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Who’s that girl?

Hi, I’m Jula.

Are you wondering: “Who’s that girl” behind the scenes of Rainbow Recipes?

Then let me tell you all about me and more about Rainbow Recipes!

Hi, I am Jula. I live in London.

Over the last years, I realised how your health can impact your everyday life.

I realised that latest when I got the silent migraines, I wasn’t able to see properly for a couple of weeks. Which felt like months. We often forget, that in a blink of an eye, your life could change. 

I started fasting, living a more balanced healthier life and learned to listen to my body.

That’s how I discovered my LOVE and PASSION for smoothies.

Because smoothies are fun, easy, and super nutritious!

Watch me:

How I toss away frozen pizza and Ben & Jerry’s 
-> for homemade ice cream and super easy, yummy smoothie recipes.

 Please come along and let’s make fantastic, easy, colourful and healthy smoothie recipes.

Are you curious?

Please join me on a journey!

Rainbow smoothies held and carried outside by a girl with a black hat

My favourite go-to smoothies in spring and winter (and when I need a pick me up) are RICH, creamy but healthy chocolate smoothies. 

Even a banana chocolate combo is UNREAL! And you seriously Don’t taste the banana! (Because I hate the banana taste) NOT an In the evenings and even for breakfast! 

Check this recipe out:


On hot summer days, I love a refreshing fruit smoothie. Mango, kiwi or strawberries smoothies are so sweet and make me super happy!

And after christmas, in spring and even during the summer months I love a great cleanse smoothie. To get back into shape and feel energized again.

What is your favourite smoothie, that you are addicted to?

Oh, wow.
Did we just become friends?

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I created Rainbow Recipes, to share my joy of creating amazing, yummy smoothie recipes, that are healthy, nutrition-dense and help you achieve your goals:
Living a happier, healthier life.  

Don’t we all try to live a healthy and happy life?

Did you know, that happy people tend to live a healthier lifestyle?
Studies (with over 7.000 people involved) have shown, that there is a strong connection between happiness and living a healthy lifestyle. 

It even affects their sleep quality and more.

When you feel good and are happy, this impacts your immune system and can may protect your heart from diseases. So it’s all connected.

With my healthy and simply fruit smoothie recipes I’d like to help you to bring you one step further and improve your life, step by step.

On this blog, you can learn all about how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to stay healthy and all about the benefits and risks of different foods and diets.
Like by introducing more plant-based foods through smoothies, can make a huge impact on your life and your health.
Not many diets or lifestyles allow you to add this huge amounts of nutrients and vitamins, that you can add into just one smoothie.

I will show you my favourite recipes. Most of them I developed over time by experimenting and having to eat A LOT!  
My poor partner had to finish also all the ‘gone wrong recipes’ with me, as I don’t like to waste any food. But he is way too kind and never really minded much (sorry again!!).
I’ll show you what it means to create a healthy smoothies, that are good for your, contain plenty of different nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and what the biggest mistakes are on creating homemade smoothies.

In short, I’ll share my QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY RECIPES, and still incredibly tasty, but contain a great variety of the best plant-based foods your body needs.

Over the last years, I got introduced to different tools, which helped me to let go of stress and anxiety.
It is still a journey, but I have come already a good way.
Eventually, they helped me in the long term to reduce my migraines and to live a happier and smoother life. I will share them over time. Anyone can use them to reduce stress. 
I would love to hear your tips, too. What helps you?

Let’s support each other. We all deserve to be happy. You do, too!

Do you love smoothies?
Or are you simply curious and learn more about smoothies?
Do you like to know how to make the best smoothies (super thick smoothie bowls vs thin, drinkable smoothies)
Do you like to include more veggies and fruits into your diet, in a healthy and delicious way?
Are you trying to bring your kids to eat more (green) veggies? 
Would you like to get healthier and happier?
Do you like quick and easy recipes?
Have you been feeling a little unmotivated lately and not happy with yourself? 
If you like to lose or gain weight?

If yes, then stick around!
In the my recipes, you will learn the Smoothie 101.
You will become a smoothie master in no time. And enjoy plenty of super easy and delicious recipes.

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