How this SMART Hulk High Protein Green Detox Smoothie is great for weight loss -NO BANANA

A close up picture of a green smoothie with coconut shreds

Are you in a need of a Green Detox Smoothie, that is also high in protein, high fibre and is the SMARTEST smoothie you can imagine? Well, no. I am not overselling here. This powerful, and delicious, Green HULK smoothie is not only good for weight loss and detox, but it boosts your brain powers … Read more

MAGICAL Belly Fat Burning Detox, Pineapple and Watermelon Smoothie For Weight loss

watermelon smoothie as a close up with a mint leave

Omg!This is one of the most flavourful recipes that I have made this summer!This Pineapple and Watermelon Smoothie for weight loss is easy, quick, high in Vitamin C, A, magnesium, potassium um, is good for a detox ANd tastes ULTRA flavourful! What more can we wish for? 🙂 Why you’ll love this Watermelon Smoothie For … Read more

8 SECRETS On How To Get Bananas To Ripen Fast +(13 ways To Slow Down Bananas From Ripening)

several bananas in different ripening stages

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE Don’t you agree that you either end up having too many ripe, (=sweet) bananas at home, which you have to consume super fast before they turn rotten? Or non of them are ready and you desperately bite into one hoping it will all be okay. But then with the first, bite into the … Read more

13+ Ridiculous Stunning PRIDE FOOD Ideas and EASY Recipes for RAINBOW treats you have to try

Picture split into more, showing various rainbow desserts ( a smoothie and rainbow jello)

The Best Pride Food and Rainbow Recipe Ideas Pride Month + 6 Month Blog Anniversary Guys, it’s time! For the most colourful months of this year! We can celebrate not only the 6th month blog anniversary at Rainbow Recipes (WOHOO!), but also join the yearly celebration of PRIDE.I’ve collected plenty of pride food ideas from … Read more

Magical Mango Breakfast Smoothie (Vegan)

Mango smoothie blend as extreme close up

HOW TO MAKE THE MAGICAL MANGO SMOOTHIE Vegan Breakfast Recipe This vegan smoothie breakfast recipe is super refreshing and fuels you with energy for hours. Energizing, refreshing and loaded with nutrition! Rainbow recipes – Magical mango Breakfast Smoothie How to make the Magical Mango Smoothie, in 5 Steps: Firstly add a splash of your favourite … Read more

221 Kcal – Healthy Easter Surprise Breakfast Idea (Matcha Smoothie)

Green Matcha Smoothie thick blended inside the vitamix from above

Energising Breakfast Bowl (no-banana) with an edible rainbow chocolate bowl Do you love a fun, vibrant breakfast idea, that is also a delicious dessert, at the same time? Tangy, fresh, energising and easy!  HIP HAP HEALTHY’S breakfast and dessert recipe for easter This recipe for a dessert or breakfast smoothie is easy and healthy. The … Read more

5 WAY CHOCOLATE-Covered Mixed NUT recipes (High Protein For Kids)

Brazil nuts, that are covered in rainbow coloured chocolate coated nuts with overlay text of: how to make chocolate covered nuts

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE-COVERED NUTS Healthy high-protein snack Like a healthy, colourful, easy snack idea  Crunchy, fun, tasty and healthy snack!!  This easy, crunchy, satisfying snack is high in protein, fills you with energy and brightens up any day, for your kids and the whole family! This is how to make chocolate covered nuts, 5 … Read more

10 Ways – how to colour chocolate (in rainbow colours) without food colouring

Turquoise background with a chocolate block in the centre with rainbow colours and a text with: how to colour chocolate

HOW TO COLOUR CHOCOLATE NATURALLY (IN RAINBOW COLOURS) With coloured chocolate, you can make chocolate barks, dip strawberries or other fruits in chocolate, make a coloured chocolate gift or have a fun project with your kids! Plus it’s an eye-catcher for the socials, right? Let me show you how to colour chocolate: Plus, the best … Read more

HOW TO Make The (1 min) Recipe For The MAGIC SHELL (NO sugar-chocolate syrup)

Feature image with overlay text: how to make a magic shell with a coconut shell half with pink smoothie inside and a dark chocolate shell, that was covered the shell but smatched in and broken chocolate pieces in the smoothie

Magic trick revealed for MAGIC SHELL 2-Ingredient – Recipe This easy 2-ingredient chocolate sauce, that hardens within seconds when poured over cold desserts like smoothie bowls or ice creams are a fascinating experience recipe for the whole family.   The recipe for the MAGIC SHELL takes less than 1 minute to prepare and is vegan (Buy: … Read more

3 Best + Easy Recipes For Baked Bananas

as an overlay text you can see: baked bananas breakfast and dessert, and behind in bright blue is a only a corner of a brown baked banana that you can see and cacao nibs to see on the surface

HOW TO MAKE THE BEST-BAKED BANANAS For Breakfast + Dessert Do you want an EASY recipe for THE BEST baked bananas?  Sweet, comforting, gooey and satisfying!  Rainbow recipes – Baked banana Recipe This homemade recipe for baked bananas (3 ways + 3 ingredients) can be a quick, sweet breakfast idea, healthy dessert or in-between pick-me-up, … Read more

80% Vitamin C – Killer Immune Boosting Smoothie (SECRET INGREDIENT + DETOX)

Blackberry smoothie in a glass with a lemon on top with a frozen blackberry on the grey surface.

Immune Boosting + Detox Smoothie Secret Ingredient (with 80% Vitamin C) This Immune-Boosting Smoothie is one of a kind. Before you are scared off, let me tell you why it’s a must try: It’s delicious, super SWEET and easy to prepare.  Plus, it’s the anti-cold and flu killer remedy to build a stronger immune system. … Read more