3: Scoop in the nut butter.

Now it’s time for your favourite nut butter. 

I used to buy smaller glasses of almond and peanut butter, but since I include them in my smoothie recipes I like to save money. And I found great offers and realised when I get bigger pots, you can save money and you are always stocked on your fav nut butter 🙂

STEP 4: Add cacao powder into the blender.

Vitamix blender frontal shot with layers of milk almond butter cacao and bananas clearly to see and written with overlay text. Also numbers with the steps are written on the front

After you added the milk and nut butter to the blender, you can drop the dry ingredients into the mix.

It’s important, that you add them before the frozen bananas, and after the liquids. Because the powders might jump up in the air and go everywhere if you add them last. Especially, if you use it a lot. 

Also if you add them before the milk, you might not be able to get the blender going. 

You can add the cacao powder in the end, once you blended all other ingredients into a smoothie mix. But then, the cacao won’t get blended that well anymore. Or you need to blend it for a long time, and then the frozen banana will melt.

That’s why the best way is to drop it into the mix, right after the liquids and soft ingredients, and before the frozen banana.

STEP 5: Inbetween blend (optional)

Powdery ingredients first!

Right after you have added the tofu, I’d suggest adding powdery ingredients, like ginger and turmeric.


The reason is to add them after the more liquid ingredients is, so they are blended very smoothly.

(Optional) Protein Powder

If you have a recipe, where you add protein powder, then this is also a good moment to drop it in now.

Unless you aren’t sure about the taste, then add it in the end, after tasting the smoothie first.

Right after you have added the tofu,  I’d suggest adding powdery ingredients, like ginger and turmeric.
The reason is to add them after the more liquid ingredients is, so they are blended very smoothly.
If you have a recipe, where you add protein powder, then this is also a good moment to drop it in now.
Unless you aren’t sure about the taste, then add it in the end, after tasting the smoothie first.

STEP 6: Drop in the bananas.

Lastly, it’s time to add the frozen chunks of bananas into the blender.
If you have a high-speed blender, you’ll be okay.
If you have only a less-powerful blender, you will struggle with this smoothie.

You would need to add more liquid in general and pre-cut the banana slices into smaller pieces before freezing them.

Step 7: Blend away.

Blend everything until smooth.

The trick is for a thick smoothie bowl, not to over blend it. Use the tamper and pulse button often. Even stop the blender, take off the even stir with the tamper in between.

Vitamix shot of thick creamy chocolate smoothie. A text says heavenly thick and an arrow pointing towards the chocolate mass

STEP 8: Add toppings.

That’s the BEST part. Be creative.

You can add even more fibre, protein and make it super crunchy if you like.

Check out the toppings section for LOTS of inspiration.


This is how to make this smoothie your own or find any dietary adjustments:

Is this smoothie vegan?

  • The cacao powder is vegan!
  • The plant-based milk is also vegan.
  • The banana and almond butter are also vegan!

I think we are good to say, that this recipe is 100 % a vegan recipe 😊

However, you can use any kind of milk or liquid.

Have a look under the ingredient section.
Why you might want to use either soy milk or cow’s milk.

Is this smoothie dairy-free?

Yes, this smoothie is dairy-free.
Simply choose a dairy-free plant-based milk and a dairy-free cacao powder, like I have

Is this smoothie gluten-free?

Yes, overall this recipe is gluten-free.

The Organic Cacao powder is naturally gluten-free.

Some chocolates I believe might contain gluten, because of ingredients, that have been added.

That’s why you should always check the packaging.

But most but cacao powder is naturally gluten-free.

The other ingredients are also gluten-free, like bananas and most milk types.

Nut butter: Most nut butter is gluten-free. But check the label if you aren’t sure. Because some do contain gluten.

I have used this almond butter, which is amazing! You just need to stir the big pot, before using it.

I’m in love to buy a HUGE pot, that last me for months. So, I can use it for smoothies, oats, chia seeds, ice cream, pancakes and much more.

It’s also more affordable this way.

Can I drink this smoothie as a meal replacement smoothie?

Yes, you can! 

We have 2 options for this recipe.

One weight-loss version with 287 Kcal, and one normal version with 455 Kcal.

Because this recipe is high in protein (36%) and also very high fibre (73%)  makes you feel full and therefore helps with weight loss. 

This smoothie contains plenty of vitamins and is very nutritious dense, which is important for a meal replacement.

You can also add green veggies to it, like baby spinach or kale.

Have a look at the tips.

Can I add more protein?

Sure, you can always add more protein. There are tons of ways.
Chia seed or flaxseed are always good options.
Flaxseed: Each serving = 5.2 grams of protein. 
Here is an in-depth ULTRA guide:

Organic Chia Seeds

Protein Powder

Add more protein and make it even richer in chocolate.

It’s not necessary, BUT it makes it irresistible!! 

Only if you opt-in for a meal replacement or an energy kick!

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (or vegan chocolate powder). 

It depends on availability, which ones I get, but there are the ones I swear by!

US-Amazon- UK


All ingredients for a Chocolate almond butter breakfast smoothie is to see on a grey serving tray and in little serving bowls: Almond butter, cacao, a fresh banana, and milk. You can see a silver spoon, that is filled with cacao powder. The names of the ingredients are written around the serving tray


How to make this recipe your own.

Chocolate Protein Powder

As mentioned protein power is perfect for this recipe. 

Do get even more chocolate flavour into the smoothie and even more proteins. Jump the section, about my favourite protein powders.

Almond/ Vanilla Extract

Did you ever dribble a few drops of the almond extract on top of your smoothie or greek yogurt?
It’s SOOOOO sweet, and has a flavour kick! Either you can blend it into the smoothie, or add a tiny bit on top. Please try it!
Almond extract is even better than vanilla extract!


This bowl taste settled sweet. The bananas, because I freeze mine when they are super ripe adding lots of sweetens to this smoothie recipe. That’s why it’s not needed to add any more sweetness. Sometimes it depends though, what kind of cacao or cocoa powder you are using.

Jump to my section about cacao vs. cocoa. I’d recommend tasting it once you blended it halfway through. You can always add some sweeteners in the end if you need to.

Such as monk fruit sweetener or Swerve.

I used cacao powder from … and I definitely didn’t have to use sugars.

And YES, I am an absolute SWEET TOOTH. 🙂

Another idea is to just place your bowl for another 30-60 min into the freezer if you want to enjoy your lunch first, and then have this bowl as a dessert afterwards.


Do you like your smoothies super cold?

Then, ice is perfect on some days.

But also not needed on colder days, you use frozen bananas, which are cooling than the smoothie already.

Although for a hot, sweaty day, I’d add a few in the end! When you like to enjoy your bowl SUPER THICK!


Although, when you add the ice cubes, ensure to add the cubes, once you blended all other ingredients into a chocolate mixture.

Because the mixture will be so thick and your blender will have trouble blending through the ice cubes as well.


  1. I recommend adding lots of good toppings to this smoothie bowl. Fruits, like Kiwi, Banana or Strawberries pair very well with chocolate. Even grapes and apples make it a great mix. 
  2. But I often even enjoy it pure, without anything. Because it super goofs on its own. 
  3. You can add nuts and seeds for a nice crunch and protein booster. It makes it a great meal replacement bowl when you add these energy- fibre add Ons. 

Just look at all my topping ideas below in my post. 


What milk is the best choice? Can I skip milk?

If you like to read more about, what milk alternatives to choose, then hang on.
I have compared all the calories, carbs, fat, protein content and more in this big milk guide:

Can I swap bananas?

Can I replace almond butter with peanut butter or cashew butter?

Meal Prep: How to store this chocolate Almond Smoothie bowl

Storing in the Fridge & Freezer.

If you were wondering how long you can store this amazing chocolate almond smoothie in the fridge because you want to make a HUGE portion, and like to eat it the next days as well, then listen up:


  • You can store a chocolate almond smoothie for around 2-3 days in the fridge. 
  • Just ensure you cover it, and stir well before you continue finishing it.


  • You can store a chocolate almond smoothie for around 5-6 months in the freeze. 
  • Place it in a freezer container or silicone bags.

How to thaw this chocolate Almond Smoothie bowl.

Thaw a smoothie overnight: 

  • The best way to thaw a smoothie is to get it to thaw overnight.
    Just put it on the kitchen counter, or in the fridge.

Thaw a smoothie within 5-8 hours:

Although, if you can cheat a little should you have a SMOOTHIE craving “SOS”.

Then leave it to thaw over the counter.

That should just take a few hours.

If you have chosen to freeze it in smaller containers, then it thaws quicker.

Thaw a smoothie within 1-2 hours:

If you have frozen it in a silicon bag, and it was frozen in a horizontal position, so that the smoothie is quite flat and thinner, then it also thaws quicker.

After like an hour, you can also cut it into 4 pieces with a sharp kitchen knife, and throw it back into the blender.

How to thaw this chocolate Almond Smoothie bowl

Silicone freezer bags

Glass freezer container

Healthy Almond Chocolate Smoothie tips and tricks

Calories (normal recipe)
Calories (weight-loss version)

Curious what products or toppings I have used?

Have a look at my favourites. ♡ 

Close up of a coconut bowl with chocolate smoothie mix running down the sides. Its filled with nuts and chocolate on top. In the center is a white overlay text saying: worlds best smoothie bowl chocolate

Healthy Almond Chocolate Smoothie (Worlds Best)

This 3-minute vegan recipe will drive you crazy!
You can make this healthy almond chocolate smoothie recipe for breakfast, lunch, workout or as a dessert. Because it's a high protein, and high fibre it satisfies your hunger and chocolate cravings! If you like it thinner, simply add more milk.
Plus, you can make a low calorie/weight loss version from it and reduce the calories from about 450 to 290 Kcal. Are you ready?
5 from 1 vote
Total Time 3 mins
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, lunch, Main Course, meal replacement, smoothie, work-out smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people
Calories 446 kcal


  • 1 Blender high-speed blender needed for a thick bowl


  • 2 cup banana ripe, frozen
  • ½ cup soy milk (high protein) unsweetened (or other plant-based milk or water/almond milk for weight-loss version)
  • 3 Tbsp almond butter or other nut butter, (1 Tbsp for weight-loss version)
  • ¾ cup cacao powder unsweetened, (1/2 cup for weigh-loss versiion)


  • First add the liquid (like plant-based milk) to the blender.
  • Then, ccoop in your favourite nut butter, like almond butter.
  • Afterwards, add the cocoa powder into the mix.
  • You could already blend the 3 ingredients if you like, but I don't think it's neccessary.
  • Finally add the frozen bananas and blend everything smooth and creamy! 🙂

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